How to Make a Puzzle with Cricut

Puzzle is one of the best games to date. It offers you challenges, a fun time, and much more. Making a puzzle of your own can increase the fun and entertainment in the game. The best part is that you can decide the size of the puzzle and the number of pieces based on your preference. 

When it comes to making a puzzle with cricut, first, of course, you will need your own cricut machine. You need to start by cutting the puzzle base and then cutting the puzzle pieces. Once done with it, stick the pieces together and stick the border to the base of the puzzle. Your puzzle is ready, so you can enjoy your time with friends and family. 

The best part of cricut is that you can make different types of puzzles with amazing designs. You can also make a puzzle of your family picture or something that you love. Or you can simply design a picture or scenery to get it printed on the puzzle. Hence, you can experiment with the cricut and choose the right setting for your type of puzzle.

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How to Make a Puzzle with Cricut

Making a puzzle with cricut is not only a fun hobby but also makes for a great gift too. In a short time and with the right equipment, you can make a beautiful and interesting jigsaw puzzle. Let’s take a look at what you need to do. 

Things You will Need

  • Knife blade
  • Cricut maker
  • Cardstock
  • ATG Gun
  • Light grip mat 
  • String grip mat
  • Cricut heavy-duty chipboard
  • Masking tape

Steps to Follow to Make Your Puzzle

Secure Cardboard

Begin by placing the chipboard on the mat, and then secure it with tape. When you are using heavy materials like heavy-duty chipboard, it’s important to fix them so that they don’t shift while you are cutting them. 

Build Puzzle Base

You need to replace your fine point blade with a knife blade. Besides that, you also need to take all the white stars to the right side. This way, there will be less risk of developing marks on your cardboard. 

Now, cut a square mat to make a fine base for your chipboard. Remove the base from your machine- you will notice how easily you can remove the blade. 

Cut Puzzle

It’s time to cut your puzzle with cricut. You need to use a knife blade and cricut heavy-duty chipboard for this purpose. You also need to know that it will take only 30 to 45 minutes to cut 20 pieces. Although the cricut might be taking longer, they are the easiest method to DIY Puzzle. 

For this step, make sure that you have connected the USB. And, change the settings of your computer so that it doesn’t get on sleep during the cutting. 

Work on Cardstock

At this point, you need to install the fine point blade in clamp B. Start cutting the cardstock- whichever you like, with the help of a Light Grip Mat. After that, you need to glue all the puzzle designs with the pieces. Make sure you are using quality glue. 

Additionally, glue the border of the puzzle’s base to create a boundary for the puzzle. 

Assemble your Puzzle

Your puzzle is ready to assemble and to give to someone close to you. 

Tricks and Tips to Use Cricut 

Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your cricut. 

Set Up Your Work Station

If you want great results, you need to choose a clean and appropriate workstation. You can place your cricut on a flat surface before using it. Plus, choose enough areas to work on so that you can place your project material separately. 

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to organize your materials and supplies before beginning your task. This way, you will not feel irritated and overwhelmed while doing your work. 

Read Instructions of Cricut

Even if you are using YouTube tutorials to make your puzzle, you need to check the instructions of cricut before using it. This will give a clear idea of how each part of the machine works. You will also feel at ease while following the instruction of your project when you know the name of each part of your cricut. 

Load Mat Correctly

Many people make this mistake that they don’t give attention while loading the mat. Note that your mat needs to slip below the rollers to make the puzzle with cricut. In most cases, the machine doesn't work until the mat is in the wrong position. 

Set Right Settings

Each material, such as chipboard, needs different cricut settings. So, whenever you decide to choose a different material to make your puzzle, you also need to change the settings. For precautions, always check the setting before starting your project.

Always Use Tape 

Whenever you run chipboard to the cricut, you need to use the tape to secure it in a place. If not, your board will move abruptly when it comes in contact with the cutter. As a result, you will get uneven cuttings.

Clean your Cricut

Like any other machine, cleaning your cricut is important after every use. This boosts the machine's life expectancy and helps you save money on repairs. You need a scrapper to lean the purple, green, and blue grip mats of the device. For these parts, you can also use a spatula to remove board pieces on them. 

Besides that, you can use soapy water, non-alcoholic baby wipes, or a lint roller to clean your mat. However, for the pink mat, it is best to use transfer tape or a lint roller to clean the puzzle pieces on it. Another thing you need to do is to store your mat in the filer covers safely. These covers come with your mats, so you only have to keep your mat in this cover

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