Guess Who Board Game Characters

If you fancy a classic 2-player board game, then try Guess Who. It is like solving a riddle to guess the character your opponent has chosen. Know the characters to improve your chances to win. 

Guess Who is a game (as the name suggests) all about guessing which of the characters your opponent has chosen. The first player to guess the correct answer, i.e., guess the hidden character of the other player, wins the game. Each of you will take your game board with 24 characters’ faces on it and place one of your 24 mystery cards in the empty frame. This is the character that your opponent has to guess. You or the opponent can only ask the “yes” or “no” question to get it right.

Not all board games are about strategy and pure critical thinking skills. Some games come with a single and simple purpose, i.e., entertainment and a good laugh. Guess Who falls into that niche of board games as you or the opponents pick a character from the 24 given cards/characters, and the other person has to guess your choice by asking questions. Not knowing where to begin is what makes it challenging yet fun.

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Guess Who Characters: A Quick Overview

Millennials would agree that Guess Who is one of their best childhood memories. Your parents or grandparents most probably bought you this amazing guessing game as a birthday or Christmas present. This board game comes with 24 mystery cards with 24 different faces or characters.

You can choose a card and randomly place it in the empty card slot on your board game, and the opponent has to guess it by asking questions. Although a game has 24 characters, the characters have evolved and even replaced some classic choices in recent years. You are going to learn about the most recent collection of characters in a Guess Who game.

Guess Who is one of the most cherished classic board games of all time. Learning about the 24 characters will help you improve your game and come out as a winner every time.

The 24 Guess Who Characters

There are several characters in a Guess Who board game. However, some of the characters are more recent than the classic ones. The characters in this article are the ones you will find in both the new and classic versions.


One of the most popular and arguably the only Trans character in the board game world, Alex is the beacon of diversity Guess Who has to offer.


A guy who just woke up after a rough night downing pre-prohibition cocktails


A white-haired girl who looks cute and sophisticated out of a Jane Austen’s novel.


She looks like a strict nanny or headmistress, with a pinch of sassiness.


The guy will remind you of a goofy uncle, cousin, or neighbor who has no rival for his level of joy.


Bill will remind you of a court jester visiting a local Renaissance fair.


An all-blonde guy with golden hair, brows, and mustache, and a look as if he has just found a hidden treasure.


Claire will remind you of a Wilma from Scooby-Doo, although Claire is more mature and has a great collection of handmade hats and matching eyeglasses.


David’s picture looks like a version of Abraham Lincoln from a parallel universe. However, he has wise eyes and a very calm look.


Eric looks like a character out of a Charles Dickens’ Novel. A hat with a high-neck coat, a chiseled face, and big brown eyes are prominent in his profile picture.


He is a nice guy who is shy to look anyone in the eyes at any social interaction. Big eyes and red hair parted in the middle are the main highlights of his picture.


George resembles a Caddyshack villain who just thought of a very devious plan or just potted 18 holes at his country golf club. The crooked smile, piercing eyes, and a ship captain’s hat are  quite noticeable.


Herman will remind you of a priest at a monastery.  Partially bald with red hair sides and curious eyes make Herman stand out.


Joe looks like a corporate head of a company who is a workaholic and always has an opinion about everything.


A pretty girl with a slender nose, a smile, and a red French hat, Maria looks like a socialite from Europe.


Short hair, thick mustache, square jaw-line, and slanting eyes is all you will notice about Max


Paul is a sweetest thing ever and a living example of if Holiday Yule log was actually a person.


The blue-eyed white fox as if Shampoo with Warren Beatty took inspiration from this guy.


He can definitely pursue a career in the celebrity lookalike niche and be a young Abe Lincoln.


Richard looks like a learned professor, but he may even be a butler at a millionaire’s mansion. Experience does bring you the wisdom you gain at life’s university.


Those red bubbles on the cheekbones, with blue eyes, broad jaw-line, and a neat hairstyle, makes Robert a typical guy at a British pub.


A middle-class man with a worrisome look on his face. However, Sam does look like Bernie Sanders


Clearly, she is a make-up enthusiast and a social butterfly. Susan is a true “Real Housewives” material.


He will remind you of an intelligent uncle in the family who has always got the right words to say. The kind blue eyes, a sweetly sluggish smile, and raised eyebrows make Tom an approachable guy.

So, these are 24 common characters you will find in every version of the Guess Who board game. Learn about the characters as much as you can. Attention to detail on each picture will definitely get you closer and guess your opponent’s card correctly every time.

However, you must also learn about some of the occasional characters that made a guest appearance in any version of Guess Who. Who knows when you may come across an edition that has a character you do not know about.  The Guess Who game will indeed be a test of memory to know how many names and details you can remember about each character ever to be a part of this entertaining board game. 

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