Find Puzzles Online For Kids: 5 Suggestions

It can be hard to find ways to keep your kids out of your hair, not to mention finding activities that will keep them both entertained and mentally stimulated. Kids seem to have a knack for knowing when you are encouraging them to learn something and their instinct is to reject it. Puzzles are a great way to craftily get the best of both worlds.

While you can always check out your local toy store to find interactive puzzles for the little ones, you simply can not beat the convenience of doing a quick internet scan. Shopping online also gives you the option to compare prices side by side. Read on to learn all about five great online places you can search for the perfect kids' puzzles. 

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Search for Puzzles on Amazon

These days, everyone you know seems to turn to Amazon to find anything from dog food to exercise equipment. This site is like the Google of online retailers! There are an endless amount of ways you can narrow your search on Amazon to make sure you only see the type of product you actually want. It is a highly convenient way to shop online. 

The search function comes in handy when you are searching for any type of toy for a child, and even more so when it comes to puzzles. Puzzles are designed differently for different age groups. Since Amazon has puzzles ranging from baby toys to brain-twisting adult puzzles, you will want the ability to narrow down your search. 

In addition to letting you filter the age group you are buying for, Amazon also lets you limit your search by the number of puzzle pieces you want, what characters you want to appear on the puzzle, and even whether a seller offers free shipping. If you are on a budget and want to limit the cost of items you see, Amazon can help you filter that too. 

Amazon can also help you filter your product search by:

  • Brand name of puzzles
  • Average review of puzzles
  • The style of puzzles
  • Your child's interests

There are plenty of Amazon distribution centers all over the world, which helps you receive your products even faster. If you are an AmazonPrime member, you need only wait two days for your items. You can rest easy shopping online at since they encrypt your information and do not sell any customer or credit card information.

Check Out Puzzles at Target's Online Store 

Shopping with Target online is both practical and painless. Target is well known for having quality products without crazy prices. The benefits only increase with your ability to organize your search by your preferred delivery method. 

When searching for kids' puzzles on Target's website, you can filter items based on whether they are available to ship, available for pick-up, or in stock to buy at your local Target store. You can even get items delivered to you immediately for a fee with Target's same-day delivery. Consumers say that same-day delivery is a total game-changer.

Being able to easily see what puzzles Target has and how quickly you can get them puts the company above its other retail competitors. Target also allows you to filter your search by puzzle theme, type, number of pieces, and age group. You can also see what other people have bought and how they reviewed the items, saving you a lot of time.

The Target app is also very easy to navigate for finding puzzles for kids. This user-friendly app that you can download onto your smartphone also comes with a free membership to Target Circle. Target Circle can get you money back on your purchases and alert you about sales and discounts across all different departments. 

Look for Puzzles at Walmart Online

The only retail store larger than Amazon is Walmart. Although the two retail giants fight for the top spot, Walmart's low prices have won them, countless loyal customers. The same seems to apply to the great deals and simplicity of Walmart online.

Walmart online is just as convenient as Amazon and Target online, with the ability to easily filter brands, prices, and other aspects of your puzzle search. Walmart online shows which store closest to you carries the kids' puzzles you are looking for. Like Target, Walmart also offers free shipping and free pick-up at your local stores.

Walmart's free pick-up option allows you to choose a timeslot and swing by once a Walmart employee has had time to pick all your items for you. Before you arrive, personal shoppers grab your items from all over the store to ensure that you do not have to leave the comfort of your own car when taking care of all your shopping needs.

The nice thing about Walmart online is that you can easily search for a puzzle that will be appropriate and fun for your child and then order it to be picked up or delivered, along with your groceries! Almost all the work is done for you, leaving you plenty of time and energy to hang out and play with your child when you give them their new puzzle.

Explore Etsy for Handmade Puzzles

Etsy is one website that does not get the recognition it deserves. Etsy is an online marketplace where artisanal crafters and artists from all over the world can sell their handmade wares. The cool thing about having so many talented people selling on Etsy is that you can easily find the most distinct and niche products for sale in one place.

When you shop on Etsy, you are choosing to help support small businesses. Many of these products are beautifully homemade, giving an extra special feel to everything you buy off this website. To be more specific, Etsy sells unique puzzle products such as:

  • Handcrafted wooden puzzles
  • Vintage puzzles
  • Personalized puzzles
  • Sensory puzzles 
  • Exclusive puzzles you will not find anywhere else

You can filter your search on Etsy as quickly and easily as you can on any other site. Because these products can be sold and shipped from any part of the world, it may take a little longer to get your puzzle, depending on the seller. To remedy this, you can select your desired arrival time in addition to normal filters like color, price, and item type.

Consider Pinterest When Searching for Puzzles

You may be familiar with Pinterest, but you might not have considered it as a place to find puzzles for kids. While you may not be able to find and then directly purchase every puzzle you see on Pinterest, you can search for and then easily save everything you find to a board for another day. Pinterest is a great place to make lists and get ideas.

This act of saving, or "pinning," the puzzles you like can also help you find very educational or special-needs-related products. Because you are searching for ideas rather than specific items, you can quickly see what other people have used and reviewed. You might even be able to find a better puzzle than you thought possible.

Pinterest searches can even help you find free, downloadable puzzles that you can print on cardstock at home. If a person creates a cool kids puzzle and uploads it online for free, you will not find that anywhere in stores, but you can print it out from Pinterest.

You can then cut these up to give to your kids for them to assemble themselves. This is a fun and frugal way to enjoy time with your kids. Whether you have a specific idea in mind for the kids' puzzle you want, or you are on the hunt for ideas, Pinterest will have you covered.

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