What are the Most Popular Puzzle Books?

There is significant research to show that completing puzzles, like those you would find in a printed book, positively impact your mental health over time. The thought of "use it or lose it" is very real when it comes to cognitive decline and functioning (Source: Readers Digest).  It is important to know that different puzzles impact you differently. 

Finding a puzzle book is quite simple to do, but not all puzzle books are created equally.  Some stand above the rest. When searching for a puzzle book, you will want to find a book that is in the appropriate age range of the person using it.

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The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book 

This puzzle book has various puzzle types to choose from.  The book was written so the user can understand exactly how each puzzle type provides cognitive benefit.  There are also sections to practice with before getting into an actual puzzle. 

Some of the puzzles you will find in this book are; cryptograms, sudoko, logic puzzles, crosswords and word searches.

Cryptograms are word puzzles that contain a hidden message. The individual solving the cryptogram will usually be able to solve the puzzle by replacing letters with one another until the puzzle is solved. The main brain benefit that can be experienced is an increase in vocabulary. 

Sudoko puzzles are extremely popular number puzzles across age ranges.  The object of a sudoku puzzle is to determine missing numbers in a 9 x 9 grid format.  The catch is that you can only use the numbers 1-9 to solve the puzzle and they can’t be repeated in the row or column. These puzzles are a great way to help increase concentration and logical thinking. (Source: Think Fun)

Logic Puzzles are very popular among the ages and require both concentration and reasoning. When working with logic puzzles, you are working to build your memory as well as processing skills.  There are many different logic puzzles included in this book. 

Crosswords are a popular for strengthening and building a strong vocabulary.  There are different levels of crosswords to challenge everyone. 

Wordsearches are puzzles that help strengthen your short term memory as well as vocabulary.  The more letters included in the word search, the higher level your brain needs to work at. 

As you can see, this book has a puzzle type for everyone no matter what their age or ability level. 

Memory Activity Book

This puzzle book focuses on using short and long-term memory with various puzzles. Focusing time on memory is important as the brain ages.  While it will not stop the mental decline, it may help slow it. When looking at this book, you will see a series of puzzles that have been built around various themes. There are puzzles for short and long term memory. 

Mystery of Manderson Manor Crime Activity Book

 If you are a CSI fan or enjoy the thrill of solving a crime, this puzzle book series will likely be appealing.  In the book, you oversee solving a crime.  To do this, you will need to read carefully and find clues and solve a variety of puzzles for clues. 

This is one of the most unique books because it doesn’t follow the pattern of typical puzzle books. This is part of a series of books that are based around crime solving and mysteries. In order to solve the mystery, you will encounter a variety of puzzles.  This will definitely challenge your reasoning and logical thinking skills. 

Soduko Puzzle Book

This massive book is full of nearly 3,000 puzzles.  The great thing about this book is that you do not need to be an expert at solving puzzles, so it is great for all ability levels. The text is formatted with levels of difficulty, ranging from easy to difficult.  There is no set place to start, so you can skip around as you become comfortable. 

Focused on puzzles that use a 9x9 grid, you will spend hours trying to find the precise location for numbers 1-9. This series of puzzles will help strengthen your concentration as well as logical reasoning ability. 

Picture Puzzles

Picture puzzles can transport you right back to your childhood when you may have spent hours looking at pictures to spot the differences between them. There is not much brainpower required to spend hours with these puzzles, but they will help strengthen your observation skills. 

Brain Teasers and Logic Puzzles

As the title states, this book is full of fun and interactive brain teasers just right for the developing teen brain.  Because there is a variety of puzzles included, it is certain to keep teens busy for hours. 

Maze Puzzle Book

Mazes can be fun for all ages.  This book is full of mazes of all difficulty levels with intricate patterns.  This would also be appropriate for adults. Mazes are great tools to help strengthen the parts of your brain that are responsible for logical reasoning and memory.  

The mazes included in this book range from simple to complex, which makes them appealing to all ages and ability levels.  

Growth Mindset Puzzle Book

 Not only does this puzzle book provide hours of brain-bending fun in the form of brain teasers and logic puzzles, but it also teaches kids about mindfulness and being grateful in their day-to-day routine.  This book is unique when it comes to looking at puzzle books.  

While there are many options for puzzles to solve, there is also a very strong connection to mindfulness.  This puzzle book is geared toward the interest level of children. When the puzzles are being solved there are opportunities to focus on gratitude and how they are feeling in the moment.  This is a great skill to develop in kids to help them cope with day to day challenges they may face.  

Types of Puzzle Books

When you begin to search for puzzle books, you will notice there are many different types.  This is because they are created to strengthen different parts of the brain.  The most common types are crosswords, logic, numerical, trivia, and word search. While there are other types, these are the most easily found. 

Why Solve Puzzles?

You may be thinking, why do I want to spend my time-solving puzzles when I could be doing something else.  Solving puzzles has been proven as a healthy brain exercise that can provide several benefits.

The benefits of solving puzzles are far-reaching, which should make you feel good about any time spent solving a difficult puzzle.  Research shows that puzzle-solving is not a cure or end to Alzheimer’s or other diseases that cause cognitive decline, but the frequent use of your brain can help delay some of the effects (Source: BBC)

Where to Find Puzzle Books

Luckily, puzzle books are easy to find, whether searching online or in a store like Walmart, Target, or Barnes and Nobel.  You will, however, be hard-pressed to find a puzzle book in the library. The reason libraries do not typically carry puzzle books because they are consumable, which means you cannot reuse them. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, puzzle books are something that you can enjoy at any age. Engaging with puzzle books frequently can have lasting benefits as your body and brain begin to age. Not only will they increase logical thinking skills, but they may help ward off cognitive decline. The next time you feel bored or stressed, check out a great puzzle book and take yourself to a place of relaxation. 

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