How To Make Money by Solving Puzzles

When was the last time you played a puzzle game online for a break, or to take your mind off something? If the answer was in the last hour, or multiple times over the last 24 hours, you might be interested in how to make money by solving puzzles. 

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Can You Make Money Solving Online Puzzles? 

The simple answer here is yes, but you can't expect to see the dollars flowing into your account from just 10 minutes of crossword puzzles each day. Some websites and apps have a reward system in place for spending a certain amount of time on games or for meeting goals. Others are a little more luck-based. In many cases, this will equate to actual legal tender you can transfer into your bank account. However, this can take a long time and requires some planning and dedication. 

If you think you have the patience and determination to use online puzzles for financial gain, here are some things you need to know. 

The Rise of Apps and Websites for Spare Cash. 

Nothing is getting any cheaper in the world, to put things bluntly. Many of us will work full-time jobs of various forms and still struggle to find spare cash for the things we love. Disposable income is a rarity. As a result, we have seen a rise in websites and apps that let people make money on the side. 

The idea is that you take control of your earnings and top up your income in your own time. You could even do so on a scheduled break at your main job. Two types of websites have risen to the top of the pile, with numerous examples vying for subscribers. One is the paid survey site and the other is the gaming site. 

Monetizing A Love of Puzzles. 

Unsurprisingly, many younger workers in low-paid roles and students favor the puzzle sites as they are earning without putting any extra "work" in; but this is only a viable option for anyone willing to put in the time and effort. There are two tactics to watch out for here to make sure you enter into something you have some control over. 

The best option is a reward-based scheme that gives money per play. You can think of it a bit like having a set rate for your time at work. The alternative is the gaming site with randomized prizes. The appeal here is that there is the potential for a bigger payout. You could theoretically make a lot on one game. However, this borders on gambling, is high-risk, and potentially addictive with little reward. 

Is it Actually Real Money in Helpful Sums? 

This is an understandable question when looking into this sort of venture for the first time. Many sites offer very little in cents per play, with the expectation that users will return to the game time and time again. This is fine for some people, who know they have lots of time to dedicate to a game and are happy to watch the money trickle in. 

It's not so great if you need $10 by the end of the week, however, and this is where the approach can get frustrating. With that said, those sites are paying real cash and will have a target before they will pay out. This will often be a direct transaction to PayPal or a similar payment scheme. 

The alternative form of payment for online puzzles is vouchers. Amazon vouchers are a good go-to for companies because they are easily redeemable and accepted across different markets and demographics. The downside here is that it isn't really a second income in the same way as seeing real money that you can save or spend in any way you see fit. 

What Types of Puzzles Give Cash Payouts?

The prospect of making a little money solving puzzles is intriguing to anyone that plays in their spare time and most sites know how to target key demographics. When you watch ads for sites and apps, a lot of the games are your standard mobile apps with repetitive puzzles and match-3 mechanics. Word-based games are popular too, such as rearranging letters or solving crosswords. The latter is great as it appeals to the older crowds that may be looking for a little extra cash in retirement. 

Can You Make Money Online Solving Jigsaw Puzzles? 

These types of games are fine if you are into that sort of thing, but they aren't the go-to relaxation puzzle for everyone. Many of us will turn to a fun digital jigsaw to give the right brain a challenge and distract ourselves from difficult tasks and deadlines. 

Right now, these options are limited but don't be surprised to see sites opening up opportunities for monetized rewards for jigsaws. This could be for speed solving or extra perks on higher difficulties. After all, there are plenty of jigsaw-based apps that reward with in-game currency, so real money seems like a logical progression. Until then, if you are an avid jigsaw puzzle solver and creatively minded, you could always use an online jigsaw marketplace to upload designs and make money on the products created and sold. 

Can You Turn Online Puzzle Solving into a Full-Time Occupation? 

No. There aren't enough hours in the day to make enough money from these sites to replace your current wage. You also run the risk of going insane from the repetitious displays and sounds from the mobile games. 

Some people make incredible sums of money as professional gamers, but not like this. That involves being skilled enough at console gaming and having the sponsorship in place to attend, and win gaming events. You could also stream games on Twitch, but that is a whole other business model and set-up. 

Instead, you need to see online puzzle sites as a little side hustle with no expectations on how much you will make. Dip into it on your breaks from work, on a commute, or the toilet for all the developers care. Small efforts in figuring out how to make money by solving puzzles can make the cents add up to dollars over time. 

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