20 Funny Jigsaw Puzzles - Jokes!

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to pass the time while also working on your brain. What if jigsaw puzzles were also funny? That brings a newly added element to the beauty of jigsaw puzzles and makes them even more enticing. 

That said, we have done the work for you and found 20 of the funniest jigsaw puzzles available for purchase. At this point, you are probably looking forward to learning what are the funniest jigsaw puzzles available. Read on, and you will get a chance to see which puzzles you like the best and maybe even get some good gift ideas moving forward.

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Kitty Throne

Who runs the world? Cats. Everyone who owns a cat knows that is the truth. This hilarious puzzle showcases a cat sitting on a plastic throne as it takes care of business and reads up on the paper.

Spicy Tiger King

Tiger King stole the attention of the nation during the beginning of quarantine, and now you can get a puzzle that will allow you to put together Spicy Joe Exotic. He may be in prison at the moment but, as long as you are putting the puzzle together, he will be free forever.

House of Horrors

Main characters in horror movies always seem to love to take some big-time risks. Why get in a car and leave when you can take your chances with hiding in the shed? These are the questions we ask ourselves. This puzzle shows all the characters who benefit when those characters take the gamble. 

All Things 2020

This puzzle is the perfect motto for the last year of insanity. It seemed like every single week, there was some new catastrophe that was happening or threatening to happen. It was like an infomercial put together by the Devil himself. 

We can try to forget it as much as we want, but this puzzle will serve as a good reminder of what we made it through. But hey, if we can’t laugh, we’ll cry, right?

Baby Yoda

Ok, fine. Maybe this is not the funniest puzzle ever, but adorable it is. Enjoy solving the puzzle, you will. Deny that Baby Yoda is cute, you cannot. Ok, enough Yoda-speak, we can just cut to the chase. Baby Yoda is cute and makes a fun puzzle.

Buncha Masks

The perfect way to celebrate a terrible, awful year is by solving a puzzle that contains one of the unofficial symbols of the past 365 days: masks. This one may not be as funny at the moment, but you will look back one day and laugh. Right?...

Dog Selfie

Dog selfie? Dog selfie. Need we say more? Ok, fine, we will. It is a dog selfie with a Christmas theme and a bunch of other fun animals. Whether you are a dog lover, or a cat lover, or even someone who just loves the Geico Gecko, you will find something on this puzzle that makes you chuckle.

Pooping Dogs

It is hard to explain why, but something about pooping dogs always brings out a laugh. They somehow manage to remain photogenic even when they are caught in the act. Remember: just because they are doing a bad thing does not mean that they are not a good boy or girl.

Dogs Catching Treats

Everyone knows that the key to laughter is more dogs being silly. This puzzle is the perfect example of that as you get to put together pictures of dogs catching treats. 

This is the opposite of the dogs pooping, as it captures the lovable pups during a moment of massive excitement. They are looking to catch a treat, and the result is a treat for whoever puts the puzzle together.

Cat Self-Portrait

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows how true this cat’s self-portrait is. No matter how cute and lovable they may look, every cat believes deep down that it is a ferocious lion or tiger. This is the perfect puzzle for any of those cat lovers who deal with this on a day-to-day basis.

Masked Mona Lisa

This puzzle is perfect for anyone who has been looking for the answer to what Mona Lisa would look like if she were painted in 2020. Mona is totally masked up and is hiding her smile. Just another memento for the awful year that was 2020.

Dog Reading the Paper

What did we say was the key to laughter? Dogs doing something funny. This puzzle easily accomplishes that as it showcases a dog who is sitting on the toilet and reading the latest issue of Canine Daily and laughing at a story of a man biting a dog. Evil, but funny!

Toilet Paper

We already covered one of the unofficial logos of the last year, so we might as well get a puzzle in here that is made up of the other one. This puzzle is just covered with all of the toilet paper that people were hoarding during the first month or two.

Pocket Puzzles

What is the only thing better than one funny puzzle? TWO funny puzzles! The only thing better than two funny puzzles? Two MINI funny puzzles! Get these two funny pocket puzzles so you can put together a funny puzzle whenever you have some time to kill. 

Waiting for your oil to get changed? Pocket puzzle. In the waiting room at the dentist’s office? Pocket puzzle. Waiting in the ER while your wife gives birth? Do not even think about pulling out this pocket puzzle.

Awkward Family Pics

Have you ever found yourself staring down an awkward family picture? Maybe you look at old pictures you have taken and shudder at the memory? Well, now imagine if somebody turned that into a puzzle! You can put this one together and thank your lucky stars that you got to avoid these awkward pictures.


Guess what? Cats in space have returned. This time? The cat is dressed up as an astronaut. So, is it an astro-cat or a cat-stronaut? That is for you to decide, but we have already made our decision. You will be ready to follow this catstronaut to the ends of the galaxy and, after working on this puzzle, you might feel like you have. 

Animals Poker

This puzzle has a total hodge-podge of animals all engaged in a classic game of poker. It is cheekily titled “Game” of Poker as it features animals that big game hunters may be interested in. The one thing that is made clear? Bears have the worst poker face.


Looks like this cow has just spotted you! The best part about this puzzle is that it looks like someone was trying to take a picture of an open field before a cow just meandered on over photobombed the picture. 

Underwater Dogs

Another example of Dogs simply being the best! This time, they are underwater, swimming towards the camera, or trying to retrieve a tennis ball. Regardless of what they are going after, it is clear that they are heckin’ determined to get the job done.

Golfing Frog

Last but certainly not least, we have a frog playing some toilet golf. This is a dream come true for most golfers, being able to golf while sitting on the toilet. The only question is: what in the world is going on with the toilet paper?

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