How to Mount a Puzzle

Completing a puzzle is not only interesting but also helps you improve your mental health. They help you reinforce the existing connections between your brain cells. Besides that, playing with the jigsaw puzzle brings so much joy and entertainment to your life.

When you put too much effort to put every piece of the puzzle together, it is hard to disassemble it to store it or give it to others. For this reason, it's best to preserve your puzzles so that you can mount them on a wall. You can mount a puzzle by applying glue to it, sticking it to cardboard, and attaching double-sided tape to it. 

Preparing your puzzle in order to mount it is totally worth it. By mounting it on a noticeable wall, you will always feel content and happy about the effort you have put into this game. Not to mention, it will also remind you when you struggled to put the right piece on your puzzle. Besides that, displaying a puzzle is also the best idea to showcase your efforts to your family and friends. So, if you don’t want to throw your favorite puzzle in storeroom, mounting it is the best option you have.

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How to Mount A Puzzle

If you want to mount a puzzle, here are some steps that you need to follow. But before that, collect the tools and materials to use. 


  • Puzzle glue
  • Foam boards
  • Finished jigsaw puzzle
  • Spray adhesive
  • Spread


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Poster hanging strips
  • Protective covering for the work surface

Step#1: Glue your Finished Jigsaw

The first thing you need to do is mount a puzzle: place your finished puzzle in any safe place that does not get damaged from glue spills. After that, you need to apply a thin layer of glue to the front of the puzzle. Take a spread to distribute the glue on the entire surface of the jigsaw puzzle. 

Make sure that there is a thin layer of glue on your puzzle. The puzzle glue also needs to cover the edges, but try to be as cautious as possible to avoid getting glue on the work surface. 

Note: if you don’t have a spreader, you can also use a plastic gift card. 

Let the puzzle dry in the air, and allow the glue to settle. It’s best to follow the direction on the glue bottle to decide the time period for drying. Generally, keeping your puzzle in an open environment is the best option. 

Step#2: Make Another Layer of Glue

If your puzzle is bigger in size, it's best to create another layer of glue. This will keep your puzzle pieces together and firm for a long time. So, pour some glue on your puzzle, and spread it evenly with a spreader. Again, try to apply your glue all the way to the edges to make them strong.

The best way to go about it is to pour glue in small amounts and put more if you need it. This way, you will not apply excessive glue to your puzzle. Remember, some puzzles may start losing their color if they come in contact with a great amount of glue.

After making another layer, you can keep your puzzle for a couple of hours to let it dry. If you want to complete the process on the same day, check the wetness of the puzzle before getting to the next step. 

Step#2: Cut Foam Board

Once your glue gets dry, you need to carefully transfer your favorite puzzle on the top of a foam board. If you have kept a board under the puzzle, the best way to transfer the jigsaw puzzle is by lifting the board under the puzzle and letting it slide to the foam board. 

Now, you need to cut your foam board in order to get it in the same size as your puzzle. However, if your foam board is smaller than your puzzle, you need to use no foam boards. 

In this case, stick two boards together before transferring your puzzle. Additionally, you need to cut the sides of the board if it’s bigger than your puzzle. In other words, make the size of your foam board equal to the size of your puzzle.

Step#3: Stick Your Puzzle

Keep another foam board on the backside of your puzzle- this board should have a full size. You need to do this to flip the jigsaw puzzle so that the backside of the puzzle faces up. While doing this, press all three layers together so that you flip without sliding out your puzzle. 

Once the backside is facing upward, bring the spray adhesive. Keep in mind that you need to be a lot quicker in this step, as the spray will get dry even before you complete your procedure. Take off the cardboard, and spray the entire backside of your puzzle with a spray adhesive. 

Immediately, grab the foam board piece you have cut to secure the puzzle, and place it on the backside of your jigsaw puzzle. 

Make sure that your cardboard and puzzle stick together from edge to edge. When you perfectly fix the board, you need to press down the foam board and place some heavy books on it afterwards. Allow the glue to get dry, and keep it in the air for a few hours. 

Step#4: Attach Mounting Strips or Double Sided Tapes

Both double-sided tapes and mounting strips are the best options for you. But make sure to purchase high-quality ones, as low-quality strips and tapes lose their stickiness. If you are using mounting strips and have a bigger puzzle, it’s better to place the strips on all four sides or at least two sides of the puzzle. 

On the other hand, in the case of mounting strips, you can use one on four sides to fix the puzzle perfectly on the wall. Lastly, if you think your wall is moving, you can add more strips to reduce the risk of falling. 

Step#5: Enjoy a Beautiful Puzzle on your Wall

After sticking the recommended items on the back of your puzzle, mount the jigsaw puzzle on your desired wall. You have mounted your puzzle and saved your memories. 

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