Can you Solve These Puzzles Riddles?

Are you into solving puzzles riddles? In that case, you are in for a treat, as we bring you some of the most challenging brainteasers you can come across. 

All puzzle enthusiasts love solving challenging puzzles riddles. These brainteasers give you a chance to test your current skills and improve them. In order to solve these, you must read the question carefully, learn to question the question, understand it and find a conclusive answer. If you think you have what it takes to decode a puzzle riddle, then you must try solving the puzzles in this post.   

Puzzles Riddles belong to a category of brain games that include teasers, puzzles, riddles, quizzes, and crosswords. These are effective mental exercises to increase your intelligence and expand the mind in terms of how you perceive and think. You can try to solve these logical brain teasers to improve your cognitive functions and sharpen your memory. Moreover, this activity also encourages systematic thinking, reduces boredom, and builds your confidence. 

According to studies, puzzles riddles are good for your brain. Doing a puzzle can actually improve your visual-spatial reasoning and other cognitive skills. The entire exercise of solving a brainteaser puzzle question can help with your concentration span, logical reasoning, and thinking outside the box skills for problem-solving. 

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What are Puzzles Riddles

Puzzles riddles are brainteaser questions that challenge your problem-solving skills. You will often use your lateral thinking skills because you cannot get the answer to these riddles by using conventional approaches. 

Employers often use such brainteasers during the interview process. The idea is to gauge the critical thinking, mathematical skills, and creativity of a potential candidate. Moreover, these puzzles can be stressors that allow employers to see how you perform under pressure. 

Pros of Solving Puzzles Riddles

Solving these brainteasers can offer insight into the thinking process of an individual. The way you approach a puzzle can reveal how you solve a problem, handle stress, analyze given information and articulate the accurate solution.

However, you are going to need an effective and positive thinking strategy. Solving puzzles riddles can help build confidence and strengthen your persistence, flexibility, and open-mindedness. Here are some puzzles riddles to get you going. 

  •  “Where in the world does Friday come before Thursday?”
  • “Which substance has an alphabetical representation as HIJKLMNO?”
  • 3,3,5,4,4,3,5,5,? “What is the next number in this sequence? And why so? 

However, puzzle riddles do not only come as tricky questions, but you can also get a worded puzzle to see patterns and make connections.

Therefore, puzzles can be quite useful for training and educational purposes too. They can inspire a curious and team player attitude amongst the employees and students. 

Another reason to solve puzzles riddles is that they can help accept that everyone is prone to making mistakes and there is always a solution to every problem. You just have to look at it the right way or, in some cases, in a non-conventional way. 

Riddle Puzzles Train Your Creativity

In this day and age, there is a plethora of puzzles and riddles that can challenge your brain in more ways than you can imagine. You can find them in magazines, newspapers, books, and especially online. So if you are looking for some teaser puzzles to work those brain cells, you can do so easily and have fun too. 

Here is a puzzle to gauge how creative you are or what it takes to solve a real puzzle riddle. You can even share this one with your colleague and amuse yourself while they scratch their brains out. 

  • You have an empty wine bottle, and you put a coin inside it and seal it using a cork. Now, your task is to remove the coin from the wine bottle without pulling out the cork from the bottle. And…wait….. You cannot damage the cork or the bottle. So, how are you going to do this? 

We can only rely on your pious personality trait not to cheat on this one. So, if you cannot get this right, here is a correct solution on how to get that coin out of the wine bottle. 

Open Your Mind!

You have to remember that creative thinking is the only way you are going to get these puzzles riddles right. What is the challenge if you could answer them with traditional thinking? These illustrations, questions, and numerical equations are set in a way to trick your mind (well, to make you loathe yourself is the correct phrase). 

Therefore, continue to practice and build your skills over time. You will start noticing that you begin to perceive things differently in all other aspects of life. You will learn to stretch your boundaries of mental abilities. 

So let us dive into the world of puzzles riddles and give you a taste of how challenging and fun they can be. 

3 Puzzles Riddles for Learning

Solving puzzles riddles can help you think and learn in new ways. These brainteasers challenge your brain to think outside the box and find more than one way to look at the problem and solve it. By practicing these puzzles, you gain more knowledge about different situations and get those creative juices flowing. 

These logical puzzles develop meta-cognition skills to boost your “thinking about thinking” skills. The more puzzles riddles you solve, the more valuable insight you will gain to approach any problem at hand. 

This experience will make you an ideal candidate to lead creative thinking teams at work. That said, you will also learn about common mistakes that people make while trying to solve a problem. The riddles allow you to develop a thinking style to find the answer, not to fall victim to the thinking trap. 

Here are three riddles that may tempt you to overthink. Let’s see if you can get them right without pulling your hair out. 

Puzzle Riddle #1

There is a horse tied to a 10-foot rope. How will the horse reach a bale of hay that is 15 feet away? 

Puzzle Riddle #2

Suppose a plane precisely at the border between Germany and France. In which country should they bury the survivors? 

Puzzle Riddle #3

Ben and Bob share the same birthday and same parents; however, they are not twins. How come? 

Mathematical Puzzle Riddles

There are mathematical for those who love numbers. If you have young ones who love crunching numbers, here are some starters for you. 

  • “Divide 30 by ½ and then add 10. What is the final number? “
  • “There is a clerk at a butcher shop who is six feet tall, and his shoe size is 10. What does he weigh? “
  • “A farmer owns 19 sheep. One day a huge storm hits his land, and all sheep but 7 run away. How many sheep does this farmer have left?”
  • There are only 18 blue socks and 18 white socks in your sock drawer. How many times would you require reaching into your sock drawer and picking a sock with a matching pair? 

5 Puzzles Riddles for the Interview

Just for a starter, let us see if you can get the answers by yourself for these five classical interview puzzles riddles. 

Puzzle Riddle #1

Michelle’s mother has four children. Her first child’s name is April, her second’s child name is May, and her third child’s name is June. What is the fourth child’s name?  

Puzzle Riddle #2

There are three boxes in front of you. The first box has a label “Bananas,” the second one has a label that “Strawberries,” and the last box’s label says “Mixed.” 

However, all of these boxes have incorrect labels on them. If you get a chance to reach into only one of these boxes and take out a piece of fruit, how will you fix the boxes’ labels without looking into each of them? 

Remember, the clue here is that boxes have an incorrect label on them. 

Puzzle Riddle #3

You have to measure out 4 gallons, but all you have is a 5-gallon jug and a 3-gallon jug. So, how do you measure out exactly 4 gallons?

Just keep in mind that there might be more than one way to solve this puzzling riddle. The interviewer may even ask you to explain the entire process as you work out the solution. This gives them an in-depth view of your thinking and how you handle the question. 

Puzzle Riddle#4

Why are the manhole covers make into a round shape? 

Remember, there can be more than one answer for this particular one. You just have to give the reasons why you think round manhole covers are a better option than any other shape. 

Puzzle Riddle #5

Imagine you are right outside a room without any windows. This room has 3 light bulbs, and there are 3 switches right outside the room. Each of these switches controls a light bulb in the room. Now you can only enter the room once. 

The question is, how are you going to find out which of the switch control each light bulb? 

9 Puzzles Riddles for You to Solve

Many people are used to solving riddles to exercise their mind horses. However, for others, this activity is just a fun way for an excellent time pass. Research from Duke University claims that solving simple math problems displayed similar activity in the participants as they would feel when rewarded for something. 

This means solving puzzles riddles can actually help you combat negative feelings. So, if these logical brainteasers have nothing to do with a job interview, they can at least help you lower the anxiety and stress levels. 

So whether you are a Sudoku fan, like a good trick quick puzzle riddle, love solving a crossword, or find a character in collage, here are some of the best twelve puzzles riddles you will enjoy grilling your mind over. 

Puzzle Riddle #1: What is Risk? 

This brainteaser is courtesy of Braingle and comes straight out of the classroom scenario. Let us see if you can understand the solution to this one. 

Once there was a college offering a course in probability and its application in the real world. The class was pretty straightforward; however, there was a catch. There were no tests or homework assignments but only one final exam with a single question to answer. 

When all the students received the test paper, it was a blank piece of paper with a single question written. “What is Risk?”

While most students managed to pass, only one of them received a 100%. What is even stranger is that this student only wrote down the answer in one word. 

Your puzzle riddle to solve is: What did this student write? 

In case you give up trying to get this one right, click here to see the right solution. 

Puzzle Riddle #2: Find the Bunny

Artist Gergerly Dudas is well-known for creating visually amusing and brain challenging puzzle riddles. These brainteasing illustrations trick your mind due to their devious patterns. In the picture below, all of the bunnies are in pairs except one. 

Your Puzzle Riddle to Solve is: Can you find that one single bunny? 

find the bunny.jpg

Puzzle Riddle #3: Word Play

This is another brain twister by Braingle. 

What do the words in the list below have in common? 

  • Assess
  • Banana
  • Dresser
  • Grammar
  • Potato
  • Revive
  • Uneven
  • Voodoo

However, here is a quick tip when trying to solve puzzles riddles like this one, i.e., write down this one on a rough piece of paper so you can jumble the words in different formations. 

If you can get the pattern right, the solution will be right in front of you.  That said, if you still cannot get it right, click here to see what the correct answer is

Puzzle Riddle#4: Spot the Mouse

This particular image below is another masterpiece by Gergerly Dudas. The puzzle riddle depicts a forest full of mushrooms hiding a sneaky little mouse. Your job is to find that small critter, or would you simply give up? 

find the mouse.jpg

Puzzle Riddle #5: Find the Penguin

Gergerly Dudas is at it again! When you first look at this picture, you are going to feel a bit dizzy at what it is. Well, look closely, and you will find it to be a penguins’ forest. However, Mr. Dudas claims that there is only one penguin in the entire picture. 

Your task is to find that one penguin amongst the rest of the shapes. And just you know, it is not entirely black and white. What is the challenge in that?!

find the penguin.jpg

Puzzle Riddle# 6: Grandmas and Trolls

Braingle never falls short when it comes to nail-biting, hair pulling, and knuckle crunching, and puzzling riddles. This is one of those to keep you up all night if you fail to solve it. 

So, you are on the way for a visit to your grandma’s. She lives right at the end of a valley. It is her birthday, and you have made a cake that you want to give your grandma. 

There are 7 bridges that you must cross between your house and hers. Now, as this is an imaginary world of the puzzles riddles, every bridge has a troll under it. Each of these trolls insists that you must pay it a troll toll before crossing the bridge. 

As a toll, you must give each troll half of the cakes you carry. However, they are kind trolls, so each of them gives you a single piece of cake back. 

Now your puzzle riddle to solve is: How many cakes should you carry before leaving home in order to ensure that you arrive at your grandma’s house with 2 cakes exactly? 

Come on, try it! If you are unable to get it right, click here for the correct answer. 

Puzzle Riddle #7: Do this Mathematical Sudoku

This one is also known as the “Vietnamese Sudoku Test.” Let us see if you can crack this one. By the way, this one tests the mathematical intelligence of any third grader in Vietnam.  So are you brighter than a   third-grader or what? 

vietnamese soduku test.png

In case you end up scratching the skin of your skull, here is the solution for this third grader puzzle riddle. 

Puzzle Riddle #8: “How Fast Do The Lily Pads Grow?”

There is a patch of lily pads floating in a lake. Now every day, this patch grows double in size. Suppose it requires 48 days for this patch to grow so big that it covers the entire lake’s surface. 

Your challenge is to find out how many days will the patch need in order to cover half of the lake’s surface? 

Yes, you might feel tempted to say 24 right off the bat. Sorry to disappoint, but some things in life ain’t that simple. That said, if you struggle to get it right, here is the correct number of days

Puzzle Riddle #9: “Do You Have the Right Moves?”

This one is rightfully a brain twister as each item in this puzzle is a separate piece: an alphabet T and a 1, 2, and 3. Your challenge is to move the alphabet “T” to the very lower right-hand corner. However, you can only make 5 moves. 

5 moves puzzle.png

Would you like to try, or are you simply going to give in to the temptation of knowing the right solution too soon? 

So, how well did you do? If you managed to get all of the above puzzles right, congratulations! You are really good at this. However, puzzle makers continue to excel and challenge the puzzle solvers fraternity, so keep your ears to the ground for that new master puzzle that is almost impossible to crack.

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