Are Puzzles With Numbers Fun?

Number puzzles may seem boring to some people because of the math/logic awareness element required to complete one. But number puzzles can be a fun way to relax and work on these skills without feeling like you’re working.

Puzzles with numbers are fun because they make learning more interesting because of the pattern and identifying elements. But the ultimate decision-maker is you because you decide what is fun-based upon your experience with the subject. So if you like numbers, these puzzles are for you!

Read on to determine the different types of number puzzles and how they can help you, and decide if they are fun!

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Are Number Puzzles Fun?

If you enjoy working with numbers and looking at their relationships, number puzzles can be fun for you. Also, logical reasoning can help people look outside the box and have new skills formed. These can help you look at the world differently and have more fun while learning or strengthening skills. 

What is a Number Puzzle?

A number puzzle uses the same logic as any other puzzle when putting pieces together, but it contains a number element. 

Number puzzles typically have a set of rules to follow to solve the puzzle. Upon learning the rules, it becomes easier to determine the answers and use logic to solve the problem.

These puzzles can be written or require you to fill in a table or a box. The puzzle’s arrangement can depend on the rules and the rest of the puzzle’s determined shape.

If you are more logically minded, number puzzles will be more fun due to the decoding elements and allow you to finish them quickly!

Different Types of Number Puzzles

There are multiple types of number puzzles; each has different rules and can help you build knowledge and logic awareness.


A syllogism puzzle is given in separate statements, and you must determine the relationship between them to solve the problem. The logic required to solve the problem also requires an understanding of sentence structure and predicates. 

Knowing the difference between sentence structures such as on and off can help you to determine the relationship between the variables.

Try this book of syllogisms.


Cryptograms are when letters are given a number and, when added or solved, create a number representing the answer.

These examples require a key that tells you the numbers equivalent to the letter ahead of time.

Try this book of cryptograms.

Arithmetic Puzzles

An arithmetic puzzle requires you to follow simple directions to fill in the blank boxes. Sometimes numbers need to be filled in according to the structure. Typically the operations and the numbers given are the clues to where you need to fill in the correct numbers.

They can also add qualifiers and outliers to the problems to create a more challenging and unique situation.

Try this book of arithmetic puzzles.

Nonogram Puzzles

Nonogram puzzles are gird puzzles that make a picture. These kinds of number puzzles have the numbers outside of the grid, which show you what shading should go in what box. 

The numbers are positioned on the top and left sides of the grid. Each number represents a run of boxes that should be shaded in that column; if there are multiple numbers per column or row, a blank square needs to go between each of those runs.

This should not be a guessing puzzle and should create an image if done correctly.

Try this book of nonogram puzzles.

Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku puzzles are one of the most common logic puzzles available. The 9x9 grid comes in multiple levels making it easier or more difficult depending on your skill level.

Each row, column, and square should each contain one rendition of numbers 1-9. Some of the numbers are already filled in, and the object is to fill in the other spaces based on that information.

There is no need for guesswork and only one answer for each puzzle. To double-check your work, make sure you have only one of each number where it is necessary.

Each number of puzzles can be solved logically, but there should always only be one solution per problem.

Try this book of sudoku puzzles.

Why do Puzzles with Numbers?

The logic required for number puzzles relies on the common understanding that if one of these things is true, the other unsolved portions must follow the same rules and logic.

This foundational rule will always run trie in any logic puzzle, not just number ones. Once you have mastered this simple rule, you should easily determine the rule of the puzzle and solve it quickly. 

Number puzzles usually provide some blanks in the puzzle already filled in for you. This is the creator’s way of showing you the rule. The logical sequence may not be straightforward and may require multiple steps (i.e., addition and then using subtraction to find the rule).

Why Puzzles with Numbers are Fun and Beneficial for Children

Using number puzzles when teaching children mathematics can help their logical awareness grow in a fun, risk-free environment. Children can build foundational skills that can help them throughout the rest of their lives. Learning numbers and the relationship between them can be  made more fun due to the out of the box thinking a puzzle creates.

Encourage Hands-On Activity

Some of the number puzzles are not suitable for children, but basic syllogism puzzles and operation puzzles can help your child learn about numbers in a fun, unique way. Students can use counters and objects to determine the answers.

Develop Self-Correcting Skills

Number problems usually have one answer. When a number puzzle does not fit together, your children get instant feedback and correct their problems. This is empowering and self-confidence booming for a child.

Build Empowering Attitudes

They have children complete number puzzles at a young age to understand mathematics and help them feel empowered. Number puzzles are self-correcting, allowing students to be quizzical and determine the answer for themselves without adults interfering.

No Writing Required

Young children can struggle with writing, and number puzzles can help lessen the anxiety. They can just write the number or shade in the proper squares, alleviating the need to write full sentences.

Why Puzzles with Numbers are Fun and Beneficial for Adults

There are multiple reasons why number puzzles are suitable for adults to complete. The logic required helps create a better life due to the skills established by completing puzzles throughout your life.

Preserves Mental Fitness

Doing logical puzzles helps the brain work through logical reasoning that can keep the brain sharp. The puzzles require thought, concentration, and patience. These three things can wear over the years and make it difficult to concentrate.

Puzzles help to increase cognitive reasoning by making adults employ deductive reasoning skills. These skills can develop and force people to look at puzzles differently for a more extended period.

Encourages Relaxation

A puzzle helps create a state of mind that is calm and collected. Focusing on one thing can help you to clear your mind and make a state of thoughtful meditation. Puzzles are also a great activity to do on your own when you need some peace and quiet, but sitting and doing nothing just isn’t your thing.

Increase Productivity

Working on logic puzzles can help increase productivity. People are more likely to complete more things because they have boosted their mental and cognitive function.


Number puzzles can be an enjoyable way to spend your time. They help you build mental understanding and create positive experiences with numbers you might not have. Now that you know each puzzle’s purpose and how it can help you, you can start working on your favorite logical puzzle with ease. And you don’t have to feel guilty about “just” sitting and doing a puzzle, knowing there’s so much more behind the activity. 

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