What are Puzzles by Charles Wysocki?

If you are a puzzle fan, you likely have heard of Charles Wysocki. However, you may not know the nitty details so we will break it down for you.

Charles Wysocki puzzles are puzzles that showcase the work of American painter Charles Wysocki. They typically depict images of what American life used to look like. There are even websites with a list of puzzles that can act as a checklist for anyone looking to complete all of the Charles Wysocki puzzles.

  • At this point, you are likely wondering who exactly Charles Wysocki is?
  • How many puzzles have been produced using his artwork? and,
  • Where can I purchase them? 

We will answer all of those questions and more below.

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Who is Charles Wysocki?

As stated above, Charles Wysocki was an American artist who passed away in 2002. He was most famous for depicting Americana life and was especially famous for his work illustrating the horse and buggy era.

He gained his interest in the rural life of America when he met his wife, Elizabeth Lawrence. Her family was among the first settlers of the San Fernando Valley, so that is how he got the chance to appreciate that rural life and came to enjoy it more than the big city life. They frequently spent time in New England, and that stoked his interest in American folk art as well.

Outside of the Americana and horse and buggy work, he also did work with the painting of cats. He had a full collection of cat paintings.

How many puzzles have been produced using Charles Wysocki artwork?

Charles Wysocki seemed to really identify with those who made puzzles. As an artist, he saw the similarities between completing a puzzle and completing a painting. In both instances, you are putting together the pieces to bring together a total picture.

This led to him being interested in his paintings being turned into puzzles. There are hundreds of puzzles available to be completed, we will let you do the counting. They range from a mix of big piece, 300-piece puzzles, and smaller piece 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles. Most people who are a fan of Charles Wysocki's paintings are interested in completing the puzzles as another way to view them.

Where Can I Buy Charles Wysocki Puzzles?

Charles Wysocki puzzles are available everywhere puzzles can be purchased. Currently, they are produced by Buffalo Games and Puzzles. 

But of course, you can find these puzzles on Amazon. Here are a few of our favorite Wysocki originals:

Are There Other Puzzles like Charles Wysocki Puzzles?

Yes, there are other similar styles of puzzles to Charles Wysocki puzzles. Mainly, there are other artists who have had their work turned into puzzles, similar to Charles Wysocki. Below are a few examples of those folks.

Josephine Wall

Josephine Wall is another artist who has had their work turned into puzzles. She is a famous fantasy artist and sculptor. She is very well-known for her surreal style of paintings and loves to paint mythological and fantasy creatures. 

Early in her life, she created a great deal of pottery and was known for creating creatures from Lord of the Rings as well as other mythological creatures. 

Her work has been featured in a lot of different places, including on Britney Spears's website. Britney is a big fan and has even purchased prints from Josephine.

Aimee Stewart

Aimee Stewart is another artist who has had a lot of her work turned into puzzles. She is an artist who taught herself everything she knows when it comes to art, photography, and writing. In her bio, she is described as "excelling in erasing the lines between 'digital' art and 'traditional' art, until only the inspired creation remains."

Looking at her website and her work, it is clear that she is still accomplishing and excelling in that feat. Her work looks like a perfect mixture between digital creation and hand-painted work. A great deal of her selection is available at Buffalo Games as well as other puzzle stores.

Who Makes the Best Quality Jigsaw Puzzles?

There are plenty of different options for jigsaw puzzles when looking to buy. As mentioned above, you can go to Barnes and Noble or many other retailers. Online, there are even more options for those looking to purchase a high-quality jigsaw puzzle.

We will go through a couple of different options and compare which are the best quality but feel free to check out this comprehensive comparison of the different options that are available to those looking to make the best purchase.

  • Ravensburger: This is widely regarded as one of the best quality makers of puzzles. They are known for having thick and sturdy puzzle pieces and standard grids. 
  • Jumbo: These are another example of puzzles that are European and considered to be very high quality and extremely sturdy. 
  • Buffalo Games: These puzzles are also with the standard grid cut. They have very high quality and are sturdy. Additionally, they produce the Charles Wysocki puzzles.
  • Bits and Pieces: Bits and Pieces is another one that draws rave reviews. They are well known for being some of the best-shaped puzzles in the industry.

What are the Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles?

Now that we have gone over so many different types of jigsaw puzzles and where to buy them, it begs the question. What are the benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles? Well, there are actually quite a few.

Ease Stress

Similar to physical exercise serving as a great way to ease stress. While this is certainly not a mindless activity, it allows you to get into a flow and focus on just finding where the next piece will fit. This can result in the stress of your everyday life fading away into that background.

Improve Work Performance

When completing puzzles, you use similar thinking skills to those that you would use while at work. This can lead to improvements in the office, simply by putting together puzzles at home.

Support Brain Health

Again, puzzles really give your brain a workout. You will use all different parts of the brain in order to solve these puzzles that are in front of you. This requires you to really think about your next move and be creative.

Increase Creativity

Working on puzzles also improves creativity and the ability to think outside of the box. While you are creating a strategy and forming a plan of attack to complete the puzzle, you are also working on your creative thinking.

Increase Problem Solving Ability

Puzzles are really just one giant problem with hundreds of pieces that need to be put into place to solve them. This will help you when you run into problems in other areas of your life, and you will be better equipped to solve whatever you may run into.

Improve Memory

Improved memory is another big benefit of working on puzzles. You will surely have to try to remember where each piece is as you are looking to fill out the puzzle, so this will work on those muscles that are responsible for your memory and make that part of your brain stronger.

All in all, no matter what the puzzle is that you are looking to complete, there are loads of reasons to get into them. There are all kinds of options for puzzles to complete, so take a look at some of those sites and get to solving them.

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