What Is a Level 10 Puzzle: The Answer

If you're looking for a new type of puzzle game challenge that will sharpen your mind and your skills, you may want to consider a level 10 puzzle. These puzzles differ from your average crosswords, anagrams, or other word-based puzzles. Level 10 puzzles are the most difficult to do and memorize. They can be fun but also frustrating to play as solving them may become elusive.

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What Is a Level 10 Puzzle?

As mentioned, level 10 puzzles must be very difficult to finish and one that is hard to memorize the ultimate solution.  A very small percentage of people, less than 10%, will actually be able to solve them.

Just for comparison purposes, a level 7 puzzle may take a couple of hours to solve and memorize for the average person.  This said, ratings can very between different raters, there is no set standard.

Often, level 10 puzzles have interlocking pieces.  Some come assembled, and others come unassembled which you can imagine becomes much harder to complete.

Level 10 Puzzles

Sometimes actual examples give the best explanation.  Below are 4 different level 10 puzzles you might consider.


The Hanayama puzzles are some of the most challenging puzzles on the market. They mainly have a reputation for being difficult to solve, but they're also known for their high quality and beautiful designs.  One line requires disassembly by separating the pieces individually.

Yuu Asaka

Yuu Asaka puzzles require unconventional thinking and creative approaches to solving them.  For example fitting 5 corner pieces into a 4 corner tray.


The INSIDE3 puzzle is a bit different from the others as it requires you to think in 3 dimensions. The goal is to move a ball through an internal.  The catch it is completely enclosed in cube – it is literally in the dark.  You navigate based on a 2d made on the outside of the cube.


The NVP is a puzzle of 28 flat clear geometric shapes.  The object fit them all together resulting in a rectangle shape.  It seems easy, but many say it actually feels impossible.

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