How to Solve Metal Loop Puzzle

If you love challenges and are always on the lookout for a tricky puzzle to solve, try a metal loop puzzle. Not only do they look interesting, but they keep the player focused and captivated until they solve the puzzle. 

Start solving a metal loop puzzle by grabbing the ends of both Ps and aligning them. After that, bring both Ps on each other to create "w." Later, you need to bring the edge of one P to another to create a heart shape and pull one loop from the other to solve the puzzle. 

Metal loop puzzles are not only easy to solve, but they're less likely to sustain damage if you keep them in a safe place. The construction comprises thick and strong wire, making them durable and long-lasting. Apart from these facts, these metal puzzles are also quite eye-catching for the viewers.

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What are Metal Puzzles called?

Metal puzzles are called disentanglement puzzles. Some people also call them tavern, tanglement, entanglement, or topological puzzle. Predominantly, they are a form of mechanical puzzle that requires the user to deal with the tangled single or multiple pieces. Generally, you have to detangle pieces in a way that frees them from other pieces.  

You should also know that metal puzzles have subtypes, such as ring and string puzzles, nail puzzles, wire puzzles, and metal loop puzzles. Although all of these puzzles require detangling, you need to use different tricks and tips to detangle each puzzle. Some of them are pretty easy to solve and take a few hours, while others may take an entire day to complete. Regardless, all of them need time, effort, and tricks to detangle. So, if you are ready to face a challenge and want a captivating activity, this option is ideal for you. 

How to Solve a Metal Loop Puzzle?

You may know them as P-Shaped puzzles. This metal loop puzzle involves two P-shaped loops tangled with each other. It is important to note that this type of P-shaped puzzle is the easiest and simplest to solve.  So, if you're looking to venture into the world of metal puzzle challenges, it's best to start with the P-shaped puzzle. 

Here are the steps to follow to solve the puzzle will less effort and time. 

Grab the End of Ps

You need to hold the end of both Ps with both of your hands. Make sure not to move your hands, and keep them in a single position to avoid twisting the rings before you even begin your work. 

Now, align both Ps horizontally – both P ends will face the opposite sides.  You need to do this carefully without stretching or damaging the shape of the metal puzzle. Note that at this point, the two Ps will make "W" shape from the center.  If not, then you must have done something wrong. In that case, bring the ends of the Ps back to their actual position and follow the step again. 

Start Working on Left P

Once you successfully complete the above-mentioned step, start turning your left P loop down gradually. After that, slowly loop the right P-loop around the left P-ring's upper side. You will notice that both P-loops are stacked on top of each other.  

On top of that, in this step, both Ps will mirror each other at the point of the loop shape. Most importantly, your metal rings should give you a heart-like shape to this point. 

Pull the Right Ring

Now, it's time to detangle the puzzle with a quick step. You need to pull your right metal ring from the top and pass it through the left P-loop. When you string the right side loop through the left ring, you will notice that it easily slides off when you reach the bottom of the P-end. 

Of course, when you untangle both Ps, you have solved the puzzle.  Depending on your preferences, you can keep it in this way. Just make sure to choose a secure place to store them, as they are small and tricky to find in a stack of things. 

Reset Your Puzzle

If you are planning to use the puzzle again or pass it on to your family or friends so that they can entertain themselves, you need to reset the puzzle.  The best part is that tangling the loops again is much easier than detangling them. All you need to do is have both pieces in their accurate shape to perform this step. 

You need to start by sliding the right P loop through the left P metal ring loop to reassemble your challenging puzzle. Insert your right ring to the other ring by sliding it from the edge of the loop. Now, pull your right loop all the way to the second ring. Once you are done with it, you need to turn the left ring up to fix both pieces together, which eliminates the chance of falling. 

Things to Note

Since these puzzles have a metallic composition, they can suffer from damage if you put heavy items on them. This is why, whether you store them as assembled or detangled pieces, keep them in a secure place. Look for a drawer or cupboard where there is no risk of things falling on your metal puzzle. 

On the other hand, depending on the loop you have purchased, and the conditions it has to go through, exposure to moisture can lead to corrosion. So, you also need to be careful while playing with it if you want your puzzles to last longer. 

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