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A classic leisure activity, puzzles have been around for many years- perhaps for more than a century. Puzzles are a great way to keep you entertained while enhancing your cognitive skills and improving brain function. Vintage puzzle games have baffled the smartest of minds, and you may also want one for your game night.

Are you looking for old, vintage puzzles for sale? Finding antique items, particularly games and puzzles, is hard but completely possible. You can find vintage puzzles in various online and offline stores. A little bit of searching goes a long way, and you can find a wide variety of puzzles to play with your family and friends. Your best options are pawn shops, online stores like Puzzle Geek, and marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon.

Antique puzzle games and vintage puzzles vary in many ways- types, sizes, shapes, and colors. Puzzle enthusiasts can also find old puzzles in different art styles, count-piece options, and more. An interesting fact about vintage puzzles is that they differ in age, determining their value and whether or not they are collectible. The most valuable ones are those with no missing pieces. Ideally, you want a vintage puzzle in excellent condition.

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What Are the Best Places to Buy Vintage Puzzles?

Vintage puzzles can be hard to find at first. Nevertheless, once you find a reputable marketplace for old puzzles, you will notice that you have many options to choose from. You can find both unopened and used vintage puzzles in multiple shapes, sizes, styles, and colors.

Here are some of the best places to purchase your next vintage puzzle.

Facebook Marketplace

Believe it or not, many people are looking to resell their vintage items, including puzzles. Someone in your town might be trying to sell their grandparents' vintage puzzle.

While it may seem hurtful to you, not everyone like vintage puzzles, and many think that heirloom games are an unnecessary waste of storage. These people are often willing to sell their vintage puzzles for a low price.

So if you are looking for an affordable yet rare vintage puzzle, the Facebook marketplace is a good place to start. It is very likely to find at least a few sellers trying to get rid of some valuable puzzles. You can have a direct conversation with the seller for more information or even negotiate the set price.


Online marketplaces are excellent for buying and selling stuff. Depop is an excellent platform that allows you to sell different items remotely. While it is a fashion marketplace, Depop allows users from all across the globe to sell other things, including games and puzzles.

The best part about this marketplace is that it is extremely easy to use. Depop works like most social media apps, i.e., you need to make a profile to establish an online shop and follow other profiles (shops). Many people sell high-quality puzzles on Depop. They are available for purchase at extremely affordable prices.

What’s more, you may even find vintage puzzle brands like Ravensburger. Furthermore, Depop also has some great preloved jigsaws from Cloudberries- but you must be lucky to find one to improve your game nights.


It may be abundantly clear now that online marketplaces are your best options for jigsaw puzzles. Besides the Facebook Marketplace and Depop, you also want to check out a few eBay stores. You can find a wide range of unused and preloved vintage and antique puzzles on eBay.

Here, you can easily find puzzles that were manufactured and released between the years 1920 and 1980. The best part about going on eBay is the variety of puzzle themes you can choose from. The options typically include themes of art, fairy tales, maps, TV shows, movies, and animals.

Undoubtedly, the vintage puzzles available on eBay offer some of the best collectibles a puzzle enthusiast could ask for. The platform offers a great opportunity to expand your options for fun home activities.


Amazon is easily one of the best options when it comes to shopping online. But did you know you can even find great-quality used goods on the biggest online marketplace? Well, Amazon’s “Used” section has some amazing listings.

You only need to search for "vintage jigsaw puzzles" or "used jigsaw puzzles." A huge list of vintage and antique puzzle choices will appear before you. That said, Amazon has fixed prices, and you cannot ask the stores to bring down the price.

However, you will need to filter the sellers, as both new and preloved vintage puzzles are available on the marketplace. Nevertheless, several factors, such as the rarity, current relevance, and brand name, affect the price of old puzzles.

Other Websites and Physical Stores Selling Preloved Stuff

Thrifting has become a popular trend, especially in the fashion industry. Today, people are more open to using preloved stuff. As a result, more and more websites and stores have opened that sell used items, which include puzzles as well.

While you may need to spend extra time searching for vintage puzzles, the efforts are usually worth it. Surf through the games and puzzles sections of online stores. Many websites allow you to filter and use categories like “vintage.” Using the “themes” filters can also help you find some excellent vintage puzzles.

On the other hand, pawn shops sell some of the best used and unused vintage stuff. Head over to the nearest store selling antique and vintage items to find puzzles at the best bargain price.

How to Choose the Best Vintage Puzzles for Sale

First things first, the term “vintage” and “antique” do not mean the same thing. The term “vintage” refers to items that are at least a decade old, whereas antique pieces are over a hundred years old. Therefore, age is worth considering when buying an old puzzle. A puzzle’s release date can help determine its worth.

Other factors influencing a vintage puzzle's value include the overall condition, brand name, contemporary relevance, rarity, prestige, market demand, quality, etc.


Like other vintage collectibles, puzzles in brand new condition are much more valuable than a similar one in used condition. It is possible to find untouched vintage puzzles in excellent condition. An unopened puzzle will contain all the pieces, whereas other vintage puzzles can be damaged, warped, or wrinkled.

Brand Name

The brand name matters just as much as it does for other vintage collectibles. Some of the top puzzle brands include Heye, Ravensburger, and Waddingtons. The three are the most famous and profitable vintage puzzle brands worldwide.

Current Market Relevance

A vintage puzzle’s current relevance is another important considering factor. Anything that is most popular during the sale is likely to be more valuable. In simple words, it all boils down to market demand.


Vintage puzzles based on popular books, music bands and artists, actors, movies, TV shows, etc., are more valuable choices. You will enjoy a puzzle with the faces and names you recognize, will you not? As such, you would be willing to pay more and receive a good reselling price.


The rarer a vintage puzzle, the more market value it attracts. An easily available item automatically becomes less valuable due to the extensive supply. So ideally, you want to go for limited edition vintage puzzles that were not made for mass production.

Puzzle Quality

The construction of a vintage puzzle plays a significant role in determining its quality. Remember, puzzles are not created equal, especially if you are comparing modern-day jigsaws with vintage puzzles. Older puzzles used different materials for manufacture. Therefore, they are sturdier than the ones produced today.

Personal Significance

As a puzzle enthusiast, you may have certain preferences when looking to purchase vintage puzzles. The factors mentioned above (condition, brand name, prestige, rarity, and puzzle quality) have got you covered if you are looking for ones with monetary value. Ideally, you want to look for strong nostalgia in your prospective purchase.

Things to Note

Puzzle enthusiasts understand the value of vintage puzzles. Many also like to collect old puzzles, while others just enjoy the charm of playing with old puzzles. Regardless of why you may want vintage puzzles, there are multiple options when it comes to places for buying used and unused vintage puzzles. That said, you also need to consider certain factors before purchasing a vintage puzzle. These include condition, brand name, market relevance, prestige, rarity, quality, and personal significance. 

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