What are the best card games Under 10 dollars?

Are you bored of the same deck of cards and looking for something new?  This post will give you a myriad of options available for card games and at a price tag cheaper than $10. 

Some of the best card games under 10 dollars include a wide variety such as Clue, Monopoly Deal, Rook, etc. Not only that, there are some fantastic card games that you can purchase on a low budget, such as Uno, Guess Who, Star Wars by Theory 11, etc. The best part is that some card games such as Squirrel come with an educational twist for young ones.

Most people are only aware of a few card games such as poker, solitaire, or Uno at best. However, you will be surprised to know that there is a huge variety of card games available for all ages. You can easily get educational card games for toddlers and kids to more strategic ones for the grownups. If you love a good card game, you do not have to splash a lot of cash to get one, as this article will cover some of the best card games you can buy for under $10.  

Card games actually originated from China and came to the Western world back in the 14th century. In 1480, France invented the set of playing cards as we see today; however, the “Joker” was an American invention. The entire purpose of card games is to provide amusement, entertainment, and mental exercise. 

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Best Card Games Under 10 Dollars

Although you can get a wide variety of card games at different price tags, here are some of the best card games you can buy for less than ten bucks. 

  1. Rook Card Game by Hasbro

You have to beware of the Rook while you trick and trump towards the victory. This card game is a brainteaser that offers a fast-moving competition to its players. You have to bid and name a trick faster than your competition in a Rook card game. 

You and your partner will work together in order to beat other competitors to the tricks. However, just when you think you are about to win, a wild rook can show up to mess up your plans. If you want to master this game, you must start at a beginner’s level and learn the basics. 

Later, when you feel more confident, you can switch to regular rules. The first team that scores 300 points wins the game. That said, it would be really hard for you to dodge that wild Rook because it can land at any stage and change the landscape of the game at any point. 

  1. Monopoly Deal by Hasbro

Who does not love a game of Monopoly? Whether you are a grownup or a parent of children over 8 years and up, this Monopoly Deal card game for less than $10 can provide a perfect family activity. This card game is a handy way to play the all-time classic property-trade game. 

In order to win Monopoly Deal, you need is collect three full property sets in different colors. You will pick up the cards on your turn and play. There are other action cards to charge rent, steal other players’ cards, and demand cash for your birthday. 

Gather piles of cash, build properties, and keep dealing until you come out the winner. This card version of Monopoly requires 2 to 5 players. 

  1. Phase 10

Welcome to Phase 10 that is a perfect game for family, adults, and kids. This game comes with 108 cards and belongs to the rummy category of card games. Phase 10 comes from the makers of another popular card game known as Uno. However, this one offers a little bit of a challenge and excitement with a twist. 

The Phase 10 version comes packed in a decorative tin which is good to keep your cards in good condition for an extended period of time. The object of the players is to complete the following 

  • Ten varied phases via 2 sets of3
  • 1 run of 7
  • 7 cards of the same color. 

The twisted part is that every phase that you must complete is specific for each dealt hand. You have to complete one phase to proceed to the next or advanced level. The cards also contain “skip” and “wild” cards to add excitement and help you get out of a pickle. 

You will find the complete instructions on how to play within the tin can. 

  1. Five Crowns by SET Enterprises

If you love an excellent rummy-style card game, Five Crowns is just perfect for you. This is an award-winning game that is a classic in its own rights. Whether you are an avid card player or someone just starting, Five Crowns is one of the best card games under 10 dollars that can offer you plenty of excitement and mental stimulation. 

Unlike a standard deck of cards, this one comes with five suites, i.e., diamond, spade, clubs, hearts, and stars. Do not worry, as you will get comprehensive instructions on how to play this card game. Moreover, this game is suitable for adults as well as kids of 8 years and up. 

You can play a Five Crown game with up to 7 players, including its solitaire version for a single player. Five Crowns has already won more than 10 best game awards, and you are going to love it. 

  1. Clue Card Game by Hasbro

If you have kids at home and shopping around for a game that can offer a fun family activity, Clue is the best card game ever. It is suitable for kids aged 8 and up and requires 3 to 4 players. This game is not just for entertainment but helps you and the young ones exercise those brain cells by forming a strategy. 

Clue is a classic mystery game with a twist, and kids are going to love it. This game is a card version of “whodunit” with a twist. The players have to find out what is under a crime card, such as who did it, where, and with what. You will have to ask questions from other opponents. 

There will be case files, evidence cards, investigations, and a lot of laughs. This is a quick-playing game that you can take with you wherever you travel. So, if you are thinking about a fun, challenging, and educational card game for kids, especially, it cannot get any better than Clue. 

  1. UNO Card Game

UNO is one of the most classic and beloved family card games of all time. The game comes with 112 cards packed within a sturdy tin for longtime safety and storage. Whether you are a teenager, an adult, or looking for a gift for kids aged 7 years and up, you can never go wrong with a deck of UNO. 

This is one of the card games under 10 dollars that is really easy to learn and can offer hours of fun activity for family and friends. The card game is all about depleting cards in your hand by matching one of the cards in your hands with the current card on top of the deck by a number or a color. 

There is only one strategy to play UNO, i.e., defeat your opponents using special action cards such as Draw Twos, Reverses, Skips, and Wild Cards. As soon as you are down to a single card in your hand, do not forget to shout out “UNO!”

  1. Secret Squad by Gamewright

Do you consider yourself to be an imaginative person? Then this hilarious card game of disguise and deduction is a perfect fit for your curiously investigative mind. The game first appeared in 1994 created by four parents looking for great games for kids. 

This card game comes with a guided theme and experience transcending age and offering laughs, learning, fun, and friendship. Secret quad is a perfect party game as all players secretly get a color squad assigned and have to answer a series of questions with a yes or a no. 

Using these clues by the players, you have to figure out which squad each player belongs to. Knowing your friends well can help you win this game. 

  1. Snap It Up!

Are you looking for a card game that can offer educational value to a kid aged 6 and up? Then get yourself a Snap It Up card game. It is one of the card games under 10 dollars that offer a face-paced learning experience for the kids to practice their math skills. 

All the players pick and pass their cards very quickly to create mathematical equations. It is crazily fast, fun and your kids would want to do it again and again. The game includes a deck of 90 cards and is perfectly suitable for 1st graders or higher. 

  1. Squirrel Card Game by Educational Insights 

This game takes its theme from an award-winning, bestselling “The Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel Game.” Your young ones are going to love this cute furry forest card game. 

You can buy this for less than 10 bucks and feed the hungry forest friends in the game. You have to race other opponents to squirrel away as many acorn cards as you can to win this fast-action and color-matching card game. 

This is more of a pre-school game for children that reinforce several cognitive functions.  Some of the benefits of this card game include color learning, developing matching sense, strategic thinking and sorting skills, and much more. 

The squirrel card game has won the Parents’ Choice Award and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio’s Gold Seal Award. 

  1. Dropsy 

This is a fumbling, bumbling, and balancing card game where players draw cards until one of them gets a set of 3 cards with the same color. However, you do not discard unwanted cards, but hold all cards in hand in a goofy fashion that your card tells you to. 

So, this is going to be fun no matter how old you are. Therefore, be mentally prepared to hold your card on the top of your hand, under your chin, under the arm, on your head, inside the elbow, and between the fingers. If you drop a single card, you will have to start all over again. Fun, isn’t it? This can be a fun party card game for adults too. 

The best part is that you can learn it in no time. The game is suitable for anyone over the age of 8 and requires at least two players. So get your silly hat on and have a laugh while testing how good your body coordination is. 

  1. Danger Noodle by University Games

Looking for a game that can accommodate more players than buy yourself a set of Danger Noodles by University Games. This is one of the best card games under 10 dollars, suitable for players over the age of 12. 

Whether it is a party fun activity you are after or a family night in, this card game is an ideal means to a lot of laughs and giggles. The game is all about an open-hand style card play that keeps all competitors engaged throughout the gameplay.  

So, in the smartphone zombies era, Danger Noodle is perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults alike if you are looking for off-screen gaming activity. 

This is also a good alternative for card players who need a break from strategic games and want to have a little fun with quirky and quick card games. This is a compact game that you can take on a vacation, weekend getaways, and road trips. 

Danger Noodle is one of the perfect games to fight away the pandemic lockdown loneliness, as you can play it over a video chat with our friend on Zoom. 

  1. Jax Doodle Dice

A card game that is fit for kids aged 6 and up. It can accommodate 2 to 6 players in single gameplay, making it the perfect family activity. All of the cards in the deck have a different doodle picture. When a doodle you build matches on the cards, you get to collect that card. 

Collect a card of every color, and you are the winner of the game. This game is fun, challenging and offers exceptional visual perception along with uniquely patterned dice. It is simple to learn and helps hone strategic thinking skills amongst the young ones. 

Not only that, but it also brings out the creative side of your kids. Jax the Doodle is also great to ignite the competitive side of the players. They will have to find ways to block others from creating a doodle, such as blocking an opponent from taking a turn or taking away one of their cards. 

This competitiveness with a bit of laughter can be a healthy way to teach your kids how to compete in the world. 

  1. A Star Wars Card Game by Theory 11

Star Wars has become a pop culture phenomenon since 1977, and this card game comes out in collaboration with Lucas Films, the official film producing company of the world’s most renowned film franchise. 

While this is a Light Side/Blue Version of the Star Wars game, you can also a Dark Side version. This is probably one of the most visually appealing card games under 10 dollars available in the market. You can join the Jedi knights, become a resistance hero, or jump aboard the Millennium Falcon.

 The deck also features R2-D2, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, and rebel fleet fighters. Additionally, it also has 12 court cards illustrating iconic characters from the light side. These include Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Rey, Leia Organa, and many others. 

If you are an eco-friendly person or family, you will find it pleasing that this card game is 100 percent “made in the USA.” The paper and other materials used in the making of these cards come from sustainable forests, starch-based laminates, and vegetable-based inks. 

  1. NCCA Playing Cards by MasterPieces

If you are looking for NCCA’s officially licensed poker size cards for a more personalized game, then buy this one. The deck contains 2 jokers and 52 playing cards. The exact dimensions of these cards are 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches. 

All of the jokers and face cards have official team designs. Additionally, the ACE of spade in the deck features a special word college design cut in word. It just looks exquisite. However, if you are a diehard fan of particular teams, you can buy a pick from these card games for under 10 dollars with your favorite team’s design. 

  1. Guess Who by Hasbro

Hasbro outdid itself with this epic guessing card game that is popular amongst kids and adults alike. Guess who is a game that is suitable for children aged 5 and up. This is a kid’s variant of the original classic with a twist to make it more relevant for the kids to enjoy. 

If you are a parent having a party activity, now kids can join in with their own version of the game. Moreover, this is a perfect present for birthday parties, holidays, and you can also take it with you wherever you want. 

How it works is that each player picks a character card and lays it out in front. Now they pick a mystery card from the remaining deck. The competitors then ask each other questions about their mystery characters. 

The one to guess the right character wins the game. So, if you are looking for a card game that can develop logical thinking and deductive skills in your child, Guess Who is one of the best card games under 10 dollars. 

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