Puzzles for WhatsApp: In Your Down Time

WhatsApp is a popular free app for connecting with friends and family over the internet, but if you start running out of conversation ideas, it might be fun to try some puzzle games. There are tons of different games and puzzles you can play using WhatsApp in your downtime. 

You can certainly come up with your own creative ways to bond with friends and family on WhatsApp. However, you might not know where to start. Read on to learn how to play six of the most popular and fun puzzles for WhatsApp.

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Play The Text Version of Charades With Guess The Movie

We all love using emojis to make our text conversations more fun and interactive. Instead of just sending the usual smileys along with your messages, try using all the emojis on the keyboard with this fun puzzle game. This puzzle game is great to play with friends who love both puzzles or word games and movies and film. 

Here are the simple steps to play this puzzle:

  • Think of the name of a popular movie or a movie that you love
  • Using only emojis, type out the name of the movie and send it to your friend
  • To solve the puzzle, they now have to guess the name of the movie you’re thinking of
  • Keep the game going by switching roles; this game is most fun when you both get a chance at guessing!

Sometimes you can use an emoji to represent a full word in the movie title. Other times, you might have to get creative and use multiple emojis so that the person guessing can sound out the words. See how good you can get at writing in emojis with this fun game!

Send Riddles to Your Friends And Group Messages

Looking for a fun way to challenge your brain or stump your friends? Try using riddles in your down time conversations with friends on WhatsApp. While riddles can sometimes be a challenge, these brain teasers are still a lot of fun!

Take turns sending riddles back and forth with one of your friends. Another fun way to use riddles is in WhatsApp group messages. Have one person at a time send a riddle to the group. Whoever figures it out first is the winner.

Here are some great places to look for good riddles of varying difficulties:

  • Riddles.com: This website has enough riddles to entertain you and your friends for days on end. They have multiple levels of difficulty and riddles for both kids and adults.
  • Reader’s Digest: This is a collection of riddle categories to browse through and find your favorites.
  • Puzzle Prime: Here, you'll find a vast collection of brain teasers and riddles that you can filter by type and level of challenge to find the perfect ones to send to your contacts.

If You Love Word Games, Try Playing Rearrange The Letters

Simple to set up, yet challenging and fun, this puzzle game can keep your conversation going on WhatsApp for a long time! Try this game if you love solving word challenges or playing classic games like BananaGrams and Boggle. 

When you can’t meet up to play these classic word games in person, the Rearrange the Letters games is the perfect replacement. 

To start playing, decide on a category. It can be any category, but it is best to pick one that you can come up with a lot of related words within the category.

Here are some popular examples of categories that are good for word games:

  • Food and Drink
  • Famous People
  • Types of Clothing
  • Cities and Countries
  • Colors or Shapes

The next step is to think of a few words in the category. Then scramble the letters, so the words are no longer discernible. Send the list of words to your friends and challenge them to unscramble the words. You can tell them the category as a hint, so they know generally what to think about. But only give them that one hint! 

Guess the Song Is A Fun Puzzle Game For Music Lovers

This puzzle game is very similar to the guess the movie game described earlier in this post. But for this one, you want to think of a popular song or maybe a song that you and your friends love. Again, you’re only allowed to use emojis in this game- no written words!

Write out the song using whatever emojis you think spell out the song best. Your friend now has to guess what song you are thinking of and send their answer back to you. You can use emojis that directly represent the word in the song title, or you can get really creative and use multiple emojis to force your friend to sound it out!  

This is a really fun puzzle game to play on WhatsApp with your fellow music-loving friends. 

Send Puzzle Images To Challenge You And Your Friends

With this type of WhatsApp puzzle game, the options are truly endless! There are so many downloadable puzzles in image format that you can send to your friends. Send puzzles back and forth with your friends. Alternatively, you can challenge a WhatsApp group message thread to see who solve the puzzles first! 

These types of puzzles are great for killing time or stimulating your brain because they are just lie riddles but in visual form. There are collections of images all over the internet, so to help narrow it down for you, here is a list of some great places to look. 

Simply search for picture riddles and download your favorites. Save them so that you can easily share them with other friends later. This is a fun game to play that stirs up friendly competition and gets you wracking your brain for answers on the puzzles that are really tricky!

Practice Your Acting Skills With Guess The Character

This is one of the most fun games to play while texting your friends on WhatsApp because you can get really creative with your messages. To play this game, simply think of any character that you and your friends know. Start sending messages as if you are this character. It’s trickier than it sounds, so it’s a fun way to challenge yourself along with your friends. 

The character you choose can be anyone, such as: 

  • An actor or actress
  • A famous singer
  • Someone you both know, such as a teacher or a coach
  • A character from a story

Get into character! Imitate the person you are thinking of by saying some of their best quotes or speaking and acting the way they do. To solve the puzzle, your friends need to put together what you’re saying and figure out who you are pretending to be. 

This game is also kind of like playing charades. If charades is one of your favorite party games, you have to try the text version!

Play Fun Puzzle Phone Games on WhatsApp

Playing phone games and puzzles over text using WhatsApp is such a fun way to kill time and challenge your brain! If you are looking for an enjoyable way to hang out with your friends, but can’t meet up in person, playing fun and challenging puzzles on WhatsApp is a great way to bond and have a good time without ever leaving your home. 

The variations of these games are endless, so you and your friends will never run out of challenges. Give these 6 WhatsApp puzzle games a try the next time you have a conversation or a group chat on WhatsApp! 

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