10 Puzzles Videos You Want to Watch

If you are new to the world of puzzles and would like to explore how exciting and challenging solving the puzzles can be, there are a plethora of videos on the Internet for you to watch and learn. 

Puzzles enthusiasts are always looking for exciting puzzles videos to explore a new set on the market to challenge their brains. New puzzle solvers love to learn about the basics of some of the most popular puzzles. The search for hands-on tips and tricks by expert puzzle solvers is a notable trend on video platforms such as YouTube. 

While seasoned puzzle solvers may want to look at puzzle videos to search for some new mind-bending challenge on the horizon, new ones may want to learn the very basics of puzzle-solving. In both cases, there is a vast range of videos that you can find on YouTube. There are many expert puzzle solvers and aficionados who upload puzzle videos regularly. In this article, you are going to learn about ten puzzles videos that you must watch. 

Did you know that puzzles do not only build your problem-solving skills but actually make you smarter by increasing your IQ level? Moreover, it is a mental exercise that boosts your memory and visual-spatial reasoning. 

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10 Must-Watch Puzzle Videos on YouTube

No matter your expertise level, if you are into puzzles, we have compiled ten videos that you must watch on YouTube. These videos range from people trying to solve some of the most challenging puzzle. Where other videos show how frustrating some of the puzzles can be. 

Puzzle Video #1: 10 Infuriating Puzzles by Dope or Nope

This video is courtesy of one of YouTube's favorite puzzle solvers, Dope or Nope, with 7.4 million followers. This video is fun and frustrating as they try to solve some of the most notoriously irritating puzzles you can find in the market today. 

The puzzles they are trying to solve in this video seem pretty simple but are actually tough to crack. Even some of the best puzzle solvers sometimes tend to grind their teeth trying to get these puzzles right. 

If you love a good challenging puzzle, this is a must-watch. You will learn about ten puzzles of the toughest puzzles you can buy in the market today. If you have not tried any of these, it is time to test your puzzle-solving skills. The puzzles they attempt in this video include

  • Black Magic Cube
  • Perplexus Jester
  • Ouija for Girls (yeah! Really!)
  • The Transparent Puzzle 
  • Kanoodle Genius – a 3-D brain-twisting puzzle 
  • Shooting Star by Siam Mandalay
  • A brain-teasing wooden dexterity puzzle
  • Dango box
  • Lox in the Box
  • Academic's Hedgehog in the puzzle

In this video, you are not only going to learn about some of the most insane puzzles but also how fun solving them can be. So, if you are looking for a brand new challenge from the puzzle makers, you need to check this one out. So, do you think you can solve any of those? 

Puzzle Video #2: Solving the Hardest Jigsaw Puzzle 

So you think you have what it takes to solve the most challenging puzzles out there, well let us find out. This video focuses on a puzzle known as Jigsaw 29, a level 10 puzzle created by Yu Asaka. At first, you may find the puzzle to be quite simple, but it is not 

There are only 29 pieces in this puzzle with five corners, and it must fit within a small square quadrant. This will need some serious head-scratching for many because the puzzle is actually transparent with no reference for starting point. 

This is one of those puzzles videos that will keep you on the edge of your seats to find out if he nailed it or not. You may even find yourself racing those brain cells to get it right in your head and may even shout at the laptop (if only he could hear your advice). 

If you are new to puzzles, this video will teach you how to come up with various approaches to assemble a puzzle. That said, this puzzle will undoubtedly leave some of the most expert puzzlers wrecking their brains trying to solve this tiny little piece. 

Did he get it in the end? Well, you will have to watch the video yourself. However, this one is a fine example of how puzzle-solving is a skill that requires a combination of critical thinking, visual-spatial reasoning, and hand-eye coordination. 

Do you think you can solve it faster than this guy? Or solve it at all? 

Puzzle Video # 3: Solving the Rarest Puzzle Box in the World

Ever heard of the Steampunk Puzzle? The video starts with a scene where this guy is inspecting the puzzle from medieval times. If anything, the background score makes it more interesting, as if you will be solving a mystery from the Merlin series. 

Looking at an instance, this will be one of the craziest looking and rarest puzzles you will ever come across. The puzzle in this video is known as Mach Nigma, created by NKD, a French company. The puzzle itself is CNC'd, 3-D printed, and laser-cut, so basically all no-tech in business left untouched in the making of this bad boy. 

The video will keep you hooked to the screen as the guy in the video tries to find a starting point on this whimsical mystery box. The puzzle itself has a beautiful design, and you would not be able to help but try to solve it in your head by looking at the screen closely. 

The video is a perfect masterpiece for puzzle solvers of all ages and levels about decoding the mystery hidden behind the smallest queues on a puzzle. This puzzle will definitely hone your attention to detail, concentration, and logical reasoning skills. 

This is truly an intense video that will tempt you to go right to the end and find out if the guy actually managed to solve it. 

Puzzle Video #4: Solving the Impossible Lotus

The Lotus puzzle is probably one of the most challenging puzzles on the face of this planet. The Lotus is a level 10 puzzle that first appeared back in 1978 and was originally a creation of a guy named Wil Strijbos. However, it has evolved, redesigned, and recreated now in an exquisite metal structure. 

You may think, what is so tricky about this puzzle when it looks pretty simple. However, this is going to be one heck of a challenge, no matter how seasoned you may be. The box actually comes with a forewarning that unless you are able to explain why this is known as a "Lotus Puzzle," you have not successfully solved it. 

Watch this guy try his luck at this simple-looking deceptive masterpiece of all puzzles. The Lotus puzzle looks like a solid block of metal with a loose pin stuck within. Even watching this puzzle video will be a mixed bag of excitement, reasoning, and frustration. 

So are there any last-minute revelations to help solve this impossible puzzle? Well, you will have to see it for yourself. This is one of those puzzles videos where you see someone using all his prior experience and knowledge about the puzzles to unlock the mystery of this royalty of the puzzle world. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive puzzle-solving video, you cannot watch one better than this one. This puzzle shows who the puzzle makers used ideas from several other puzzles and created a master puzzle. 

Watch it right to the end, because there is a surprise present for the guy safely kept within the Lotus.

Puzzle Video #5: Solving the World's Most Difficult Lock Puzzle

You may have come across many puzzle videos with various difficulty levels. However, none even comes close to what you are going to witness in this particular video. This puzzle video is about solving one of the most intricate lock puzzles to ever exist on the planet. 

Another level 10 lock puzzle that comes in a small chest. If you are new to the world of puzzles, level 10 is the highest level of difficulty and demands nothing short of an expert's effort to unlock it. The puzzle in this video is known as the "Crown Iron Lock Puzzle," handmade with iron. 

Watch this guy trying to use his raw knowledge to unlock this beast without any help from the Internet, Google for tips and tricks. The lock puzzle looks heavy-duty and intimidating as it has a design that will literally test your metal both physically and mentally. 

The guy will explain every detail, and you can see him wrestle with this tough metal block of a lock. After lots of tackling, he manages to make some progress, but can he unlock the entire puzzle? Well, would it not be entertaining to check it out for yourself. 

But remember, this guy is an expert puzzle solver with lots of experience to aid his efforts. However, an intermediate may take hours trying to get the ball rolling. Give this to a beginner, and they may give up the idea of taking puzzle solving as a hobby altogether. That is how complex this locking mystery is. 

Puzzle Video #6: The Wisteria Puzzle Cabinet

So this one is a bit different from other puzzles videos you will find in this article. This is more of a demonstration of a one-of-a-kind puzzle made by a master puzzle maker Craig Thibodeau. This is the modern-day Da Vinci of the puzzle world. 

This Wisteria Puzzle Cabinet is not some small tabletop 4 x 4 puzzle. This is a full-scale cabinet that will sit in your room. However, all aspects of this cabinet are an interlocked mystery. You will have to use your problem solving, visual-spatial reasoning skills, and prior experience in puzzle solving. 

We would suggest not to buy this one as an impulsive buy unless you are really sure that you are experienced enough to solve this one. Ignore this piece of advice, and you may end up with a cabinet in the house that is just a block of wood you cannot get into. 

Watch this video to see how meticulously he has designed each and every aspect of this puzzle. Wonder if even the creator himself could solve this puzzle without looking at the design's blueprints? The cabinet even has some hidden boxes and drawers to keep your precious and valuable items. 

That said, if you are a true puzzle enthusiast, this can be a perfect fit for your household too. This can be a perfect party activity to see people scratching their heads trying to unlock the cabinet's drawers with a hidden treasure within as a present. 

Puzzle Video #7: Solving a $10,000 Puzzle

This video sees Chris Ramsay, an avid master puzzle solver on YouTube with over 4.5 million followers collaborating with Craig Thibodeau. Chris asked Craig to create a custom-made puzzle box for him to solve. 

The puzzle cost came up to $10,000, and Chris receives it with no idea on how to solve this one. So, this increases the stakes in this puzzle video as to if Chris will be able to get his money's worth, or will he fail at decoding the mystery of this brand new custom puzzle no one has ever seen before?

While the puzzle box looks quite elegant and sophisticated with a promise to be ruthlessly challenging to whoever wishes to try. The video will mesmerize you about how a master puzzle creator's mind works in order to create something like this. 

That said, you are simply going to love how Chris starts with nothing and slowly paves his way to the finish line. Does he manage to cross the finishing line? 

Well that is something you need to find out for yourself. What is the fun in revealing everything here? Some things are better when you witness them instead of reading about how they happened. 

No matter how many puzzles you have solved so far, this is going to be one of the nail-biting puzzles videos you have ever watched. 

Puzzle Video #8:   Solving the World's Greatest One-of-a-Kind $20,000 Puzzle

Are you a fan of the Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones movie franchise? Well, you are going to enjoy watching this puzzle video. It starts with a monologue of a man telling a story about the inception of how this puzzle came into existence. 

The puzzle is a wooden safe with several locks, mechanisms, and a chessboard on top. The puzzle comes with an envelope containing a coin from the late 1800s and a letter from a fictional ancestor explaining why he is leaving this puzzle safe to solve. 

Have you ever been fascinated by how the experts unlock the safe with almost nothing to their disposal? Then this puzzle is a double-treat or a double-trouble for you. As you continue to watch this video, you will see Chris Ramsay use his mathematical skills, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and visual-spatial cognitive skills to solve the mystery of this compact and well-designed wooden safe puzzle. 

This puzzle has layers over layers of riddles to solve it and open the safe lock. You do not come across many puzzles videos like this, as this is one-of-a-kind and probably one of the world's greatest puzzles. So sit back and watch Chris try his hands on what waits within this box. 

Puzzle Video #9: 10 Puzzles That Lock Easy but Are Impossible to Solve

Watch Dope or Hope introducing and trying their hands on ten puzzles that look very easy at first but are virtually impossible to solve. This is one of those puzzles videos where they look at level 10 puzzles and try to decode them. 

The problem with level 10 puzzles is that you cannot memorize all the moves you make, and no two moves are the same. So, you will have to use a different technique each step of the way to the finish line. 

You are going to love watching them try. This is one of the funniest yet knowledgeable puzzles videos you want to watch. The puzzles they cover in this one are 

  • Quad L – Metal Puzzle
  • IcoSoku Sudoku – A Brainteaser Puzzle 
  • Safe with a 3-digit mechanical code lock
  • Gordian's Knot
  • Stabile Seitenlage
  • The Einstein's Lock Puzzle
  • The Fish Puzzle 
  • Cast Duet
  • The Three-Piece Pyramid
  • Chain Hanayama

Puzzle Video 10: 10 Puzzles that Look Hard but Are Very Easy

While our previous puzzles videos were all about some of the most difficult and deceptive puzzles, this one brings a sigh of relief to brand new puzzle enthusiasts. This video will give you an entertaining watch about how some puzzles may seem quite intimidating, but they are actually relatively easy to solve. 

The best part about this video is, the duo known as Dope or Nope is hilarious. So matter what you may think about these puzzles, you are simply going to love their sense of humor and energy levels. Their puzzles videos are some of the most light-hearted content you will find on a topic as serious and dry as solving a puzzle. 

The puzzles they covered in this particular video include

  • Chinese Secret Opening Puzzle Box
  • Trick Wooden Puzzle 
  • Hanayama Keyring
  • Hedgehog in the Cage
  • The Lament Configuration or Hellraiser Puzzle box (yes, the one from the Hell Raiser movie franchise)
  • Secret Opening Box
  • T-Time Wooden Dissection Puzzle
  • Twist and Lock Robot Transformer
  • Hinja 3-D Reusable Origami
  • Cubiform's Stacked Cubes Puzzle 

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