How to Play Clue Board Game

If climax and mystery excite you, then the board game Clue is the best option for you. This game has something new to offer at each step. As time passes, the game becomes more interesting and captivating.

Playing Clue board game is easy- all you need to do is be a bit clever for it. Each player will have a character and a few cards. The players will also have to take turns and try to get into 1 of the 9 rooms. If they get succeedssful, they can suggest what cards are present in the case file envelope. If they are right, they will win the game. If not, the game will continue. Each player also can make one accusation; if it is wrong, the player will be get out of the game.

Clue board game is all about your ability to understand the hints on each step. You need to stay focused and understand the movement of all players to win the game.

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How to Play Clue Board Game?

If you want to play the Clue board game, here are the steps that you need to follow to play it. Keep in mind that the basics will remain the same every time you play this game.

Components of Clue Board Game

This classic board game contains nine different rooms, which are:

  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Conservatory
  • Study
  • Library
  • Hall
  • Ballroom
  • Lounge
  • Billiard room

You need to go from one room to another so that you can reach the doorway. Additionally, secret rooms also allow you to quickly finish the game and reach your destination, as they transfer you can move fast from one room to another.

Steps to Play Clue Board

Set Up Your Board

To start playing this game, you first need to place this game board in between all the players. This way, each player can see the complete mansion and all rooms. 

Start Choosing Players

Every player playing with you represents a character in the game that is present on the closest start tile of that person. Similarly, you will also have a character on the Clue board that is in front of you. Now, you need to take your the pawn and place it at that is associated with your chosen character. Put this pawn in the starting tile of your character.

Spread Out Weapons

You have total 6 weapons that you need to place in 6 of the 9 rooms randomly. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that any room should not have more than one weapon, and choose whatever room you want. 

Make Card Piles

At this step, you need to collect all the cards and divide them into three piles, like rooms, characters, and weapons. You need to shuffle these piles a couple of times. , and aAffter shuffling all of the stacks the cards that, each player will take one card from each stack of cards. Here comes the interesting part- place these 3 unknown cards in the Case File envelope.

Distribute Cards

Once you make the your case file is made, you need to mix all three cards stacks and shuffle them. Distribute these cards one by one to each player by keeping their face down. Make sure to move clockwise around the table to distribute cards properly. Do this until all the cards get finished. 

Consider the Order

Before playing the game, you need to set the order. Since Miss Scarlet always has the first turn, you need to start the game from that character. By keeping this in mind, you need to take turns in the clockwise direction. 

Start Rolling Dice

You will have two dice, - each with six sides, which shows the square pieces on the Clue board game that a player can move. Also, when you roll a dice, your pawn will start moving from its initial position,. The initial position can be whether it's in your starting tile or a player has moved it to other tilesor another if some other player has moved you. 

Make Your Way to Rooms

While playing this game, the goal of your movement is to reach any of the 9 rooms on the board. If you reach any room of the mansion, you will get the chance to make a suggestion. However, if you don’t get a bigger number from the dice and you can’t move to the room, your turn will end immediately after your move. 

Give a Suggestion

As we have discussed, if you enter a room, you can suggest that a a murder that has happened in the room. This way, you can collect clues to win the game in the end. You also need to move a weapon and another character in the room from any other place. 

After that, you can say you think that a person "X" in this room with the "X" weapon has committed a murder. 

Discredit Suggestion

The other players in the game have to discredit the suggestion. So, if any player has the cards you have suggested, they will show you that card privately. to help you know that it's not present in the case file. 

This way, as the game continues, cards will be eliminated that will help you know who is the actual culprit. Do remember that this step of fi the game is the most important thing in the entire game. 

Go for An Accusation

Every player can make one accusation when their turn comes. It is important to note that you can do this similar to the suggestion, but this time it is serious, as you will be putting the game on the line. 

The worst part is that if you are wrong, you will be out. But, of course, if you are right, you will win the game. You also need to know that when you make an accusation, you can check the case file to determine the results. If you lose, you need to keep the envelop back and leave the game.

Repeat the Procedure

This game is totally unexpected; you can experience both eventful and dull times on each move. Moreover, when a person makes a move, they need to pass the dice clockwise to allow the other person to make a move. 

Takes Credit- Winning

If you are get successful in making an accusation, you can take all the credit and , as you will win the game. The game will end at this point. Make sure to make an accusation when you get clear hints of the cards so that you don’t have to leave the game. 

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