How to Make a Puzzle Box

Do you love to complete puzzles? If so, you need to have your own puzzle box that makes storing items exciting and captivating. The puzzle box allows you to secure your little things by making it hard for others to open it.

But how can you make your own puzzle box? Well, you need some planks, nails, sand, and some guidance to make a DIY puzzle box. Like puzzles themselves, assembling pieces of these boxes can be challenging for you. This is why it’s important to follow this guide to ensure the best results at the end of the day.

The job of making a puzzle box is interesting and exciting. You fix every piece together one by one in a way that it will look like a puzzle. Note that some puzzle boxes are even more interesting than jigsaw puzzles. This is because they are distinctive and appealing and offer you a place to store- more than just a puzzle.  Read more to get an idea about how you can make your puzzle box without any help.

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How to Make a Puzzle Box

Here are the steps to follow to make a beautiful and interesting puzzle box.

Build the Box and Bottom

Cut the bottom and top for the block, which will be 3 of 1/2” X 9 ¾”. Now, add two groves to every piece of your plank, and keep them 1/8” deep. You also need to cut the corner block on each side of the plank. While cutting, keep in mind that the cuts should line up with the beginning of the groove and reach 1” deep into the board. Keep these blocks aside, as you can use them later. Make a reference note on the blocks with a pencil to identify the right block for each piece.

Cut Box Back and Sides

You need to cut the box sides using these measurements: 1 2/2” X 6 1/8” and 1 ½” X 9 ¾”. For the puzzle box back, use 1 ½” X 2 ½”.

Assembles the Box

It’s time to assemble the box. You have to take care of the sides, bottom, top, and back with nails or glue. If you are planning to use nails, keep in mind that they should not be more than ½”.  Bigger nails can come out of the plank from the other side.

Cut Drawer

You need to cut the drawer bottom- the measurements will be 2 ½” X 5 1/8”, drawer back 1 ½” X 2 ½”, drawer sides 1” X 5 1/8”. Also, avoid drilling holes at this point.

Assemble the Drawer

Use glue or nails to assemble the sides, front, and back. Use the reference points on the blocks to put the right pieces together. You might also have to place thin shims under the blocks to align the bottom and topsides.

Cut the Side Drawer

Use 2” X 3 1/8” measurements for the bottom, 2” X1” for the drawer front, and 3 1/8” X 1 ½” for the drawer back. Do remember that two of the eight short trim pieces of ½” X 1” will be for drawer’s side assembly.

Assemble Sides

Assemble all the side parts of the drawer, but not the trim pieces. First, use a pencil to make alignment lines around the perimeter of your puzzle box. You need to do this to create four trim rings. 

After that, you need to introduce eight long trim pieces to the bottom and top of the box. Once you are done with it, you need to start adding five trim pieces to the sides.

Moreover, you need to install 2 short trim pieces to the sides of the drawer. Tightly fit this part, as the drawer can come out if you don’t. Add the dowel trim to the box, but avoid adding glue to it.

Assembly Pin

At this point, you need to place the main drawer inside your box. While doing this task, ensure that the drawer’s front is flush with the front part of the puzzle box. By maintaining alignment in the side trim, drill an extremely small hole through the box, trim, and drawer.

Now, keep the trim aside, and drill a ¼” diameter hole through the assembled pieces of the box. Moreover, drill a ¼” deep and ¼” diameter hole in the trim by using the current hole as a guide.

You need to glue the pin into the trim. To make the hole less visible, cover the small hole with sawdust or wood filler. Use sand to smoothen the edges of the trim.


Now that your puzzle box is ready, it’s time to decorate it. Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can add funky or elegant elements to your box. You can paint the box with different colors or add a unique color to each part of the box.

The best part of this puzzle box is that you can do whatever you want. If you are planning to sell or gift it, decorate it according to the recipient's requirements.

Thing to Consider

Puzzle Box Can Be of any Size

You can create a DIY box of any size. However, you need to opt for the right measurements. If you want a bigger box, use these measurements as guidance and experiment with them. After having some issues, you will find the right one.

Follow Steps

It’s important to follow the mentioned steps. This means that you should not cut or make a hole before the step comes. This is because every step has a reason, and if you do it before time, you will not get the results you are looking for.

Opt for Quality Wood

Not every wood is best for making a puzzle box. Some types of wood are prone to pest infestations, while others may get damaged easily. This is why use planks of wood that can last. In other words, you can use your puzzle box for several years.

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