15 Free games for the iPhone

Apple iPhone and App Store has a wide range of gaming apps. However, you have to purchase most of them. Little do people know that there is an impressive variety of free games for the iPhone that you can download today. 

As an Apple fan, you can enjoy a wide range of free games for the iPhone in 2021. From Asphalt 9 Legends, a critically acclaimed car racing game, to The Battle of Polytopia, you can enjoy numerous strategy and logic games. That is not all; you can also play some classics like Spell Tower, PinOut and Beach Buggy Racing 2, and many more. 

Whether you are an avid iPhone mobile gaming fan or recently switched from Android to iOS and craving for some quality free games for the iPhone, there is a myriad of options available. From strategic games to logic, car racing to sports, the Apple App Store offers a huge variety of mobile gaming apps that are free for all. In this article, you will learn about 15 of the best mobile games you can download on your iPhone for free on-the-go gameplay wherever you are in the world. 

According to Statista, there were over 957,390 gaming apps available on Apple App Store in 2020. Moreover, 22 percent of the apps downloaded from the app store were gaming apps, making it the most popular category in the Apple App Store in the year 2020. 

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15 Free Gaming Apps for iPhone in 2021

Here are some of the most popular by-demand iPhone games available in 2021. From sports to driving and puzzles to shooting games, you will learn about 15 fantastic mobile gaming apps to download from Apple App  Store right now. 

  1. Asphalt 9: Legends

Have you ever played an Asphalt game on Android or a console? If the answer is a “yes,” you will know that the series's gameplay has left reality behind, and it has been a while since that happened. 

With Asphalt 9: Legends, all you get is a truly unhinged arcade racing experience. The cars have never been so hungry for nitro, and you can drift for miles around the corners while frequently soaring in the air. You can indulge in spinning and cart-wheeling just as a baton thrown by a furious parade leader. 

This car racing game breaks away from any conventional mobile racer game apps. You no longer have to steer the car as the game introduces a new option known as “TouchDrive.” You may argue that not steering the car may take away the real gaming experience, but try this one – you may surprise yourself to admit that it really works. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Apple App Store now and get Asphalt 9: Legends downloading. You will find it hard to put your iPhone aside and give yourself a breather from this adrenaline-pumping car racing free game. 

  1. Beach Buggy Racing 2

Are you a sucker for a decent kart racing game? Then get Beach Buggy Racing 2 on your iPhone now. If you have played this racing game genre before, you will truly appreciate the gameplay in this one. 

The game is all about race on larger-than-life race tracks in teeny tiny cars. You can even grab power-ups to use them against your opponents. The glory waits on the other end of that chequered flag; all you need is to cross it before any other players. 

The game has balanced controls, beautiful visuals, and a fascinating course design. The Beach Buggy 2 is a complete package as if upgrades and unlocks new pathways for you, so you do not get bored of the same tracks and challenges over and over again. 

  1. Disc Drivin’ 2

Can you not get enough of the racing games on your iPhone? In that case, Disc Drivin’ 2 will offer you a futuristic racing experience. Like Wipeout, the game creates something intensely compelling than any other racing game available on the App store. 

Yes, the game is a bit ridiculous, but it has been popular amongst racing game fans. You can choose a track and race against any randomly selected online players and flick your disc onwards. The aim here is to hit build boost by hitting speed-up pads and save your disc from getting impaled or hurling into an abyss. 

You can select from 15 tracks and up to ten races on the go online at once. You also get the option to unlock the collectible items. That said, if you are looking for free games for the iPhone as a time pass to kill hours, Disc Drivin’ 2 is going to keep you busy for many months. 

Moreover, it is one of the best freebie racer gaming apps in its own right. Unconventional but undoubtedly an entertaining one. 

  1. Data Wing

One of the best top-down racer games available on the Apple App store for free. The gameplay requires you to guide a small triangular ship through a minimal track while battling inertia. The experience is similar to controlling a spaceship in any classic arcade blaster game. 

However, the difference is that your ship does not explode if it collides with something. In Data Wing, you grind track edges to get the boost. This can fling you at times to irrational speeds. The best part is that the game is a very basic racer game and is fun for the novice as well as arcade game enthusiasts. 

The game offers an engaging experience because while you play, a narrative scenario plays out at each level. In this storyline, you are a data wing worker serving “Mother,” an AI which is the heart of some machine. 

This engaging setup of the game offers arcade action and what it is like to delve into hacking. While it may sound a bit strange to fathom what this game might be like, it is going to one of the best free games for the iPhone you will ever download and play. 

  1. Fancade

If you feel that there is no longer any excitement or variety in the gaming arena for iPhone users, you have not tried Fancade yet. This game is a collection of various simple titles that you can dip in and dip out of during an overriding quest to reach the finish line of the pathway. For this, you will have to zigzag your way through series of floating isometric islands. 

The gameplay is quite impressive, fun, and polished.  Fancade even invites you to create your own games. You can start with a blank canvas or grab pre-made kits to experiment with various components and see what you end up creating. 

No matter which path you take, Fancade is one of the must-have free games for iPhone that will probably stay on your list forever. 

e additional features if you want. All in all, this is one of the must-have games for any iPhone user. 

  1. Golf Skies

This golf-themed iPhone game allows you to direct golf balls in the sky. Therefore, no more boring traditional golf courses; instead, you will have wrapped around and deconstructed tiny floating planetoids with their own gravitational pull. This makes putting the ball and directing it a challenging affair. 

So, if you are a golfing fan and looking for free games for the iPhone, this one is a must-have and best of all time. 

  1. Knight Brawl

If you love the unconventional and deranged sports-based mobile games, then Knight Brawls will soothe your craving for sure. You begin with a basic one-on-one match and learn how not to dye a horrifying death in the game. 

The controls are straightforward to learn, and it is a perfect game for novice iPhone users to learn to play brawl-based fighting games. Knight’s Brawl is all about amusement making it an essential download for every iPhone-owning gamer. Apart from the battles, there are other options such as missions and free-for-all scraps. 

  1. PinOut!

This free game has given a new spin to the classic game of pinball. The gameplay involves highly animated tables and puzzle-like precision flippers. Think of PinOut! as a game with endless runners of sorts. You will be facing off against one massive table. Your aim will be to get as far as you can before the game’s timer runs out. 

If you are looking for a visually pleasing game, then you are going to love this one. All the visuals in the game are in glowing neon, similar to Tron bikers playing during their downtime. However, throughout the game, your ear will rock with some fantastic synth-pop music. 

If you have been a fan of pinball titles and would love a nostalgic gaming experience down the memory lane, PinOut! is one of the all-time best free games for the iPhone. The game may sound simplistic and reductive, but it does offer frequent excitement with a tense gaming experience. 

The adrenaline rush to hit the ball while the time runs low can be an invigorating experience. There are eight varied themes, plus you will also get a selection of several mini-games to keep you interested and boosting replay value. 

  1. Rowdy City Wrestling

This game is precisely what you might have guessed from the title. Yes, it is all about wrestling by Colin Lane game. However, the wrestlers are cartoonish, but you will feel in complete control of the characters as there are no crazy physics. 

However, you will still experience a lot of silliness for amusement in the visuals as well as the scripts. The game offers plenty of depth, and you can choose a career mode to start as a newbie wrestler and earn cash to improve your stats. Plus, you can become a world champion by beating up the opponents and following the storyline. 

The best part is that it is one of the best games you can download for free from the Apple App Store. 

  1. Shadowgun Legends

Finally, a first-person shooter game makes the list. Shadowgun Legends is one game where stone-cold killers enjoy the status of rock stars. This game offers a swag and confidence that is a rare quality in the first-person shooting genre in mobile gaming. 

Additionally, the graphics come with mesmerizing depth, visuals, and accessibility. No wonder, Shadowgun Legends is one of the best-rated free games for the iPhone in 2021. The controls are very responsive, and the auto-fire option will take care of any dumb alien to step in your sight. 

The gameplay offers fast-paced missions that are linear in nature. However, the sensation is compelling as well as invigorating for mobile gamers. 

  1. Spell Tower+

While the first-ever Spell Tower mobile game for iPhone to come out still stays one of the finest word-based games in history, this version takes it to the next level. The Spell Tower has engineered the gaming genre of crosswords and word searches by throwing in a bit of Tetris in the mix. 

This combo offers a lashing of intelligent word-based strategies. Therefore, if you are a puzzle aficionado, Spell Tower+ is definitely going to rock your boat. Although the game is free, you will have to put up with ads and some odd extra rules compared to its predecessor. 

It is still one of the marvelous free games for the iPhone in the app store library. Your journey in the game starts in Tower mode, where you face a stack of black squares and letters in a well. Your task is to tap out words from snake-like pathways. 

There are no straight line limitations here, and when you submit the words, the floating tiles fall due to gravity. It is not always about finding the longest possible word; instead, you should make the most of what is available on the grid. 

The game is free of cost to download and play. However, you can always splash some cash and get som

  1. Super Cat Tales 2

Super Cat Tales 2 is a breezy and pacy action packets mobile game. The gameplay offers an experience that involves urgency, secrets, and excitement to grab your attention right from the start. This is one of the best free games for the iPhone that offers a well-written piece of back-story to draw you in. 

Before you notice, your cat will be leaping around, collecting a suspiciously large amount of gold going levitating in the surroundings. The game may be too bright with chunky visuals for some, but it is still a must-have game to have on your iPhone at all times. 

  1. Super Fowlst 2

If you are a fan of mystical demon-themed mobile games, Super Fowlst 2 is a perfect candidate. This game starts with Demons breaking through a barrier between two realms; however, all the action heroes are unavailable due to their busy schedules. 

Result? It is up to a chicken to save the world and stop the demons. Well, it probably sounds like a very bad movie plot, but trust us, the game is full of fun, action, and reward collection. You will find yourself glued to your iPhone screens for hours on end. 

The controls are very simple and easy to learn; all you need is to master the timing to get it right to smack your enemies. Failing to do so will result in an attack from demons using their fiery breath. You will get a lot of shooting action while proceeding through maze-like levels and collecting coins as rewards. 

In short, Super Fowlst 2 is all great stuff and one of the best choices of arcade action-free games for iPhone. 

  1. The Battle of Polytopia

This battle game starts within a scene in a small town where you find yourself surrounded by the unknown and a single warrior unit. You are the commander of this unit, and the game allows you 30 turns to locate, explore, make an alliance with or attach other small empires. 

You can even research new technologies and advance your civilization to save yourself from attack by other online players. The Battle of Polytopia is a strategic game that trains you into making the most of your limited resources and allowances. 

If you are one of those bloodthirsty mobile gamers, you can use the domination mode and play until only a single tribe remains standing. That said, the game is astonishingly entertaining and one of the best free games for the iPhone ever. 

  1. 10TM

Similar to other puzzles-based mobile games, 10TM requires some sense and logical thinking to play. You begin the game with numbered discs placed on the edge of a 3x3 field. You tap on a disc and send it blasting into the field and stopping it as it reaches the opposite edge. What happens next? Well, you will have to download the game for free from the App Store. 

One thing is certain, i.e., you will find yourself hooked to 10TM once you have checked it out. You can even work up various strategies in order to boost your scores. For example, you can keep all the edges free and build towards the center. 

So, in simpler terms, this puzzler is one of the best free games for the iPhone that you should not miss.

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