Are Jigsaw Puzzles A Good Hobby?

We tend to see jigsaws as great therapeutic tools for stress or cognitive therapy in seniors, but what if you are just after a good new hobby? Jigsaws could prove to be exactly what you are looking for if you want a screen-free pastime that is both creative and challenging.

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Are Jigsaws A Good Hobby?

Let's get the stereotypes out the way first. Jigsaws aren't just for old people with nothing better to do, and they certainly aren't all cutesy pictures of cottages and kittens. To be fair, plenty of those do exist, but the world of jigsaws is far more interesting and diverse.

When you take up a jigsaw puzzles hobby, you get to immerse yourself in an artistic world of problem-solving. It can be a world far away from the stresses of life or one you share with others. Also, the more experienced you get, the more you get to challenge yourself.

Jigsaws Are Perfect If You Want To Get Away From Screens.

Those of us stuck in front of screens all day crave the chance to get away from them. But, there are so many online puzzle sites to draw us back in. This is where physical jigsaw puzzles can help a lot. You get the same rush from building a puzzle from start to finish, but also get to do so with your bare hands. You also get a real piece of artwork at the end and not a screenshot.

Physical Jigsaw Puzzles Provide The Chance To Test Your Brain And Motor Skills.

The act of solving puzzles is scientifically proven to be good for our cognitive health and memory, which is why they are so highly recommended for seniors. But, there is no reason why we can't indulge in a fun hobby and get the same benefits. The skills can help younger professionals learn to focus on details and improve productivity.

While sharpening our minds and our motor skills, we can also decrease stress. The single-focus act of solving the puzzle and the repetitive motion of sorting and placing the pieces can be highly satisfying and meditative. This is why puzzles are so good as a hobby after work when you need to wind down.

You Can Work On Jigsaws Alone Or With Others.

While this relaxing puzzle hobby is perfect if you want something to do alone, you might also enjoy working on an image with a friend or relative. Just be aware that certain jigsaw puzzle personalities don't mesh.

There Are So Many Styles Of Puzzles That There Is Something For Everyone.

The majority of puzzle lovers will work on some form of a 2D puzzle with the image printed on the box. Here, you can find a wide array of styles and themes to dive into. But, there are also puzzles where the broken-down image is only related to the one on the box. For example, you have to piece together what happens in the next scene. This allows for a greater sense of logical thinking and problem-solving that many people love. Alternatively, you can work on 3D puzzles for spatial awareness and motor skills.

You Also Get To Specialize And Increase The Difficulty Settings With Jigsaw Puzzles.

As with console and mobile gaming, the hobby of jigsaw puzzles can get progressively more interesting and challenging as you build on your skills. A good starting point here is to find puzzles with more pieces to fit together. It becomes much harder to locate the right pieces, but also more satisfying when you do.

You can also try puzzles with harder images. Anything with large blocks of the same color will take persistence, while some find paintings harder to put together than photographic images. Find something that looks challenging but is also fun to work on.

Is A Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Addictive?

This is the only possible downside to this new hobby. Many jigsaw enthusiasts fall deeply in love with the activity and spend a lot of their spare time working on their latest acquisition. This is fine as long as you aren't neglecting more important things. It also helps to have a budget in mind when buying new puzzles and make sure they don't take over the house. Still, most people should be able to do this with ease and ensure puzzling remains the perfect hobby for their mental and cognitive health. 

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