11 Best Puzzles for 6 Year Olds

If your child has just turned 6 years old and you are searching for an effective method to help them learn and play, you should introduce them to puzzles.

A good puzzle is always an effective and fun method to teach your kids about various things, while also developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Plus, it also develops their focus and concentration, and helps them become more attentive and willing to solve problems.

Puzzles encapsulate different challenges and concepts into one, such as mathematics, pattern and shape recognition, color recognition, and many others. Moreover, they also allow your child to become more competitive and able to solve more complex puzzles. There are many other benefits that your 6 year old can experience, as you will find in this article.

A study also suggests that children’s development is facilitated by the varying complexities and puzzle designs they are exposed to. Read on to find out the best puzzles for your 6 year old to solve.

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  1. In the Jungle Puzzle Jigsaw and Book by Usborne

There are hardly any kids that aren’t fascinated by jungles and the various creatures that live there. While they haven’t seen an actual jungle, you can provide them with Usborne’s In the Jungle Puzzle Book & Jigsaw, which contains 100 pieces that ensure a fun learning experience that also stimulates their senses.

This puzzle also comes with a 24-page picture puzzle book, and the bright illustrations and visuals enable kids to learn about various animals and creatures of the jungle while also keeping them engaged for hours.

  1. MasterPieces 4-Pack Kids 100 Puzzles Collection

The MasterPieces 4-pack puzzle offers your children endless fun and keeps them busy for hours. It consists of 4 puzzles of 100 pieces each, and is themed around Caterpillar construction vehicles and equipment. They will greatly appeal to your child if they love to play with construction-themed toys.

This puzzle consists of different sized pieces that offer children a real challenge and allow them to use their mental capabilities to put together each puzzle piece by piece. It enhances their concentration, focus, and problem-solving abilities.

  1. Ravensburger Disney Frozen Winter Adventures Puzzle

Is your child a huge fan of Frozen, the Disney movie? Well, then they would certainly enjoy the Disney Frozen Winter Adventures Puzzle by Ravensburger. It features three different puzzles of 49 pieces each, which will keep your little one engrossed for a long time. It also makes for a wonderful group activity that your children can enjoy with their friends.

This puzzle is printed on extra-thick cardboard and linen structured paper, which has anti-glare features and displays vibrant colors, so that your kids love to put the pieces together and also develop concentration and creativity.

  1. Melissa & Doug 100 Piece Ballet Recital Puzzle

The Melissa & Dough 100 piece Ballet Recital Puzzle is specially designed for 6 year olds who are already swaying to the music and dreaming of becoming a ballerina. It is a large floor puzzle that depicts a ballet recital scene with ballerinas adorned in vibrant and shiny clothing. It instantly attracts children and they can’t wait to be done with the puzzle soon enough.

This puzzle has 100 regular sized pieces that provide children with hours of fun and learning, and also develops their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The durable finish of the puzzle pieces makes them long-lasting.

  1. Djeco Puzz'Art Octopus

There is nothing better than a challenging and intriguing puzzle to test your child’s limits and encourage them to develop their cognitive skills as they play. The Djeco Puzz’Art Octopus is a multidimensional puzzle that comes together as a vibrant and animated octopus, which makes it much different from the traditional 2D puzzles.

Each piece of this puzzle is vibrant and bright, and develops problem-solving skills in your child, along with fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Each piece of the puzzle is made from high-quality materials that don’t fade or peel away.

  1. Mudpuppy 2-in-1 100 Piece Puzzle

Another 100-piece puzzle that can keep your kids engaged for a long time is the Mudpuppy 2-in-1 puzzle. It features a double-sided puzzle that increases the fun and learning for kids. It combines two different themes and helps children learn about different species of animals and their habitat. Plus, the double-sided puzzle also ensures that your kids can be involved with it for a long time.

This puzzle also makes use of vibrant and colorful imagery at one side, while presenting black-and-white visuals on the other, which develops a wonderful contrast.

  1. Crocodile Creek - Lots of Dogs - 72Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If your little one is friends with dogs, then they would love this 72-piece jigsaw puzzle that features numerous images of dogs. It features 72 thick and large sized pieces that fit well together and can be handled properly by kids. Moreover, the pieces are made from high-quality materials that don’t fade or break.

Not only does this puzzle appeal to your child’s inquisitive mind, but it also develops their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  1. Mudpuppy Frida Catlo Puzzle Tin

The Mudpuppy Frida Catlo Puzzle Tin is a delightful gift for 6 year olds who are cat lovers, or own a pet cat. Packed in a small tin can are 100 vibrant and large sized pieces that they can put together to form cute little cat paintings that have been crafted by popular artist Frida Kahlo. It serves as a welcome break from TV and phone screens for your kid.

These pieces are made from kid-safe materials and have no harmful substances in them, making them fun and safe for your children.

  1. Areaware AWPTL1HD Little Puzzle Thing: Hot Dog, Multi-Colour

Are your little ones enjoying fast food already? If so, then they would simply love this hot dog themed puzzle by Areaware, which contains more than 70 pieces. It allows them to piece the puzzle together into the shape of a delicious hot dog, and you can also find other food-shaped puzzles to attract your kids.

Made from high-quality chipboard, these puzzle pieces are colorful and bright, which keep the kids attracted and focused. This also helps in developing their hand-eye coordination and focus.

  1. Djeco Plum’zules Crazy Giant Floor Puzzle

Most 6 year olds are so creative that they start drawing and painting unique shapes and objects, and the Djeco Plum’zules Crazy Giant Floor Puzzle appeals to such children with its interchangeable puzzle pieces that can be used in more than one ways. Kids can put different pieces together and create a new creature every time!

Not only is this a fun and effective way to develop your children’s cognitive abilities, but it also enhances their creativity. Since the pieces are different in shapes and sizes, it also helps them to sort according to various colors and shapes.

  1. Ravensburger Disney Moana One Ocean One Heart 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids

Here is a fun puzzle for fans of the Disney movie, Moana. Developed by Ravensburger, it features thick and large sized pieces that are printed on an anti-glare linen paper. Each piece has a different shape, and your 6 year old will be able to solve them without any assistance. It will also facilitate your child’s development. This puzzle are great as a solo activity, and your kid can also solve it with their peers. 

This brings us to the end of our list. We hope these puzzles serve as an effective way for your children to develop their mental capabilities and to try new challenges every now and then. Once your children are exposed to these puzzles, you will start noticing a positive change in your child’s overall development, as well as their confidence and self-esteem.

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