Jigsaw Puzzle Parts: Tab and Blank

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to pass the time and relax. They can be challenging and rewarding, and there's nothing quite like the feeling of completing a puzzle. But have you ever stopped to think about the different jigsaw puzzle piece parts?

A puzzle piece consists of two parts: the tab and the blank. The parts have many names, but these are the most common. These parts are essential for keeping all the pieces in place. They provide a structure for the puzzle and ensure that everything fits together snugly.

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The Tab

At the heart of every puzzle lies the tab – the little piece that sticks out and provides a track for other pieces to slide into place along. The tab is called the knob, key, loop, male, or outies in other circles.

Whether round or square, small or large, tabs play an important role in ensuring our puzzles come together seamlessly. They allow us to connect one piece to another; without them, each puzzle piece would be incomplete. So if you ever find yourself struggling with a tricky puzzle, remember: it's not just about the big picture. Instead, look down at your jigsaw pieces and give thanks for those tiny but crucial tabs that keep everything in place.

The Blank

The blank is the unsung hero of the jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes it's also called hole, lock, socket, female, or innies

While its tabbed counterpart may get all the attention, it is the blank that drives the puzzle-solving process. After all, the blank provides a flat surface for those all-important tabs to connect to. Without this crucial connection point, the puzzle would never come together! 

So next time you pick up a jigsaw puzzle, take a moment to appreciate those humble blanks – they might seem unassuming on the surface, but they are vital to completing the puzzle. Thanks to them, we can fill in every detail little by little and gradually bring order and cohesiveness to our beautiful creations. What a truly vital part of the process!

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