Can Board Games Be Recycled? Here Are the Facts

After creating so many memories with family and friends playing your favorite board games, you decide it’s time to get rid of them. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, you decide that you would like to recycle them instead. But the question is: Is that possible?

You can recycle board games, but you cannot put them in the recycle bin. You can either visit your local recycling center and see if they accept them, or you can go through a program that will allow you to recycle them.

When you find board games in your home that are no longer playable, consider the alternatives for properly recycling them before you decide to throw it in the trash. So how can you go about recycling board games? We’ll be happy to explain!

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Hasbro’s Toy Recycling Program

The best way that you can recycle your old board games is through the multination toy conglomerate Hasbro. Hasbro has partnered with Terracycle, a company that can take items that normally aren’t recyclable and accept and make them into recyclable items.

According to Newsroom, John Frascotti, the president of Hasbro Inc., stated, “As a company, we know consumers share our commitment to taking care of our planet for future generations, and we see this as an exciting step in our sustainability journey.”

The company launched the program on April 16, 2018, to recycle them into materials that could be used for constructive purposes. Some of these ways include:

  • Flower pots
  • Spaces
  • Park Benches
  • And more!

So instead of throwing your old board games into a toxic landfill, you can give them away to families and children who could benefit from them even more. Not only will you put a smile on their faces, but you will also help contribute to making the Earth healthier every time.

Reuse Your Board Games for Crafty Projects

If you do decide to keep your board games but are not sure what to do with them, consider repurposing them for creative and artsy projects! There are so many things you can do with your board games, but you may not know where to start. Here are some artistic and fun projects that you can do with your board games! 

Create a Homemade Journal

Another fun and creative way to reuse your board games are by creating a homemade journal. According to Forge Recycling, “As a game board is often quite solid, it would make a great and unique cover for a journal!”

Making your own journal from scratch will not only help save money from buying one at the store, but you get to add your creative and ingenious touch to it! This would definitely be a good way to put those old board games to good use!

To see how to make one step-by-step, here is a tutorial that will show you how to make a journal from the first step.

Create Decor for Your Home

Take decorating your home a step further by thinking outside the box, and the best way to do that is by using the board games as home decor! 

There are hundreds of board games with vivid and colorful visuals that can spiff up your home from bland to beautiful. Here are some different decor ideas that would be wonderful to use for your home:

Create Signs

One way that you can add some pizzazz to your home with old cardboard games is by making signs with them. Take the letters from scrabble, for example. You can use those letters to create signs around your home, such as for the kitchen or for the bathroom.

 You can come up with charming quotes that you can place around your home for your guests to see as well. This idea would be a lovely addition to your home's style.

Turn Your Home into an Art Gallery

This next step will definitely be the perfect way to add some artwork into your home. Instead of going out and buying artwork, you can make them out of your board games! Channel your inner artist and find unique ways to use those games to complement your home in an inspiring and visionary way.

The art that will be in your home will be distinctive and beautiful. Creating your at-home art gallery will bring a relaxed and contemporary feel to your home, giving it just the right amount of style.

For those who are interested in this step, take some time to watch this tutorial to help give you some ideas of how to touch up your home.

Use Bingo Cards as Coasters

If you happen to have any old bingo cards lying around, consider using them as coasters for your drinks. These will come in handy for those who have kids or friends over all of the time. 

Here are the steps you need to follow for your bingo coasters to come out with a sturdy and sleek finish:

  • Add a coat of clear sealer- This can help protect the paper on the boards for drinks that are sweaty. 
  • Cut-to-size scrap wood forms by half-inch-high base-Make sure to complete this step while it is painted. 

These will be a good decorative piece for your kitchen and coffee tables, while also keeping them free of drink marks.

Make Room for More with a Mancala Board!

If your board game shelves didn’t have enough room for everything you have, create more space for your things with your mancala board! Using this board will be one of the best ways to repurpose your old board games.

The mancala board has ample room for items that are medium sized, such as office supplies and jewelry. Where there’s space lacking in the rest of your home, the space in a Mancala board will be enough to suffice for some of your smaller belongings.

All of these methods of reusing your old board games will not only help bring the style to your home, but they also serve a beneficial way of storing items. 

Create a Notebook

For anyone who wants something to jot their grocery list down in-or for someone who loves to draw, consider making a notebook out of your favorite board game. Take your most creative notebook in your home and write down any and everything till your heart’s content! 

For those who may be interested, take a look at this clip to see how to make the perfect notebook step-by-step. 

Use Board Games for a Fashionable Sense

Just when you thought there wasn’t any other way to put your board games to good use. Not only is it good for bringing your home to life with its interesting and ornamental pieces, but now you can do the same for fashion! 

There are different styles and techniques that you can use for your board games to make your fashion pop in the right way. Here is a list of some fashionable pieces you can create:

  • Game board purses
  • Jenga keychains
  • USB dice keychains
  • Twister raincoat

Imagine walking around wearing pieces that came from your favorite board games. So if you’re looking to bring some attention to your wardrobe and accessories, then this will be the way to go!

Make the Most of the Best Board Games

Now you know how and where to recycle your board games. Whether you choose to use Hasbro Inc's recycling program or come up with some fun ideas for repurposing your games, you can put them to good use either way.

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