Where to Find Vintage Puzzles- Purchasing Old Puzzles

As a puzzle enthusiast, your jigsaw puzzle hobby may urge you to get your hands on a rare vintage gem. Old puzzles carry a certain value and charm, and you may want to add one to your collection to make it more valuable. Puzzles are more than just a regular game for you, after all!

If you’re looking to add vintage puzzles to your collection, you can look through online auction marketplaces, flea markets, thrift stores, and online stores to find a piece that satisfies your puzzler side. It’s likely that some people have had vintage puzzles in the family and decide to sell them through online marketplaces for preloved items.

Puzzling is like a workout for the brain- a fun-filled activity that increases brain activity and improves cognitive function. It provides a complete brain exercise that engages both sides of the brain to improve your logical and critical thinking skills. When doing a puzzle, you activate the right and left sides of your brain to increase cognitive function, which slows down and helps prevent cognitive decline. Additionally, assembling a puzzle improves your visual-spatial reasoning.

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Places Where You Can Find Vintage Puzzles

Finding vintage puzzles can be overwhelming initially. However, you can find both used and untouched types of vintage puzzles in the right marketplace. Here are some of your best options for searching for vintage and old puzzles.


Do you want to shop online? Amazon easily makes an excellent choice to get different stuff. Besides clothes, accessories, and appliances, the platform sells great vintage items.

When looking for old puzzles, you will find some great listings in the “used” section of the online marketplace. You can search the website using different keywords like “used puzzles” and “vintage puzzles.”

You can find both unopened and used puzzles on Amazon. However, remember that Amazon listings have set prices that cannot be negotiated.


Depop is an excellent online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell stuff. The platform operates remotely and mainly focuses on fashion-related items. Even then, you can find various other things, including jigsaws and puzzles.

It is easy to use and navigate- Depop works like most social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. You can make a Depop account to develop your online shop and follow other profiles (shops). You will likely find numerous profiles selling puzzles at extremely affordable prices. There is a high chance you may be able to find popular vintage puzzle brands.

Facebook Marketplace

While you want to collect old vintage puzzles, many others may want to resell some from their collection. For instance, you might not know, but someone down the street may have put up an ad for their grandfather’s vintage jigsaw.

On the Facebook marketplace, you can find rare vintage puzzles at the best prices. The best part is that Facebook allows you to chat with the seller to negotiate the price.


eBay stores are another of your best options for finding jigsaw puzzles. The platform has a huge collection of preloved antique puzzles. Many eBay stores sell puzzles manufactured between the 20s and 80s.

What else? You can find various themed puzzles; a huge range of options, from movies and TV shows to art and animals.

Other Websites with Preloved Items

Thrifting is growing increasingly popular, especially in the fashion industry. People are becoming more open to using used and preloved items. More and more websites selling used stuff are opening because of this new mindset.

You can find various websites selling used items, including games and puzzles. Of course, you will need to spend considerable time surfing through these stores' game sections. However, the items you may find will be, without a doubt, worth the struggle. Some websites may even allow you to filter through the products, leading you to your desired vintage puzzles.

Physical Stores and Pawn Shops

Just like online thrifting stores, you can find many physical stores selling used and untouched items. While finding old puzzles right away may be hard, it is not impossible. In fact, you can find excellent puzzles at the best bargain price in physical thrift stores.

On the other hand, pawn shops make another great spot for vintage stuff. You can head to the nearest pawn shop to search for old jigsaws.

That said, keep in mind that used puzzles may not have all the pieces. Often, many pieces are missing, while some may be damaged. So, make sure to check for all the puzzle pieces before purchasing preloved puzzles.

Things to Note

Multiple factors determine the collectible value of vintage puzzles. These typically include age, brand name, rarity, market relevance, prestige, and quality. While you can find old puzzles on various marketplaces- online and offline, you must keep these critical factors in mind.

Age: The oldest vintage puzzles hold the most monetary and market value.

Brand Name: Waddingtons, Ravensburger, and Heye are some of the top vintage puzzle brands.

Rarity: Limited edition puzzles hold the highest market value and usually sell at the highest price rates.

Prestige: Many puzzles are based on books, movies, TV shows, etc.

Quality: Ideally, you want puzzles without damaged or missing pieces.

That said, Amazon, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and other online and physical stores are your best options for finding old puzzles. While you may need to spend some time searching, the result is usually worth the struggle.

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