10 Brain Teasers to Solve: Think You Can?

If you are looking for something to do whenever you are bored, brain teasers are a great way to pass the time. They can test your mental capabilities and help you think creatively to solve problems outside of your daily routine. Brain teasers are also really nice for helping keep your brain spry and healthy so it does not grow stagnant. 

You will find that solving these mind twisting riddles is a fun way to cure a case of boredom and an excellent way to challenge a friend and create conversation. 

There are books full of these brain teasers.  Check out these options on Amazon.

Keep reading to challenge yourself right now with 10 brain teasers that might just test your mental prowess.  A little practice really sharpens the brain and you will find your thinking might just change a little.

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The Four Sons Riddle

The four sons riddle is a common brain teaser puzzle that you will see on multiple online puzzle websites. It has different variations, but this puzzle always follows the same idea. 

The variations typically just use different names for the riddle. If you think you can solve it, below is the riddle for your entertainment.

“Peter’s father has five sons. Their names are Fefe, Fifi, Fufu, and Fafa. What is the name of the fifth and final son?”

Take a few moments to think this one through, as it tends to be more obvious than you would think. 

The answer to this riddle is “Peter” which is the name of the fifth child.  The riddle says, “Peter’s father,” but you are led to think that the other child must be named “Fofo,” with the same naming convention as the others.

A Word Puzzle for Your Brain

This puzzle is quite simple when you take the time to think it through, so do not be too frustrated if it takes some time to figure out. The puzzle is below. 

“What about these three words are similar: Job, Herb, Polish?”

It is a tricky one, so think carefully before giving your answer to this riddle. Ready? Here is the answer. They all sound different when you capitalize the first word. Polish is a language, polish is a verb. Herb is a name, herb is in the garden. Job is a bible story, job is where you make money. 

If you managed to catch that about them, good job. If not, do not feel too bad. It can be hard to catch that subtle similarity. 

Where Is Our Home?

This puzzle relies on your knowledge of the continents and habitats of animals to solve. If you know those well, this puzzle will be easy for you. If not, then you may have a difficult time ahead of you.

What continent has all four of these animals on it? 

  • Emu
  • Frog
  • Tasmanian Devil
  • Dingo

If you guessed Australia, then you are correct. All four of those animals share their home on the continent of Australia. 

What Can You Catch but Not Throw?

Here is another brain-teasing puzzle for you to solve. This riddle has stumped countless people. Will you fall victim to this puzzle as well? Take a few moments to think carefully about this puzzle and what all it could be referring to. The answer is right in front of you.

“What can you catch but not throw?”

If you are ready for the answer, here it is. The answer to this puzzling brain puzzle is a cold. You can catch a cold if someone gets you sick, but you cannot throw a cold. It makes perfect sense once you know the answer. If you have never heard this riddle before, it can be difficult to solve, though.

Sharing a Cake Fairly

While this may seem like an impossible conundrum, there is a way that you can share a cake fairly. This puzzle requires you to figure out how two people can share a cake fairly when only one cut is made on the cake. Take a moment to think this over before giving your answer to this puzzle. 

If you are ready to figure out how to do this, here are the steps:

  • Person A cuts the cake down the middle.
  • Person B takes the slice they want.
  • Both sides are satisfied, each with half of the cake.

Two Girls Face Opposite Directions

This next puzzle will puzzle you, for sure, even if the previous ones did not. The puzzle goes as such: 

“Two girls face opposite directions. One is facing towards the North, and the other is facing the South. Yet, the two girls can see each other without mirrors. How can this be?”

Take your time to think this one out because the answer is not as obvious as it may seem. If you are ready to have your mind blown by this answer, here it is: The two girls are facing each other, one looking to the North, the other looking to the South. 

The Mystery Traveler 

This next puzzle is very straightforward. It may confuse you, or it may not. How you handle this puzzle will rely entirely on how creative you are, as this puzzle requires you to think creatively and outside of the box. Here is the riddle: 

“What goes through cities and fields but never moves?” 

The key thing to focus on when trying to solve this puzzle is the part about never moving. Think of things that can go through a city and yet never move. 

The answer to this puzzle is more matter-of-fact than you might have expected. It is merely a road. A road is something that you will find in cities and fields, and while it allows for things to move on it, the road itself does not move. 

Emptying the Bathtub

If you like to take baths, and you have a logical brain, the answer to this puzzle should come easily to you.

“If you are given a spoon, a cup, and a bucket to empty a bathtub, what is the fastest way to empty it?”

Remember, you are not asked to empty the bathtub with one of these items, but simply what is the fastest way to empty all the water from the bathtub in general. 

The answer to this difficult puzzle is that you should just pull the plug on the bathtub, or open the drain. The fastest way to get all the water out of the bathtub is not with the spoon, the cup, or the bucket. It is to pull the plug of your bathtub and let the water drain out. 

The Three Doors of Death

If you were given the option between three doors with death behind each, which door would you choose? Thankfully for you, one of the doors to this puzzle does not have death behind it. Are you ready for the real riddle? Here it is. 

“In front of you are three doors. You have to go through one of these three doors. One of the doors has an out of control fire burning behind it. The second has a homicidal gunman ready to fire once you step through. The third door has a lion inside it that has not eaten for three years. Which door do you go through?”

To solve this riddle, remember:

  • The fire will surely engulf you.
  • The gunman will surely shoot you.
  • Lions have to eat at least once every week or so.

The Five Sisters

Your final puzzle to solve will require you to use all the brainpower you have. Take your time with this puzzle, think it through, and once you think you have the answer, think it over a second time. 

This puzzle goes as such: “There are five sisters in a room. One is reading a book. The second is doing the laundry. The third sister is cooking, and the fourth sister is playing a game of chess. What is the fifth sister doing?”

If you are ready for the answer to this puzzle, here it is. The fifth sister is playing chess with the fourth sister. It takes two people to play a chess game, and since the other three are doing other things, that means the fifth sister must be playing chess with the fourth sister.

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