Where to Find Puzzles of The Day?

Puzzles are a great way to get your brain moving each day or a wonderful way to relax in the evening. Whenever you like to do them, daily puzzles are an enjoyable part of many people’s day. However, some people may be struggling with where to find their puzzles of the day. 

While commonly found in the entertainment section of newspapers, hundreds of free websites provide daily puzzles through subscriptions. There are also a wide variety of apps to download for everyday puzzle enthusiasts, offering additional features.

With such an abundance of online resources, it can be hard to wade through everything to find the daily puzzle fix you want. This article is here to help! Keep reading to learn the best places to find your favorite types of daily puzzles. 

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Popular Locations for Daily Puzzles

If you still get a daily newspaper, this is a great place to start looking for daily puzzles! Although often underutilized, many newspapers still include a crossword and sudoku to occupy their readers. 

Even if you do not get a physical newspaper, many papers that offer digital subscriptions still have daily puzzles. The New York Times and Washington Post offer daily crosswords. If you like to get news and daily puzzles consider subscribing to an online newspaper. 

If you do not want to turn to the traditional newspapers for your daily puzzles, then the two other options are apps and websites. There are many websites and apps that can send you daily puzzle fun and which you can easily access through your smartphone. 

Puzzle Styles

If you want to locate a great website or app for daily puzzles, it helps to search by puzzle type. Many apps and websites that offer puzzles specialize in a particular type. Here are some of the most common daily puzzle styles and basic websites to get you started. 

  •  Logic: For fans of word problems, logicpuzzlesdaily.com offers daily logic puzzles for every skill level, as well as a convenient app.
  •  Math: Sudoku.com offers printable daily sudoku puzzles, as well as an app for portable fun with numbers.
  • Trivia: For daily trivia questions on a variety of topics, thenewdaily.com offers both daily and hourly trivia questions for enthusiasts.
  •  Crosswords:  For fun and easy crossword puzzles, Simplydailypuzzles.com provides printable daily crosswords to pass a few minutes at your desk or on the go.
  •  Riddles: Riddles.com provides a range of daily riddles to solve.

Daily Trivia Puzzles:

For daily trivia questions, thenewdaily.com is an excellent resource. They also offer daily Sudoku and Crossword puzzles. Players looking to participate in team-building trivia games can select their region at teamtrivia.com or lastcalltrivia.com and engage with other like-minded trivia hounds in head-to-head competition.  

Daily Sudoku Puzzle:

Sudoku.com provides daily sudoku puzzles available as an app.

With difficulties ranging from “easy” to “evil,” websudoku.com offers a daily Sudoku puzzle option, as well as an endless Sudoku puzzle archive to keep the most rabid fans busy for days. While they offer a free trial version, the “deluxe edition” of the app is only about $15 to purchase, allowing you to play anywhere offline.

Daily Crossword Puzzles 

It cannot be denied that when we think of daily puzzles, the crossword is the first thing to pop into most of our minds, and crosswords became wildly popular as a daily puzzle thanks to their inclusion in newspapers. To this day, the best place to find a daily crossword is still in some of the nation’s biggest newspapers. 

You can find a daily crossword put out by the following newspapers. The best part is these are all free! 

  • The Washington Post
  • L.A. Times
  • USA Today 

The New York Times 

Widely regarded as the best of American crossword puzzles, the New York Times daily crossword is a legendary stumper, even amongst enthusiasts. Edited by Will Shortz, the only man ever to be academically accredited as an enigmatologist, it is famous for its detail and complexity, sometimes providing additional supplemental hint guides.

For about $7 per month, the New York Times also provides a game subscription with a wide variety of quality games, including The Mini Crossword, Letter-Boxed, Sudoku, and others. If tackling the New York Times crossword seems daunting, dictionary.com also offers a daily crossword and a word of the day feature for logophilic trivia enthusiasts.    

Microsoft Collection 

One place that makes puzzles of just about every kind that you can easily access is Microsoft. On your phone, tablet, or computer, you can download a Microsoft app for a bevy of different puzzles and games. The puzzle apps in Microsoft’s collection come with daily challenges and a larger collection of puzzles you can do at any time. 

The puzzle apps offered by Microsoft include: 

  • Mahjong
  • Sudoku 
  • Solitaire 
  • Wordament (word-finding puzzle)
  • Jigsaws
  • Minesweeper 

Daily Puzzle Apps

The idea of solving a few puzzles daily is quite popular. While many websites focus on one specific kind of puzzle, there are some that seek to provide a well-rounded daily puzzle approach. From crosswords to sudoku, these apps will exercise your brain on multiple levels. 

  • This Morning Puzzle Time: This free app offers both easy and hard puzzles of three different classics: crosswords, word searches, and sudoku. You can only play a limited amount each day, so this app is truly seeking to be your daily puzzle fix and not your newest phone addiction!
  • Daily Puzzles: This app is only available from Apple devices, but it is truly a daily puzzle app. This app gives you six puzzles to solve daily featuring classics such as a word search, sudoku, and ciphers. 
  • Puzzle Page: Another one for Apple users, this puzzle app is for those who want puzzles in all shapes and sizes. Word puzzles, picture puzzles, logic, and math all make an appearance in this daily puzzle app! 

Daily Puzzle Websites

Although maybe not quite as convenient as an app on your phone, there are also websites that offer a large collection of different types of puzzles rather than specializing in a single type. 

  • Best for Puzzles: This website gives you free access to several types of crosswords, a word search, codeword puzzle, and jigsaw. 
  • MindGames: If you find that the classics get a little stale, but you still love to tease your brain, then this website has everything you could possibly need. Logical puzzles of every size, shape, and form await you here. 
  • Simple Daily Puzzles: As the name suggests, this is the daily puzzle site for those who want puzzles and no-frills. A simple interface gives you access to crosswords, sudoku, and even chess puzzles. 


With online material readily available, most puzzle sites offer free trial subscriptions. Daily puzzles may also be found through various apps, digital newspapers, and social media. There are plenty of variations and skill levels to entertain and educate enigmatologists of every level.

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