Jigsaw Puzzles The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Jigsaw puzzles are having a moment. What was once thought of as a pastime for grandparents is now being embraced by people of all ages as a fun way to unplug and relax. Whether you're looking for a solo activity or something to do with family and friends, jigsaw puzzles are the perfect option. And, unlike many other gifts, jigsaw puzzles gifts keep on giving long after they're purchased.

Jigsaw puzzles gifts are enjoyable, challenging, and never gets old. Whether you're looking for a fun activity to do with friends or family or a present for someone special, jigsaw puzzles are always sure to please.

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Why Gift A Jigsaw Puzzle?

It's Relaxing

There's nothing like working on a jigsaw puzzle to take your mind off of your troubles and help you relax. Puzzles provide a much-needed distraction from the stressors of daily life and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you know someone who could use a break from the chaos, gifting them a jigsaw puzzle is a thoughtful way to show you care.

It Brings People Together

Jigsaw puzzles are the perfect activity for quality time with family and friends. Working on a puzzle together is a great way to catch up and bond, especially during the holiday season. And when the puzzle is finally finished, it'll make for a great conversation piece!

Wide Range of Difficulty Levels

Jigsaw puzzles come in a wide range of difficulty levels, so you're sure to find one perfect for the recipient. For instance, if you're looking for a gift for a child, you might want to choose a puzzle with large pieces that are easy to put together. If you're looking for a challenge, on the other hand, you can choose a puzzle with smaller pieces or one with an intricate design. No matter your difficulty level, the recipient is sure to enjoy working on the puzzle and seeing the finished product.

Beautiful Designs

Jigsaw puzzles come in a wide variety of designs, so you're sure to find the perfect one. For instance, if you know someone who loves nature, you might want to choose a puzzle with a scenic landscape design. Or, if you know someone who's into history, you might want to choose a puzzle with an intricate design. No matter the recipient's interests, you're sure to find a jigsaw puzzle that they'll love.

How To Pick The Right Puzzle

Now that you know why gifting a jigsaw puzzle is a great idea, it's time to pick the right one. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a jigsaw puzzle:

The recipient's interests: As mentioned above, jigsaw puzzles come in various designs, so you're sure to find one that the recipient will love.

The recipient's age: Jigsaw puzzles come in a wide range of difficulty levels, so choosing one appropriate for the recipient's age is important.

The number of pieces: Jigsaw puzzles also come in a wide range of sizes, so you'll need to decide how many pieces you want the puzzle to have.

Where To Buy A Jigsaw Puzzle

Now that you know the basics of choosing a jigsaw puzzle, it's time to start shopping! Here are a few places to find puzzles:


One of the most obvious places to start is Amazon. They have a wide selection of puzzles, from simple 500-piece puzzles to massive 4000-piece ones. You can filter by theme, price, customer rating, and more.

Local Craft Stores

If you want to support small businesses, check out your local craft stores. Many of them sell jigsaw puzzles, and you're sure to find a unique selection that you won't find at big box stores.

Social Media Marketplace

If you're looking for a unique puzzle, try checking out a social media marketplace like Etsy or Facebook Marketplace. There, you can find puzzles from small businesses and independent artists. Just read the descriptions carefully to ensure the puzzle is the right size, difficulty, and design for you.

How To Gift A Jigsaw Puzzle

Now that you've chosen the perfect jigsaw puzzle, it's time to think about how you will gift it. The first thing you need to do is find a nice box or basket to put it in. You can even get creative and build your box out of recycled materials. Once your puzzle is nestled securely in its new home, add a thoughtful note letting the recipient know why you chose this particular puzzle for them. And that's it! Now all that's left is for them to sit back, relax, and enjoy piecing together their new favorite pastime.

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