What are Puzzles by Jane Wooster Scott?

Jane Wooster Scott was a painter, not a puzzle maker. She was known for her Americana style and was extremely successful. Her paintings have been collected by celebrities and hang in embassies and public buildings all over the world.

Puzzles by Jane Wooster Scott is a line of jigsaw puzzles of varying sizes produced by the brand Ceaco. Ceaco turns Wooster Scott’s paintings of America, from small-town life to snowy New York, into jigsaw puzzles that allow interactive access to the work of one of America’s most famous artists.    

A lot of puzzles are based on the works of artists, so what makes puzzles by Jane Wooster Scott unique? Keep reading to learn more about the style and subject matter of Wooster Scott’s paintings and the puzzles which reproduce them.

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A Little More About Jane Wooster Scott

Jane Wooster Scott was born in 1933 and died in 2017. She was not a formally trained artist. Nevertheless, when she began painting at age 35 her popularity quickly established itself. Jane sold paintings to many celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Muhammed Ali, Carol Burnett, Sylvester Stallone, and many more. Her work has even hung in the White House.

Jane Wooster Scott’s paintings are so popular that she was even named the most reproduced artist in America by the Guinness Book of World Records. Originals of her work today sell for thousands, and there is a large market for the various reproductions of her work as well, including jigsaw puzzles.

What Did Jane Wooster Scott Paint?

Jane Wooster Scott was a foremost painter of Americana, which are things related to the culture and history of America. Americana usually refers to a nostalgic, romantic, or stereotypical view of American culture.

Jane Wooster Scott certainly painted America in a romantic light. Her pieces feature bright colors, children playing, holidays and celebrations, cheery towns, and scenic landscapes. Her paintings show America as harmonious and cheerful.

Whether this representation of the reality of America hardly matters to Wooster Scott’s to the widespread and large group that enjoy her paintings. Her paintings are known for their joyful outlook and their depiction of a collective American cultural identity. They put a smile on your face and remind us all of what we would like to be as Americans.

The Style

Wooster Scott’s paintings are all done in a flat landscape style. They depict a large area, but without the use of extended depth. This flat approach results in paintings with many elements that all take center stage. There is a lot going on in a Wooster Scott painting, but nothing is regulated to the background.

Besides this flat approach, Wooster Scott’s style is also marked by her color palette. Her paintings use bright and varied colors which allow each element of the painting to stand out in stark contrast against the other pieces.

This feature makes her work excellent for jigsaw puzzles as the varied color prevents objects from blending. Wooster Scott’s work uses clear lines and typically features busy scenes. Again these features help to explain why her work adapts so well to the puzzle format. Many distinct elements create puzzles with numerous well-formed details.

The Content

As we have said, we place Jane Wooster Scott’s paintings in general under the term Americana for their focus on American culture and identity. However, America is a fairly large subject, so what precisely can you expect to find in an average Wooster Scott painting?

Although there are a few exceptions almost all of Wooster Scott’s paintings include people and buildings. There are paintings of ice skating in New York City, small towns in various seasons, bustling harbors, snow days, carnivals, schools, and more.  Her paintings focus on life in action rather than still landscapes.

Perhaps because she tends to depict bustling scenes, Wooster Scott is especially known for her paintings of holidays and celebrations. From Christmas to Halloween and the 4th of July, Wooster Scott gives a particularly American essence to each holiday.

Wooster Scott painted a lot of pictures throughout her lifetime, and to try to capture them all is too large of a task for this article. However, here are some categories which are the topic for several Wooster Scott paintings. Many of these categories overlap, and they do not cover absolutely everything that Wooster Scott painted. 

  • Christmas
  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Snow
  • Carnivals
  • Small Towns
  • New York City 
  • Harbors

Jane Wooster Scott Puzzles

The numerous puzzles based on Jane Wooster Scott’s paintings are a testament to her overall popularity and skill. Ceaco is the puzzle brand that has the rights to Jane Wooster Scott’s work. They create puzzles of her paintings in various sizes including 300, 500, 750, 1000, and 1500 pieces.

As a major puzzle brand, you can buy Ceaco’s Jane Wooster Scott puzzles at a variety of places. You are sure to find some on Amazon as well as on Ceaco’s own website. Depending on the size of the puzzle and place of purchase the puzzles run between $12 and $30.

The best place to see the full collection of puzzles available from Jane Wooster Scott is the shop on WoosterScott.com. Know that the online shop on WoosterScott.com has some Americana puzzles that are not Jane Wooster Scott.

Popular Jane Wooster Scott Puzzles

Jane Wooster Scott painted a lot during her career and not all of her paintings are available in puzzle form. Here is a list of some of the Wooster Scott paintings you can enjoy in puzzle form. This is not an extensive list, but these are classic examples of what you can expect from a Wooster Scott puzzle.

  • Springtime in Central ParkThis puzzle/painting shows a busy day in Central Park with everything from a carousel, ice cream stand, playing children, a picnic, and more!
  • Awesome AutumnThis fall scene features the orange autumn tones. A hayride and fishing scene take place amongst white buildings.
  • A Picture Perfect DayThis small town scene has grazing cows, a horse-drawn carriage, kites, a river, and lots of colorful buildings. It will make you want to get away to the country for your own perfect day!
  • Circus PandemoniumThis puzzle centers on a circus parade complete with an elephant, horses, a band, and clowns.
  • Seaside SplendorThis scene shows a quaint seaside town complete with various boats, seagulls, and a lighthouse.

Jane Wooster Scott Look-Alike Puzzles

To be sure that you are getting a Jane Wooster Scott puzzle look for her name on the puzzle and the Ceaco brand. Jane Wooster Scott is an icon of Americana painting, and thus many imitate her style. You can find the small town bustling Americana scenes in other puzzles that are not Jane Wooster Scott.

Ceaco is quite proud to be able to use the paintings of such a famous artist for their puzzles. If it truly is a Jane Wooster Scott painting being used for the puzzle then this will be printed in large letters on the box. If the puzzle does not say, Jane Wooster Scott, it is not a true Wooster Scott but simply a look alike.

Some popular alternatives with a similar style to Jane Wooster Scott puzzles include the Hometown Gallery and Heartland collection from Masterpiece Puzzles, the Charles Wysocki collection from Buffalo, and puzzles designed by Mark Frost and Cindy Mangutz from Spilsbury.

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