Personalized Puzzles: A great gift idea

If you are searching for a birthday or anniversary present for a kid or an adult, then personalized puzzles can be a great gift idea. 

Personalized puzzles are also known as customized puzzles. Nowadays, you can turn an image of a person, event, holiday, and pets into a puzzle. This can be a great gift idea that will strike an emotional chord with the person receiving the gift. Most of all, it will show them how much effort you have put into creating this masterpiece. With online companies offering this service, it is as simple as selecting a picture, pick a puzzle size and design, upload the photo, and receive your puzzle

If you have a kid, a teenager, a partner, or a friend who loves solving puzzles, buying them one as a gift is a great way to please them. However, if you wish to take it up a notch, nothing can beat creating personalized puzzles. You can create these custom-made masterpieces by virtually turning any image into a puzzle. There is a wide range of designs, materials, and sizes to choose from. You can even pick how many pieces you would like the jigsaw puzzle to be, such as 100, 500, and 1000 pieces. 

The puzzle industry is one of the biggest contributors to the U.S GDP revenue every year. Puzzles manufacturers contributed a sales revenue of $688 millions approx in 2021 so far. The New York Times named personalized puzzles as one of the most popular gift items in this day and age. 

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How to Create a Personalized Puzzle for a Gift 

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the most traditional activities that you can either indulge in during your “me time” or spend quality time with family or friends. Therefore, a personalized puzzle using a memorable photo of an event, holiday, or dream destination can be a perfect gift for a fun activity. 

You can get a customized puzzle in all sizes, shapes, and pieces counts. However, the photo you will use will play a vital role in the creation process.  You can make it a special one by using a family photo, wedding photo, or any other memorable moment in life and surprise your loved one. 

So, without further ado, here are four steps you can use to create a personalized puzzle. 

#1 – Choosing Your Puzzle 

Once you are ready to create a puzzle, the first step will be to select a picture you wish to convert into a puzzle. The next step in the process will be to choose your puzzle types, such as a single photo format, collage, mix of text and photos, and other illustrations. 

You can also choose the pieces count in this process and the overall color of the puzzle’s design. In the end, you will have to finalize the material, such as a cardboard puzzle or a puzzle board made of wood. 

#2 – Selecting Size

Once you have selected a picture, material, and pieces counts, it is time to determine the size of the personalized puzzle. Some customization options will automatically choose the puzzle size based on preset templates. On the other hand, puzzle size may also depend on the pieces count you want in a personalized puzzle. 

Either way, you must make sure that the size of the puzzle is age-appropriate. For example, if you are giving a personalized puzzle to a kid, then a 100 or 200 puzzle may be a great gift idea. However, you can increase the count for teenagers and adults. 

#3 – Customization Touches

The third step in creating a personalized puzzle as a great gift is selecting a puzzle design. You will choose the number of images you would like to add and define their layout at this stage. You will also be able to select where you would like the text to appear (if any used). 

You can even add a personalized message, a sweet quote, or a simple congratulations message to the puzzle. You also get the flexibility to choose the colors, fonts, and format as per your liking. Plus, you can pick a fun background from patterned and slid options for areas that will have no image or text on the puzzle board. 

#4 Finalizing the Personalized Puzzle Order

Now that everything is in place. You have selected the design, fonts, format, piece count, size, background and uploaded the desired number of photos. The final step is to make sure that you preview the finished puzzle. 

If you are happy with the selections and settings, simply place the order with the personalized puzzle manufacturer and wait for your masterpiece to arrive. You can also ask the manufacturer if they can deliver directly to the person you intend to give this puzzle as a present. This will help with deliveries to family and friends living far away. 

Ideas for Personalized Puzzles Adults and Kids

For teenagers and adults, you can choose from a wide range of options. For example, you can create a collage of the best movies of all time for a film-fanatic family member or friend. You can also recreate the magic of a couple’s wedding day on their wedding anniversary. 

Were you recently engaged, and your fiancé’s birthday is coming up soon? You can create a personalized puzzle with a collage of photos from the day you started dating to the moment you said “yes.”  How about a puzzle that consists of a collage of all the holidays you had with your parents, friends, or loved ones. 

In simple terms, the choices are unlimited. You can literally create a personalized based on any theme that will make your loved jump with joy. 

For kids, personalized puzzles of their favorite cartoon shows and characters are a perfect idea. However, you must only use puzzle sizes of small pieces from 12 to 60 or a maximum of 100 pieces. 

Moreover, kids are not as careful as adults, so choosing thick wooden puzzle materials may be the best option. This will ensure durability as well, as they will be easier for toddlers and kids to handle. 

So, what are your plans? What type of personalized puzzle would you like to give away as a perfect gift to a loved one?  Whoever is going to receive this fantastic present will love its uniqueness. Most importantly, they are going to love the thought and efforts you have put in to create this lovely one-of-a-kind present for them. 

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