How to Play Cluedo Board Game?

If you love to indulge in a classic detective board game, Cluedo is a perfect candidate. This game is a true-crime thriller that will turn you in Sherlock Holmes and work your way to finding the truth.

Cluedo is also known by another commonly used name, “Clue.” The game first appeared on the scene back in 1943 and has been a family favorite ever since. The object of Cluedo is for you to solve a murder mystery. Find out the murderer, the weapon used and the room where the crime took place. Make suggestions about the murder suspect, location, and weapon by eliminating all possibilities. This board game works with the ‘roll a dice’ mechanism to up the uncertainty element.

A game of Cluedo is full of entertainment and thrill as you will feel like being a part of a murder movie. Roll the dice and move your token as per the numbers on the dice. Try to gather as many facts as you move from one room to another. You can make suggestions as you enter the room once you are sure that you have enough clues to pinpoint the main culprit. Simply let the people know that you know what is inside the envelope. Guessing it right will win you the game.

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Playing Cluedo

Here are simple steps that you can follow if you wish to learn how to play the Cluedo board game.

Rolling the Dice or Use the Passage

First thing, you will have to roll the dice, or you can go through a secret passage in order to move your token that represents your character. Your first move enters you into a room, and every turn will take you to a new room. Roll a dice and move your token to the exact number of spaces.

Remember, you can move up, down, or sideways, but there are no diagonal moves in the game of Clue. Miss Scarlet is always the first to go in Clue, so the player using her game token will be the first to roll the dice. The flow of the players’ turns moves in a clockwise direction meaning the player on your left will be the next to roll the dice.

Waiting for the Path to Clear

In case if a player blocks you from entering the room, you will wait until the path is clear. Cluedo prohibits two players from occupying a single space at the same time. Therefore, you may not get the passage to the room every now and then. This happens when another player’s token is on the space right outside the door of the room you wish to enter.

Similarly, if you find yourself blocked within a room, you will have to wait for the next turn. Hopefully, the path clears by the time you roll the dice again.

Making a Suggestion

Remember your objective is to use deduction to find out which room, weapon, and suspect cards are within the envelope. For this purpose, you will have to master the process of elimination and get closer to your answer with every room you pass through.

So every time you enter into a room, you must try to make a suggestion to all fellow players about what you think maybe within the envelope.

For instance, you might make a suggestion that it was Colonel Mustard who committed the murder in the study using a lead pipe. Now all players in the game will search through their cards and look for these suspect, weapon, and room. The player on your left will be first to show these cards to you if they have them in hand.

The same will be the case with all fellow players, as they will make suggestions based on their cards and observation on each turn they take. And you will be the one to reveal the card if you have one that is a part of their suggested plot.

You will then work on the process of elimination and check off all the cards you have seen in other players’ hands so far. The cards that did not show up in any of the player’s hands will be the answer to which room, what weapon, and who the murderer is.

However, you must remember that you have to be in the room to make a suggestion about that particular room. Additionally, you will also have to move the weapon and suspect you suggest committed the crime.

However, you are free to pick up the weapon as well as the suspect from their current location on the board and put them in the room that you are suggesting. The best part is that there are no limits on how many weapons and/or suspects you can place in a single room at a time.

This can also help you use the method of deduction and elimination to guess the correct answer in the play Cluedo board game.

Making Accusation

So, you are quite certain that you know exactly what is inside the envelope. These are the name of the character who committed the crime, the weapon used, and the room where the crime took place. However, you must only make an accusation if you are really sure that you have eliminated all possibilities and feel confident about your findings.

Now you must tell everyone who you believe committed the murder, the weapon they used for committing the heinous crime, and which room is the crime scene. If your accusations are correct, i.e., all three answers (no exception), only then will you be the winner of the game.

You must always remember that you can only get one shot at making an accusation throughout the game. If the accusation you made is incorrect, you will be out of the race, or you can say you lost the game.

You will then have to return the cards with the correct answer back into their envelope. However, you will still be a part of the game and continue to show your cards by revealing them at every suggestion made by other players. This will continue until one of you will guess the correct answer and be the winner of Cluedo. 

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