7 Best Free Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzle enthusiasts never shy away from paying for a decent collection to race their brains. However, did you know that there is a wide variety of crossword puzzles you can get for free? 

There is an impressive variety of free crossword puzzles you can get your hands on today. These brainteasers include Boatload puzzles, the Washington Posts’ puzzles, New York Magazine’s Crossword, etc. For the advanced level crossword puzzle solvers, you can try your luck with Cryptic Crosswords and AARP Crossword Expert, and many others. 

Solving crossword puzzles can be entertaining as well as exercising for those brain cells. You can do it at a breakfast table on weekends or take them with you on the commute to work. However, why spend money on expensive crossword puzzles when you can get them for free. In this article, you will learn about the seven best free crossword puzzles you can buy in 2021 and challenge your logical thinking, vocabulary, and memorization skills. 

Solving a crossword puzzle successfully can be an ego-boosting experience. However, there are some tangible benefits associated with this task. According to 2017 research, crossword puzzle solving can help maintain your brain functions. Most importantly, it prevents deterioration of your mind function due to aging, especially your attention span, memory, and reasoning skills. 

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7 Free Crossword Puzzles to Try in 2021

Here are the seven best puzzles you can try for free in 2021. 

  1. AARP Crossword Expert

Looking for a crossword that will jog your brains? Then you must try AARP. Apart from trying free puzzles on AARP’s website, you can also create a membership and track your scores or compete against other crossword enthusiasts. 

  1. Boatload Puzzles

If you are a novice starting into the world of crossword puzzles, then Boatload is the place that can help you develop a healthy habit and/or hobby. Boatload Puzzles are famous for offering a wide range of easy but quality puzzles to train your brain on using the crosswords’ clue format. 

Therefore, before trying your luck with the major leagues such as New York Times, it is best to start with Boatload crossword puzzles and work your way up gradually. 

  1. Cryptic Crosswords

Cryptic crosswords are for the sharp minds and people with extensive experience in the crossword arena. Every clue is like a puzzle itself and uses wordplay and tricks. You can find these tough ones on The Guardian’s website and try to solve them for free. 

  1. The Los Angeles Times Crossword Puzzles

Suppose you are a film fanatic, a T.V. buff, or think of yourself as an E! Expert, then the L.A. Times crosswords are for you. The puzzles are full of T.V. and movie references. However, the puzzle from the entertainment industry does not make them any less challenging, so do not forget to keep your thinking hats on when logging on the L. A Times website. 

  1. The New York Magazine’s Crossword Puzzles

These puzzles have been quite popular amongst the crossword puzzle solvers, and they have been paying to get their hands on the new collection frequently. The New York Magazine brings out these Sunday-sized puzzles while using a combination of witty plays on vocabulary and pop culture references. 

If you are a fan of filling out crossword puzzles in groups or love to try bar trivia, then these puzzles will quench that thirst without paying a single cent. All you need is to visit New York Magazine’s website to try these out. 

  1. The New York Times Crossword Puzzles 

Want to know how it feels to be an expert crossword puzzle solvers league? Well, in that case, New York Times Crossword puzzles are the Holy Grail for all. You can find these brainteasers online and unlock more than 1,000 puzzles in their library. Moreover, there is a myriad of mini-puzzles and logic games available via subscription. 

Simply visit the New York Times website and try some of the most challenging puzzles ever created by men. 

  1. The Washington Post Crossword Puzzles

The best part about the Washington Post Crossword puzzles is that you get a new puzzle on their online portal every single day. The week begins with an easy puzzle on a Monday, and the level of difficulty goes up as the week commences. 

So, if you fancy a decent challenge to solve longer, more challenging puzzles over the weekend, simply log on to The Washington Post, and you are golden. Remember, they are accessible throughout the week, and you can play them at your own convenience. 

So what are you waiting for? Go to any or all of these websites and start learning or polishing your crossword puzzle solving skills. 

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