7 Best Newspaper Crossword Puzzles

Novices and expert crossword puzzle solvers constantly look for easy access to new ones out there.  In that case, newspaper crossword puzzles are the best sources to feed your cravings continuously. 

Newspapers across the world have been publishing crosswords on all levels for decades now. If you are looking for the best newspaper crossword puzzles, then you have plenty of options available. From New York Magazine to the New York Times, and Los Angeles Times to the Atlantic Daily, you can feed your hunger for challenging crossword puzzles on literally a daily basis. 

Newspaper crossword puzzles come in all formats. Where some focus on mathematical solutions, others take a clever and witty play on words to make it a tough one to crack. No wonder solving crossword puzzles can help you become smarter while sharpening and polishing your mental skills. In this article, you will learn about the seven best newspaper crossword puzzle sources that are popular amongst the crossword solvers community. 

According to the Journal of International Neuropsychological Society, participation in leisure activities that stimulate you cognitively, such as crossword, can prevent or delay memory deterioration   and improve your cognitive reserves. Moreover, it can also sharpen your logical and critical thinking skills. 

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Best Newspaper Crossword Puzzles

For novices to expert crossword puzzle solvers, here are seven newspaper sources for all. 

  1. The Atlantic Daily Crossword Online

The Atlantic brings you a free online crossword puzzle on a daily basis. You can access these puzzles online for free. However, there is a twist to this, i.e., with each passing day of the week, their crosswords will grow increasingly challenging and tougher. 

This crossword is only for the experts. Once you feel you are good enough, solve a puzzle each day and work your way to becoming an expert. 

  1. The Guardian’s Cryptic Crosswords

Cryptic crosswords are the Holy Grail for the crossword experts. However, you can find and attempt a new crossword puzzle daily in The Guardian newspaper. They post a puzzle only on weekdays. You can also go online to solve the most recent puzzle or even go into their archives to solve it retroactively. 

  1. The Los Angeles Times Crossword Puzzle

The famous LA Times publishes a new crossword puzzle that is free for all. You can either get the newspaper crossword puzzle or go online to solve one. Moreover, you will also gain access to the newspaper’s crossword puzzles archives free of cost. 

All you need to do is decide if you wish to play the daily crossword only or want to try some of their previous brainteasers. 

  1. The New York Times Crossword Puzzles

If you are a crossword puzzles aficionado and do not mind paying for a subscription, then make your way to The New York Times online crossword portal. However, it is worth every penny as you will gain access to over 1,000 newspaper crossword puzzles collections. 

Moreover, there will be other collections of logic puzzles and mini-puzzles to stimulate your brain to its maximum potential. 

  1. New York Magazine’s Sunday Night Crossword

If you are looking for some of the most iconic crossword puzzles in history, then you can play the weekly puzzle on New York Magazine’s website. The best part is that you do not even need any subscription to participate or play this one. 

If you are familiar with the name Matt Gaffney, you will find all his crossword puzzles for free online on New York Mag portal. You can either play retroactively or participate every Sunday night when the publisher posts a new weekly puzzle on the website. 

  1. USA Today’s Crossword Puzzles

Thanks to USA Today for being another free source to gain access to the daily dose of crossword puzzles. These newspaper crossword puzzles give you an option to choose the level of difficulty ranging from beginners to expert level puzzles. 

You can either visit the USA Today’s website to play these crosswords or simply download their newspaper apps for iOS and Android devices. This way, you can attempt to solve these puzzles on the go.  That said, the apps come with a 7-day free trial, and then you will have to pay for a subscription. 

  1. The Washington Post’s Daily Crossword

If you are looking for the daily dose of crossword challenge, there is nothing to subside those cravings then the Washington Post’s online daily crossword puzzle section. You will gain access to these challenging puzzles for free; all you need is to get online and visit the newspaper website. 

If you prefer solving your crosswords in a traditional style using pen and paper, then print the puzzle out. On the other hand, you can solve it online with the website’s timer running in the background for more digitally savvy solvers. 

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