Where to Find Puzzles Cheap?

Just because a puzzle is cheap doesn’t make it a cheap puzzle. That’s to say, if you know where to look, you can find quality puzzles at a reduced price. But how exactly do you find these puzzles and how can you make sure you aren’t getting scammed with an inferior product? 

You can find excellent new and used puzzles at a much lower price than you would find them at a department store if you look in the right places. The right places include everywhere from local flea markets to comparing third party prices on Amazon. 

If you’d like to save a few bucks without sacrificing quality on your next puzzle, we’ve got you covered. Below we will go over what kind of places you expect to find low cost puzzles both locally and online. So get ready to start saving money without having to give up your hobby!

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Finding Puzzles Cheap Locally 

Why wait for something to come in the mail when  you can just go out and pick it up now. In all likelihood, there are several different places you can find high quality puzzles for a low cost. These places range from your local goodwill to auctions and rummage sales. 

The best places to find high quality puzzles at a low price in your local area include: 

Finding Quality Puzzles at Goodwill

In terms of used goods, there isn’t any greater institution than goodwill. They sell everything from used clothes to old movies and electronics. Most importantly, they almost always have at least a small selection of used puzzles. 

Not only can you find used puzzles that have been donated, but new ones that went on clearance at another store and were never sold. This is because big department stores like Target often donate clearance items that don’t sell quickly enough, to goodwill.

Finding Quality Puzzles at Target 

Normally Target is slightly more expensive than other comparable department stores. Still, when they put products on clearance, they reduce the price more than most places. Look for an endcap near where the puzzles are with clearance on it. If a puzzle has been on clearance long enough, it’ll eventually go down in price by 90%. 

Finding puzzles for cheap at Target does require a little luck, however. You’ll want to make repeated visits to see what’s on clearance and track how their price go down overtime. Initially, they are reduced to 15%, but if they don’t sell, the price continues to drop.

Finding Quality Puzzles at Local Auctions and Flea Markets 

If you're looking for retro or antique puzzles, local auctions and flea markets are your best bet.

For auctions, you can use the site "Locate Local Auctions” to search for them. If any are registered in your area they should be listed along with at least a brief description of what is being sold. If nothing else, these events can be fun to experience. 

For flea markets on the other hand, you’ll want to visit the site “Flea Market Insiders.” It will tell you where local flea markets are and give you an indication of what you can find there.  

Finding Quality Puzzles at Yard/Garage Sales 

You wouldn’t believe some of the things you can find for cheap at yard and garage sales. Next time you’re driving by and you see one, take a minute and stop to look. You might just find a selection of puzzles for way less than you’ll find them anywhere else. 

Finding  Puzzles Cheap Online 

There is probably an endless number of places to buy puzzles cheap online. However, you should buy them from somewhere with a positive reputation. Whether it’s an online retailing giant like Amazon or just some regular person with really good feedback on eBay, finding reputable sources will help you avoid getting scammed with a poor product.  

The best places to find high quality puzzles at a low price online include:

Finding Quality Puzzles on Amazon for Cheap 

Over the last two decades, Amazon has become the biggest online retailer for nearly every type of product. Puzzles are no exception. If you have a really specific type of puzzle you want to put together, Amazon is the best place to go just because of how big their selection is. 

Amazon also allows third party’s to sell new and used items on their sites. This means that you can compare the prices of the puzzles you’re interested in all on one site. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. 

Trading Quality Puzzles on the Jigsaw Puzzle Swap Exchange

There’s an online community for everything these days. Puzzles included. On the site JigsawPuzzleSwapExchange.com you can trade puzzles with people all around the world. This is a great way to get puzzles free at the point of service. 

We should note however, that in order to use the site you need a membership that costs $60 a year. That’s roughly $5 a month. If you’re really into puzzles and you’re getting new ones all the time, this will save you a ton of money. 

Finding Quality Puzzles on eBay

There's a nearly endless number of puzzles available on eBay. Sometimes they even have stuff you can’t find on Amazon. Just make sure that you check the seller's feedback. We would recommend buying from people with a 90% positive feedback rate and higher. 

Finding Quality Puzzles on Craigslist

Okay, this one could fit in both the online and local categories. However, we'll treat it as purely online because that is where the starting point is and you could potentially buy from someone far away and have them mail the puzzle to you. 

Craigslist is a great place to find an entire collection of puzzles all at once. Often when people are moving or just trying to make some space, they’ll group things together to sell. If you’re looking for a certain series of puzzles or just ones that share similar themes this might be a good place to start. 

Finding Quality Puzzles on Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace is essentially another version of Craigslist. People around the world and in your local area will put things online that they don’t want anymore. If you find someone to buy from in your local area, just make sure that you meet them in a public place and they let you examine the puzzle before you buy it.  

Tips to Make Sure You’re Getting a Quality Product 

It’s hard to tell if the used puzzle you’re getting is all there because there are generally 50 plus pieces. In some cases, the number of pieces can get into the thousands. Below are a few tips to ensure that everything is there when you’re considering buying a used puzzle. 

  • Count the pieces and make sure they add up
  • Look for any bending or crease marks. These are easier to see on the back of the puzzle pieces as dark colors on the front can cover them up.
  • Make sure the colors on the pieces match the colors of the image on the box. Sometimes people accidentally mix up puzzles. 
  • If you get it home and find that you miscounted and do not have all the pieces, you can find other ways to use your incomplete puzzle. They’re quite fun to use if you’re into making crafts. 

So Really, Where Can You Find Puzzles Cheap?

If you know where to look you can find cheap puzzles just about anywhere. In your local area, you can check out Goodwill, Target's clearance, garage sales and sites like Facebook and Craigslist, which allow you to link up with someone who lives in your local area and buy from them. 

If you live in the middle of nowhere or you’re just looking for a very specific puzzle, then you’re probably best off searching online. Sites like amazon allow third party sellers to sell their products on the site at a reduced cost. There are also sites like  Jigsaw Puzzle Shop Exchange where you can use a membership to swap puzzles with people all over the world.

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