How to Hang a Puzzle without a Frame

As a puzzle enthusiast, it’s often hard to let your efforts go to waste by taking apart your puzzle after spending hours, or even days, completing it. Not to mention, it’s even more heart-wrenching if you have to give it away to someone so that it gets used.

The best way to secure your efforts and get the most out of your puzzle is by making it a souvenir. You can hang your puzzle without a frame to feel proud for putting every piece of a complex puzzle together. But how can you hang a puzzle? You can do this by using a foam board and two-sided tape, duct tape, and craft wire and cardboard. These methods allow you safely and strongly join the pieces together without any risk.

No doubt, completing a puzzle is challenging, inspiring, and exciting. Putting every piece right can give you more joy and contentment than you can imagine. Getting it up on your wall will remind you of the effort, time, and love you have given to the puzzle to accomplish the results. It will also help you inspire others to give some time and enjoy each moment while completing puzzles.

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Tips to Hang a Puzzle without a Frame

Here are some fantastic and simple easy to hang your puzzle without getting them framed.

Use Foam Board

Once you have completed a puzzle, you can mount it with the help of a foam board. Firstly, you need to place your puzzle on a surface that doesn’t get damaged with little glue sprinkles. Now, you have to pour a small amount of puzzle glue on your puzzle. Make sure to keep the glue away from the borders so that it does not fall from the edges.

Use a spreader to evenly spread the puzzle glue, making a thin layer of transparent glue on it. Also, keep in mind that your glue needs to cover the entire puzzle from edge to edge. So, cover the edges without dripping glue on the surface. Allow the glue to set, and leave your puzzle for the recommended time mentioned on the glue bottle.

To strongly fix puzzle pieces together, you need to glue the backside of the puzzle. Therefore, when it gets dry, flip your puzzle, and repeat the gluing procedure cautiously. Again, keep it in the air for some time based on the recommended time to get it dry.

Bring the foam board to what color you love, and place your favorite puzzle on it. Keep the design side up while you are placing the puzzle. Cut the board at whatever size you want, keeping your puzzle borders as a guide.

Take craft glue and sprinkle a considerable amount on the backside of your puzzle. Gently place the glued side of your puzzle over the board, and press down to stick it. Let it dry for a day, and later use a two-sided tape to hang your puzzle on a noticeable wall in your room.

Give Duct Tape a Try

When you are thinking about hanging a puzzle without a frame, this is another easy and straightforward option. In this case, start by carefully slipping the wax sheets under your puzzle. You can also place cardboard or anything under the wax sheets to ensure nothing gets damaged from your sticky materials.

Moreover, you need to distribute the puzzle glue evenly on the design side of your puzzle, like the way we have mentioned above.

After letting it dry, flip the puzzle over your wax sheets. Now, it's time to start taping the back of your puzzle. You need to begin the procedure from the bottom and apply duct tape from one side of the puzzle. Make sure to keep it straight and smooth to avoid wrinkles on your tape. Repeat the procedure to cover the entire back of the puzzle.

For extra reinforcement, it's best to also place a few pieces of duct tape from top to bottom. You can place them after every few inches- no need to cover the entire puzzle with vertical steps. Make sure to press your duct tape on the puzzle to stick all the pieces.

Now, you only have to hang your complex puzzle on the wall. For that, use any picture hanging strips that don’t leave any residue when you remove the puzzle. It’s best to stick these strips in all four sides to affix your puzzle to the wall strongly.

Opt for Craft Wire

Hanging a puzzle without a frame becomes easy when you have a 20-gauge craft wire at hand. To make it clear, this method is best for people who want to hang puzzles on nails. The few steps are pretty similar to the one we have mentioned above.

You need to place your puzzle on a secure surface and start sticking the pieces together with any puzzle glue, and then let it dry. Follow the same procedure to glue the backside of the puzzle.

Once you are done with the mentioned steps and your puzzle is completely dry, you have to prepare your wire hanger with the help of craft wire. Take a cardboard and cut it according to the size of your puzzle.

Create two holes at the two upper sides of your board. Now, run the wire through one hole and then run it to the second hole.  Cut the wire and tie a small knot at both ends of the wire. Pull the wire gently so that the knots fix in your board. When your wire gets adjusted on both sides, it will act as a self-adjusting hanger. 

You can now stick your puzzle on the cardboard by spreading strong glue on the backside of your puzzle. Press your puzzle gently so that it firmly and strongly gets fixed on your board. Allow the glue to get dry, and hang it anywhere you want.

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