12 Best Puzzles for 8-Year-Olds

If you are a parent of an 8-year-old looking for an indoor activity to keep them entertained while contributing to their development, puzzles are hands down the best answer. 

Puzzles will teach your 8-year-old about what is “whole” and that each piece in a puzzle contributes a fraction to create a bigger picture. This activity will also teach your young ones to develop their basic skills such as concentration, shape recognition, patience, goal settings, and a sense of achievement. 

Puzzles are a great way to help your 8-year-old with mental exercise, attention to detail, and visual-spatial reasoning. While trying to assemble a puzzle, your child will develop memorization skills, increasing their IQ and problem-solving abilities. Not just that, solving a puzzle in a group or family activity will build their collaboration, social and team working skills. You will explore the best puzzles available in the market in this post.  

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12 Best Puzzles for 8-year-olds

Here are 12 of the best puzzles you can buy for an 8-year-old. You can use these puzzles as a family activity to bond or entertainment for play-dates and sleepovers. 

  1. African Safari by Mudpuppy

If you are looking for search and find puzzles for 8-year-olds by Mudpuppy. This one is a 64 pieces puzzle with dimensions of 23 inches by 15.4 inches. The African safari puzzle has vibrant and colorful illustrations of insects, animals, and plants. 

The kids will have to find more than 40 hidden images when trying to assemble this puzzle. This is going to be a fun but educational activity for them. Assembling the puzzle is the first part, and upon completion, the young ones must put their observation skills to test and look for more than 40 animals, plants, and insects. 

  1. Ballet Recital by Melissa & Doug

This jigsaw puzzle by Melissa and Doug is a 100-pieces set. Ballet Recital Jigsaw is suitable for kids who know how to do large floor puzzles but are not experienced enough to handle a 1000 pieces puzzle. Your8-year-old will exercise their fine motor skills and attention to detail while solving this ballet-themed puzzle.

  1. Dinosaur Search and Find by Mudpuppy

It is time to double the fun with a one-of-a-kind search and find puzzle for 8-year-olds. This one contains 65 pieces contains multicolor dinosaur pictures. The first part is to solve this puzzle piece-by-piece. Once completed, children can have fun while finding all different breeds of dinosaurs in their puzzles. 

This puzzle will challenge your 8-year-olds to build concentration, patience and enjoy a sense of achievement. 

  1. Farm Sunrise – Roaster at Dawn by Melissa & Doug

If you are looking for a 100 pieces jigsaw puzzle from the animal kingdom, buy this without a second thought. This is a cardboard puzzle that assembles to be at 19 inches by 13 inches upon completion. The construction of the board is durable for a long-life span. 

This puzzle has a design that will promote fine motor skills, problem-solving thinking, and hand-eye coordination in young ones. 

  1. Finding Dory by Ravensburger

Finding Dory is one of the kid’s favorite animated series by Disney. If you have a fan at home, this 49-pieces jigsaw with a set of 3 puzzles for 8-year-olds is a perfect gift. The puzzle will not only excite your child’s interest but also contribute to developing their concentration and creative skills. 

Apart from that, they will learn about hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and color recognition. This can also be an excellent set for sleepovers and play dates. 

  1. Moana – 1 Ocean 1 Heart by Ravensburger

If you are looking for puzzles for 8-year-olds containing their favorite cartoon characters, you can never go wrong with Moana. Modern-day kids love Moana and her adventure; therefore, this 100-piece jigsaw will pique their interest. 

Each piece in this puzzle is unique, and the cardboard quality is flawless. The puzzle is about Moana’s adventure on the sea with Maui and the rest of the crew. This can be a fun activity for your kid on a rainy day, or they can show off their new Moana puzzle set to their friends on play dates. 

The puzzle is perfect for 8-year-olds as it builds their creativity and concentration. Plus, it can also be a great 8th birthday present. 

  1. Northern Wolves by Ravensburger

Northern Wolves is part of the puzzle series for 8-year-olds and aimed towards kids who love animal kingdom. The puzzle is an intermediate-level activity for kids who know how to assemble 100 pieces puzzles but are not ready for bigger ones yet. 

If you are looking for a puzzle that your kids are going to love and something you can place in their room as an achievement piece, this is the right one. There are 150 pieces in the puzzle with unique illustrations found in any other puzzle brand. 

  1. Pixar’s Toy Story by Ravensburger

A depiction of the most loved characters from Toy Story is a perfect present when it comes to puzzles for 8-year-olds. Pixar’s Toy Story is a set of 3 puzzles with 49 pieces each, so you are kind of getting three puzzles for the price of one. 

This is one of the most sought-after puzzles to keep your children busy for hours while having fun. The three sets will have completely different characters from each other. This means your kids will have a new challenge with each puzzle in the set. 

Solving this puzzle will teach them how to shift their attention from one task to another. Moreover, it will also develop cognitive skills such as attention to detail and memorization. 

  1. Realm of the Giants by Ravensburger

Has your child mastered the 100 pieces puzzles for 8-year-olds already? Well, you can buy them this 200-piece puzzle depicting a scene for a Jurassic park era millions of years ago. Kids love dinosaurs and anything related, so they will be jumping with excitement while trying to assemble this vibrant realm of the giants. 

This activity will improve your kid’s short-term memory, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and color recognition skills. 

  1. The New Millennium by White Mountain

The New Millennium is a fun puzzle for the young ones that contain several events from the millennium. These include American Idol, events in sports, politics, science, entertainment, technology, religion, fashion, etc. 

It may sound like a task for the more grown-up puzzle solvers, but the manufacturer recommends it for anyone 8 years and above. This puzzle for 8-year-olds will enhance their motor skills, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination. It will also improve mood, short-term memory, and spatial awareness. 

  1. Unicorns in the Sunset Glow by Ravensburger

This 150-piece jigsaw puzzle is perfect for kids who love unicorn characters. The puzzle contains a beautifully colored scene with unicorns and baby unicorns by a water stream. Every piece is unique and will perfectly together. 

These puzzles for 8-year-olds are going to contribute to building your child’s visual memory, attention to detail, and hand-eye coordination. There is extra-thick cardboard that is very easy to clean, so let your kids play a bit rough, and you can still enjoy this puzzle for a long time to come. 

  1. USA Floor Map by Melissa & Doug

If you are looking for educational puzzles for 8-year-olds, then this 51piece puzzle is ideal. See your kid try to assemble the entire map of the United States of America while learning and having fun at the same time. 

Whether it is a family activity, play date, sleepover, or a school activity, this USA floor map by Melissa and Doug is going to bring a lot of learning and laughter to the room. This will improve your kid’s memory, concentration, and motor skills. 

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