5 Popular Paintings Made Into Puzzles

Puzzles enthusiasts are always searching for collectible pieces, and one of the most popular and in-demand are famous paintings turned into jigsaw puzzles.  

Many jigsaw puzzle manufacturers have turned some of the most popular and historic paintings into jigsaw puzzles. From masterpieces such as Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci to Thatched Cottage by Van Gogh, you can get many world-famous paintings made into puzzles. Other classics include Poppies at Argenteuil by Monet, Difficult Klimt, Starry Night, and Café Terrace at Night. 

There is a wide variety of paintings that art lovers and/or puzzle enthusiasts are going to love. The puzzle designers make sure that they maintain the originality of these classical paintings. You will be amazed how beautifully and cleverly they create mind-teasing puzzles using the world’s renowned paintings. In this post, you will learn about 5 of the popular paintings made into puzzles that you must get your hands on.  

Did you know that puzzles are a million-dollar industry in the U.S alone? According to stats, puzzles generated over $688 million in 2020. However, the industry pundits predict this revenue generation to grow at the rate of 3.30% with every passing year.

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5 Puzzles Made from World’s Famous Paintings

While there is an impressive range of popular paintings made into puzzles, here are five of the most renowned paintings that almost everyone will recognize. 

  1. Starry Night by Van Gogh

If you are an art lover and a puzzle enthusiast, you must get the “Starry Night” by Van Gogh to turn into 500 pieces of jigsaw puzzles. This classical painting made into a puzzle will give you a challenge while helping polish your brain’s concentration span and IQ level. 

Moreover, it can be an excellent gift for a child or an adult. However, the true appreciation of this masterpiece jigsaw of a legendary painting may come from someone who knows their paintings. The size of the Starry Night puzzle is 20.47 inches x 14.96 inches. 

  1. Difficult Klimt by Gustav Klimt

This is probably one of the most recognized pictures on the face of this planet. Difficult Klimt, drawn by Gustav Klimt, is a true masterpiece of art and symbolism. If you have always wanted to have a copy of this most wanted artwork, you can have it in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. 

The DDTOP Jigsaw manufacturing company turned Difficult Klimt into a 1000 piece puzzle that you can buy and recreate at your home. Create a puzzle, and you can display it as a painting and a symbol of achievement. The total dimensions of this puzzle are 27.55 inches x 19.68 inches. 

  1. Café Terrace at Night by Van Gogh

Fancy a full-scale Van Gogh painting with a bit of a challenge? In that case, you can get a 1000 piece puzzle by DDTOP with the replica illustration of Café Terrace at Night by the legendary painter of the 19th Century. 

The dimensions of the puzzle measure 27.55 inches x 19.68 inches. You will also get a template of the actual painting to use as a reference guide. It can be a great birthday present or a souvenir for an art-loving family member or friend. 

  1. Poppies at Argenteuil by Claude Monet

Who does not know the name, Monet? Especially when you claim to be an art lover at heart. 

DDTOP brings this gem of a painting by one of the most celebrated painters of his time Claude Monet. Give yourself a challenge by trying to assemble this 1000 piece puzzle, and you can frame it to hang on the wall as a sign of your achievement and love for Monet’s work. 

This puzzle will stand at 27.55 inches x 19.68 inches upon completion. You are truly going to cherish this for a long time. If you have a family member or a friend who loves art, this maybe one of the best present you can buy for them – ever!

  1. Moruska Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

The world’s only painting has become a symbolism of art, illustration, and beauty on a global scale. Mona Lisa by Da Vinci is a reference to the epitome of artwork ever created by a human being. Although the original painting is worth over $850 million, you can still get one for yourself as a 1000 piece puzzle. 

You will be thrilled to have a go at assembling this iconic painting. Think of it as becoming a part of history as a puzzle maker recreating the magic once revealed by the most celebrated and renowned painter ever to walk amongst us. 

Once you finish assembling this puzzle, the picture will stand tall at 27.56 inches x 19.69 inches. You can use it as a perfect wall decoration in any setup.

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