Puzzling Through the Best Jigsaw Puzzle Websites

Are you looking for a fun, entertaining distraction to help you unwind? Then look no further than jigsaw puzzle websites and puzzle boxes. Jigsaw puzzles can improve your memory while helping to alleviate stress, making them an excellent way to relax.

But with so many jigsaw puzzles to choose from, how do you know where to begin? You can decide between online jigsaw puzzles or physical boxes, depending on how much space you have and whether or not you're looking to build puzzles at home or on the go.

This list walks you through the best online jigsaw puzzles, jigsaw puzzle boxes, and jigsaw puzzle brands to choose from. So if you're ready to get your game on, be sure to keep reading for the best list of jigsaw puzzles out there!

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Online Jigsaw Puzzle Websites

If you're looking to build jigsaw puzzles on the go, then online jigsaw puzzles are a great way to improve your short-term memory and relieve stress. They're also great for anyone who loves to build puzzles but lacks the space to store countless puzzle boxes (although they're great to donate when you're finished with them!).

Here's a list of the best online jigsaw puzzle websites you need to check out today.

Jigsaw Planet

If you're looking for a mobile jigsaw puzzle website, then Jigsaw Planet has it all. It's arguably one of the most popular websites if you're in search of free online puzzles and boasts thousands of puzzles to choose from.

You can search from a list of top fan favorites in the helpful toolbar. The website allows you to play the games within its browser window, or you can opt for full-screen mode.

For jigsaw puzzle players uninterested in downloading games, this website is for you. There are zero downloads or plugins required. Everything is played within the website itself on the browser of your choosing.

Membership to access the site is free, but if you're not looking to disclose your email information, you can play without signing up. Signing up is beneficial if you want to rate games, but is not required to enjoy the games.

Microsoft Jigsaw

Are you an avid gamer? If so, then Microsoft Jigsaw is for you. It's a free puzzle app for some of the best online jigsaw puzzles.

You use it with Windows tablets and computers but need mouse and touchscreen support controls. If you're looking for a certain theme puzzle, you have to complete a series of other puzzles to unlock them. You can also purchase earned in-game coins while building your puzzles.

If you're creative and want to create your own puzzle, you can do so with any image you choose. Simply take a picture or upload an image from your device!

For a challenge, be sure to take advantage of Jigsaw Jam mode. This means you have to solve a jigsaw puzzle as a race against the clock instead of as a leisurely activity. Even better, these high-quality jigsaw puzzles have Xbox network connectivity.

You can log in with your Xbox account via your Xbox 360 or Xbox one console for a chance to compete and rank in a series of online leaderboards. This lets you grab Xbox achievements and sets this app apart from competitors.

Jigsaw Explorer

Who likes ads when playing online puzzle games? If you're not looking to buy puzzles online, then ads are a necessary evil. However, Jigsaw Explorer is as close to ad-free as you can get.

The online puzzles are not only incredibly easy to view but there's only one banner advertisement as you choose the puzzle of your choice. Its design is clean and stands out among the rest for easy navigation.

You can use the website's search bar to find the puzzles of your choice, but the main page has daily updated puzzles to choose from. You can also upload your own image to crate and share a puzzle with friends. The choices are endless!

Jigsaw Puzzle

No matter if you have iOS or an Android device, Jigsaw Puzzle is the app for you. It's free and has thousands of jigsaw puzzles to choose from. You can even purchase puzzle packs if you see a puzzle that stands out.

This app has HD resolution for all its images and even lets you choose the number of pieces you'd like in your jigsaw puzzle. It's totally customizable!

When you install the app you access several puzzles within its internal library. Any puzzles you want you have to download, but it's as simple as tapping a button and is completely user-friendly. You can expect new puzzles frequently so you're never without fresh games to play!

If you're on Facebook, you can connect and sync your progress between your devices. Even better, every day one free puzzle is accessible.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is another excellent free jigsaw puzzle app if you're looking for something available in the Google Play Store. The app is known for its clean design that's user-friendly and eliminates searching high and low for the puzzle of your choosing. You can pick from tons of puzzles that start at $1.45, but the app's main purpose is to provide you with free puzzles to choose from.

You can expect to see new puzzles monthly and download the puzzle pack that fits your needs.


JigZone is known for its eye-catching site layout. It showcases puzzles and offers a menu selection system, providing you with options when searching for the best puzzles. When you move your mouse to the background image, you can select the puzzle to choose the difficulty level you're most comfortable with, making it a fun experience with built-in levels you control.

However, you need a mouse to build these puzzles. There's no option to utilize touch features. You also can't use full-screen mode, which may be off putting to serious puzzle enthusiasts.

Puzzle Garage

While Puzzle Garage offers plenty of fun and entertaining games, it offers plenty of free jigsaw puzzles to keep you entertained for hours. The website offers a very clean interface that is user-friendly and lists the available games in an aesthetically pleasing way.

What's even better is there are games for players of all ages and levels, and you can even choose from a multiplayer mode if you're looking to build a puzzle with a friend. They can join at any time and aren't limited to playing from the start of the game. You can even compare your puzzle-building time with other players if you're looking for some competitive action.

When you access the website, you can check out the full line of Collections or skip right ahead to the Most Wanted Puzzles tab that tells you what's popular and in demand. And if you're looking for a website to keep you entertained, you can choose from almost 10,000 jigsaw puzzles.

Just Jigsaw Puzzles

Although this jigsaw puzzle website looks simple at first sight, it's got tons of amazing categories to choose from. There are HTML5 jigsaw puzzles that consist of royalty-free licensed pictures.

If you enjoy making your own puzzles, you can upload your own images or even select one from Pixabay. The choices are endless!

There are popular topics to sort through and even some suggested puzzles if you're looking for suggestions. There's a Fine Art category that teaches you all about famous paintings while you put together a famous painting of your own. Even better, you can specify the size, number of pieces, and even the shape of the jigsaw puzzles for a one-of-a-kind experience!


JSPuzzles is great if you're looking for a wide range of puzzle sizes. You can choose a simple 9-piece puzzle or more complicated 100-piece puzzle. It's up to you!

Each tile is a straight rectangular piece with interlocking edges for you to connect. There are lots of fun categories to choose from, some even created by users.

If you're looking for some variety, then this website is where it's at. You'll find a daily puzzle with a new theme so you never get bored. If you're looking to compete, you can take a look at the leaderboard to see how long it takes you to finish a puzzle, comparing your best times and averages.


Jigidi is great if you're looking to sign into a website, create a profile, and work with an interactive interface. This website offers a variety of puzzles to choose from with larger jigsaw puzzles featuring over 400 pieces. You can even choose from a wide range of categories to best match your interests.

You can skip signing in if you're not interested in creating a profile. However, logging in lets you save your progress if you can't complete a puzzle all at once.

You can even chat with the online community, making friends as you build puzzles. If you sign in you can create your own puzzle and play ads-free if you get a Jigidi Membership.


Crazy4Jigsaws is a very popular site, and for good reason. It boasts a variety of jigsaw puzzles with a gallery featuring plenty of entertaining categories. If you're looking for a creative e-card to send someone, you can use your uploaded photo to create a jigsaw puzzle and mail it to them.

You begin with a Free Membership to see how you like the site. If you enjoy it, then you can choose to upgrade to the Premium Membership plan. This gives you more puzzles, full-screen mode, puzzle cuts, and more.

Understand that this website does use Flash. However, the developers of this website have upgraded apps for iOS and Android devices.

The Washington Post Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Who doesn't love a good crossword puzzle in a print edition of a newspaper? Unfortunately, the same isn't possible for jigsaw puzzles.

However, The Washington Post offers an online jigsaw puzzle. Simply log on to get your daily dose of a jigsaw puzzle from the illustrious publication.

The online puzzles come from Arkadium Games and range in difficulty level. These are easy, normal, and expert.

All you have to do is choose the date and click play. It's that easy! Prior to arranging your puzzle pieces, you can click on the finished picture to get a preview.

Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

If you enjoy the other sites on this list, then you'll also enjoy Daily Jigsaw Puzzles. It's similar but does have one differing feature. It offers mind-bending abstract jigsaw puzzles to tease your brain and present a fun, exciting challenge.

You can complete colorful circular puzzles, patchwork patterns, or abstract paintings. The psychedelic puzzles are said to be the most difficult to assemble.

Every puzzle on this site has six difficulty levels. It's best to start with the easiest and build from there. If you're looking to design brainteasers to play with your friends, you can use this site's jigsaw puzzle maker.

Jigsaw Puzzle Collection from Veraxen

Anyone who loves jigsaw puzzles will enjoy this site, as there are more than 10,000 puzzles to choose from. Even better, new games are added daily. You can play any one of the free puzzles or upload your own image for a more individualized puzzle-building experience.

This site offers a customized experience, as tile sizes are altered along with the difficulty, all depending on your skill set. You can sort puzzle pieces on the digital tray or in the file, and you can even save your progress if you can't complete the puzzle in one sitting.

Jigsaw Puzzles from Easybrain

This app is great if you're looking for an abundance of puzzles to choose from, as there are more than 13,000 puzzles online. They're HD-quality puzzles with countless themes and range from 9 to 400 pieces.

Categories include flowers, animals, landmarks, art, and more, with difficulty levels ranging based on your needs. You can even rotate the puzzles to make them more difficult.

There are mystery puzzles and hints available. The gallery is updated on a daily basis, so you never have to worry about needing access to a fresh, new puzzle.


This website is small but still packs a punch. There are a few hundred free online puzzles to choose from, with easy, medium, or difficult levels available for every puzzle. This website is ideal for everyone from beginners to experts.

You can search for puzzles by category, with animals and people being popular topics. You can also search by the number of pieces or the author if you enjoy a particular style of puzzle.

This site offers some of the largest puzzles, ranging from 500 to 33,000 pieces. It's truly incredible if you're looking for a challenge! You can play based on the number of pieces, shuffle, color, preview, and more.


TheKidzpage.com is a great website with plenty of free jigsaw puzzles to entertain you for hours. What's great is that it's family-friendly, with puzzles for everyone, especially kids. However, this website is challenging for kids and adults alike.

Categories span across holidays, animals, oceans, people, flowers, birds, songs, vehicles, birds, bugs, candy, food, the alphabet, and so much more. 

Puzzles range from 6 to 40 pieces. All you have to do is hover over each puzzle with your mouse to select the puzzle of your choice, and even utilize the picture hint or shape feature if you're stuck.

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Boxes to Purchase

If you prefer a tangible jigsaw puzzle to build, then this list is for you. It details the best jigsaw puzzle boxes to purchase for an amazing puzzle-building experience.

Let's take a look at the top choices.

Mudpuppy Hot Dogs A-Z

This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle is great for pet lovers alike. They'll have a beautiful dog-themed jigsaw puzzle that displays 26 dog breeds with everything from Airedales to Zuchons. The illustrations of each breed set this jigsaw puzzle apart.

You'll not only learn about each dog breed as your test your puzzle-building skills with this puzzle by Carolyn Gavin. This puzzle is great for a variety of ages and skill levels.

Collage Custom Photo Puzzles

With custom photo puzzles, you can turn any picture or memory into a puzzle. All you have to do is upload the picture of your choice and select from various customizations, including the size, piece count, finish type, and whether the puzzle is for adults or kids. These puzzles are great for you or for a gift.

eeBoo Votes For Women Puzzle

This puzzle pays homage to women such as Ida B. Wells, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Inez Milholland Boissevain, and many others who fought for their right to vote. You get 500 pieces with this inspirational and highly informative puzzle, making it a wonderful way to learn about the nineteenth amendment and the female leaders who took initiative and made it possible.

Uncommon Goods Geode Puzzle

This puzzle is as stunning as it is uniquely shaped. Each piece is artfully crafted from birch plywood to create a geode puzzle that captures the tiny details of natural crystalline structures. The puzzles come in three beautiful colors and range from 160 to 170 pieces.

My Hometown Map Puzzle by L.L. Bean

Are you proud of your hometown? If so, this is the puzzle for you.

There's a map with topographical data displaying the terrain anywhere in the US. The range is 7.5 miles east to west and 5 miles north to south, making this a great puzzle for anyone with hometown pride. The puzzle piece with your home even comes shaped like a house, making it extra special.

Dowdle Alpine Christmas Wooden Puzzle

With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to buy a Christmas puzzle. This spectacular jigsaw puzzle comes with wooden pieces that depict a celebratory small-town holiday, with snowy trees, horse-drawn sleighs, and beautiful Christmas landscapes for a perfect family Christmas tradition year after year.

Strawberry Fields Jigsaw Puzzle by Rifle Paper Co.

This is the perfect floral 500-piece puzzle you've been looking for. It features a signature print from Rifle Paper Co. and can be glued and framed once assembled.

It's a fun way of creating your own art to add to your collection. Even better, there are five puzzles in this collection for you to choose from.

CHAFIN Dreamy Positano Puzzle

Maybe you dream of visiting Italy but have never been. If so, this puzzle provides show stopping sights of Positano so you can experience views of Italy from home. This puzzle offers gorgeous views of the coast and has a 1,000-piece option for an entertaining challenge.

Areaware Little Puzzle Thing

Are you a foodie in search of a unique puzzle? Then Areaware is worth checking into.

You can choose from puzzles such as a 70+ piece cheese puff or even a hot dog for a one-of-a-kind food puzzle. Food puzzle bundles have about six puzzles in each food group, making this a great puzzle for food lovers.

Express It Best Practically Impossible Clear Puzzle

Are you an expert puzzle builder in search of your next challenge? Then this puzzle has it all. It's 70 pieces and completely clear.

But don't fret- if you get stumped, the puzzle has cheat sheets to help you along with the levels of assistance slowly increasing as needed.

Areaware Gradient Puzzle

You need a lot of patience and strategy for this puzzle, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a go! The colors blend with one another providing you with hours of entertainment as you create this yellow and pink-toned puzzle.

If you're looking for other colors, there are plenty of choices to select from. You can glue them and frame them for modern art pieces.

Areaware Pattern Puzzle in Stack Design

Areawarehas plenty of beautiful puzzles inspired by fine art, and this puzzle based on Dusen Dusen is a must-have for anyone looking to add more art to their jigsaw puzzle collection. It features bold, vibrant colors so you can easily complete individual areas, and consists of 500 pieces.

Galison Frank Lloyd Wright Foil Stamped Jigsaw Puzzle

This puzzle inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright features gold foil embellishments for a funky, modern design. This famous image is a fun addition to any puzzle collection, and you'll have hours of enjoyment ahead of you with this 1054-piece puzzle. You can glue it and frame it afterward because it's that attractive to look at.

Made Jackson Hole Pastel Suburbia Puzzle

This puzzle is on the smaller size but still boasts 282 pieces with plenty of pastel colors and fun car scenes as they drive through an old-fashioned neighborhood. The puzzle was inspired by the movie Edward Scissorhands but is easy for kids and adults alike or for Tim Burton fans.

Jonathan Adler Lips Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

Are you in search of a puzzle that's entertaining and serves as a great housewarming present? Then this puzzle is a great bet.

Its puzzle pieces are gold foil pressed, making it unlike any other puzzle you'll come across. It's unique in shape which adds to the excitement of constructing it.

Gray Malin The Snow Two-Sided Puzzle

Your search for a unique puzzle stops here, as this aerial photography-based puzzle is double-sided and features 500 wintery forest puzzle pieces to assemble on one side and an aerial view of skiers on the other side, making it great for the holidays.

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands

If you're an avid jigsaw puzzler, then it's important to know the best brands in jigsaw puzzles. These brands continuously produce high-quality products that don't disappoint. Here are some fan favorites.


Sprinkbok is a well-known company with a trusted brand reputation. They're known for high-quality puzzles and are an American company.

They're produced die-cut puzzles since 1963 and don't disappoint. They're one of the oldest puzzle manufacturers in the world and one of the most respected.

Cheaper puzzle pieces easily bend and break, but Sprinkbok puzzle pieces are 18% thicker than standard puzzle pieces so they're less likely to get damaged or bend. Unlike some puzzles that don't perfectly come together, every Sprinkbok puzzle has perfectly interlocking pieces so you can easily move an assembled section from one place to another. This is the fastest way to solve a puzzle, and Sprinkbok makes assembling pieces- and keeping them assembled- a breeze.

If you're wondering about the price, you'll find they're very reasonable. Amazon typically lists Sprinkbok puzzles for $17.50 and up.

Even better, new puzzle images are released annually, with roughly 20-25 new images coming out yearly. They're affordable, high-quality, and offer tons of fun images to choose from.


Ravensburger is a German company that received awards such as Oppenheim's Best Toy Award, the Parent's Choice Award, and the Family Fun Toy of the Year.

While standard puzzles offer grid-cut pieces, Ravensburger is different. They have a hand-drawn puzzle template so each piece is unique. That means that their 1,000-piece puzzles each have a different puzzle piece shape.


More and more people are eco-conscious, looking for sustainable products to purchase, and puzzles and games are no exception. Clementoni offers puzzles constructed from 100% recycled material that's also a non-pollutant, so they're not only sustainable but good for the environment.

The puzzle pieces are constructed from post-consumer recycled waste. If you're looking to avoid harmful chemicals, Clementoni uses acid-free inks and paper and their products don't contain any petroleum additives.

This eco-friendly brand strives to help children learn and play in tandem, and it shows in their products which range from newborns to 12 years and older. Since these puzzles are eco-friendly and don't contain toxic chemicals, you can feel good about letting your kids play with them.

The price point for these puzzles ranges from $19 to $27. There are plenty of fun images to choose from and countless scenes. They're ideal for kids and adults and are great puzzles for the entire family to enjoy.


Calling all cartoon lovers! Heye is undoubtedly one of the best brands if you're looking to assemble and collect cartoon puzzles.

Since most of these puzzles are commissioned, you won't find them for sale anywhere else, giving you a truly one-of-a-kind puzzle to assemble and display. You'll find work from the famous Andy Kehoe and enjoy hidden object prints from Alex Bennett and even more amazing cartoon images by Ryba.

These puzzles are printed in high resolution with bright, bold colors. The surface isn't glossy, so you won't struggle with glare if building your puzzle under a bright light.

If you're looking for creative ways to store these puzzles, you'll be pleased to learn that the puzzle boxes come in a triangle, panorama, square, and vertical shapes. When shopping on Amazon, you can expect to pay roughly $21 per puzzle.

Buffalo Games and Puzzles

If you've ever opened a new puzzle box only to find one of the pieces is missing, you can rest easy knowing Buffalo Games handles these situations swiftly, no questions asked. Simply file a claim and, as long as the puzzle isn't more than 4 years old, they'll replace it with the same puzzle.

It's as simple as filling out a form and waiting for your new puzzle to arrive. You're also guaranteed a puzzle made from premium materials that work to reduce the amount of dust you're exposed to when building your puzzle. Even better, a 1,000-piece puzzle typically costs anywhere from $11 to $15.

The Perfect Snap technology guarantees a precise cut with every piece, and each puzzle features a puzzle presto so you can permanently seal your puzzle. It's as easy as adding 6 sheets to your completed puzzle's back!

Jigsaw Puzzle Websites of Boxes: You Decide

Whether you're looking for physical jigsaw puzzles to complete at home or simply want a list of jigsaw puzzle websites to choose from, the possibilities are endless. When purchasing jigsaw puzzle boxes, remember to read reviews and choose puzzles from reputable distributors. Assembling a 1,000-piece puzzle only to find the last piece is missing can ruin any puzzler's day, so always read reviews.

Remember to have fun when assembling your puzzles and choose relaxing puzzle themes you'll enjoy assembling. Jigsaw puzzles are a great stress reliever, so if you're looking for a new hobby, this may be it.

Whether you're an avid puzzler or just getting started, Puzzle Seek is your one-stop shop for everything related to puzzles. Be sure to check out our jigsaw puzzle blog to stay in the know and never miss an article about your favorite pastime!

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