How to Sell a Board Game

Board games are popular among all age groups. However, every person have different choices for their board games. However, when a new game comes to the market, every individual usually tries to give it a shot.

If you want to sell a board game, you can devise a strategy to attract people. You need to choose the right platform to sell your products, such as social media, personal website, Amazon, and local stores. Moreover, you also need to make your game look interesting, exciting, and entertaining. It should have good graphics, an exceptional theme, and an ideal playing mechanism.

If you thoughtfully devised a board game, you can make incredible profits through it. Make sure that the game has all the necessary components to captivate the attention of your target audience.

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How to Sell a Board Game?

Like all other types of products, you have several options to sell your board game. Here are some of the best ways to sell any type of board game. 

Make Your Website

Having a website designated to a particular game can make it look credible and valuable. You can use SEO techniques to spread out your website and attract an organic audience. The stronger SEO you will have, the more you will have to sell your game.

Besides that, you can also advertise your website on different platforms to gather an audience. This way, you can reach a larger and more specific audience. 

Go For social media

Well, social media platforms have become great places to sell anything around the globe. There are certainly no boundaries, and you can attract a massive audience of any age, location, gender, and interest. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are the most popular ones for this purpose.

You need to create a store profile on any of these digital spaces. Add pictures, your website link, product details, and as much information as you can to grab the users' attention. Each social media site also allows you to advertise your store. You can opt for this option so that a massive audience can know about your board game. Hence, you will start to earn significant profits in the course of a few months. 

Opt for Amazon

If your board game is a unique production, Amazon is an ideal option to sell it. Amazon is the leading e-commerce online store that allows companies to sell their unique product through this site. You need to make your store profile and add your board game to your product list. But before that, it’s important to read Amazon's terms and conditions guidelines. 

Amazon abides the sellers to sell used toys or sell products of someone else by labeling it yours. So, make sure that you are not crossing the rules. Once you create a profile and get approved, you need to leave the remaining work to Amazon. The site will use different methods to show your board game to the target audience to improve the chances of selling more products. 

Consider Local Stores

It’s true that online stores are great, but if you are not tech-savvy, it might get tricky for you. People who have a healthy stock of board games can ask local stores in their neighborhood for your game. You need to create an excellent pitch to ensure the store management that your product is worth distributing to their valuable customers. Using local stores allows you to present your game in front of potential players with less effort.

However, you need to give a particular percentage from your sales to the store. The amount can vary depending on the demand of the store and your product value. Of course, you can negotiate an amount and come to a percentage that can satisfy both you and the store owner. 

Additionally, you can place your game on more than one store to boost your sales and increase demand. Later, when your game gets popular, you can use the other mentioned methods to sell it. 

Tips to Sale Your Board Game

To sell a board game, it should look catchy, charismatic, and interesting. Its design, theme, and playing method should be unique and exciting that forcing people of all ages to play it. Here are some tips that you can use to sell your board game. 

Give Your Game a Theme

While it's not compulsory, it can grab the attention of a larger audience. When you devise a board game, find a theme that matches your game. For instance, depending on your gameplay, you can opt for cowboys, pirates, jungle, or witches. 

You also need to make sure that your mechanics, components, and rules of the game go perfectly well with the theme of the game. Stores also only accept games that look exciting and appealing.

Add Eye-Catching Illustration and Design

Things that are eye-pleasing have more chances of attaining attention. In other words, if your game has a million-dollar playing method, but it looks ugly, fewer people will feel the urge to purchase it. This doesn't mean that you have to fill in colors and pictures on the game. You just need to add a good illustration and design that motivates people to play your board game.

For this purpose, take help if an illustrator can advise you or place the right characters in appropriate spots. They can also help you design perfect layout without incorporating images into your game. 

Decide the Price

Of course, you are thinking of getting rich after selling your board game. There is no shame to feel like this, but keeping a high price from the start can be detrimental to your long term success. So, try to limit the profit margin until your board game becomes popular.

Calculate the price by considering manufacturing, distributing advertising, and other costs, and keep a specific percentage of the profit on it.

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