10 Best Puzzles for 5 Year Olds

If you are a parent to a 5 year old kid who is full of intrigue and curiosity, puzzles are the best way to keep them busy without involving any screen time.

Puzzles are designed to appeal to the inquisitive and developing minds of 5 year old kids, and they also help in developing their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and other mental capabilities. They are a wonderful way to keep your children busy for hours.

A puzzle provides your child with a challenge and mystery that allows their brain to work at full speed, and also enables them to fully enjoy an activity where they can accomplish something by getting to the end. There are endless benefits that your 5 year old can experience by solving puzzles, and you can read about them in this article.

Puzzles have been used as an educational toy for hundreds of years, and research suggests that children begin to attempt jigsaw puzzles once they surpass the toddler phase i.e. 4 years of age. Let’s have a look at the best puzzles for your 5 year old child.

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  1. Melissa & Doug U.S.A. 51pc Floor Puzzle

Melissa & Doug is one of the top companies that develop fun puzzles for inquisitive children, and you can put your kids’ abilities to the test with their U.S.A. 51-piece floor puzzle. It involves them piecing together the 50 states of the US one by one, and each piece is brightly colored with the name of the state and a landmark that belongs in it.

Not only is this a fun puzzle for little ones, but it also enables them to remember the names of all the states in the US. Moreover, it is also easy to clean each piece and put it back in the box.

  1. Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzles Educational STEM Toy (Giraffe)

Nothing engages your children more than a wonderful 3D puzzle that improves their motor skills, and the Rolife 3D Wooden Puzzle gives them the ultimate test. Made from premium quality materials, this STEM puzzle consists of intricate pieces that come together in the shape of a giraffe.

Each piece can be put together without the need of glue, which also makes it a clean activity and less mess for the parents. It enhances the children’s problem-solving skills and also helps develop concentration and focus.

  1. Ravensburger Thomas & Friends Night Work Glow-In-The-Dark 60-Piece Puzzle

If your little one is fascinated with trains, then they would be delighted to play with the Thomas & Friends 60-piece puzzle by Ravensburger. It keeps them busy for a long time as they piece together scenes and characters from the show. Moreover, each piece also glows in the dark, so your child will be all the more amazed when they see it at night.

This puzzle appeals to your children’s cognitive abilities and helps them to focus more on the task at hand, rather than TV screens. Moreover, the pieces are large enough for the children to handle properly.

  1. Mudpuppy Dinosaur Search & Find Jigsaw Puzzle, 64 Pieces

The Mudpuppy Dinosaur Search & Find Jigsaw Puzzle is made especially for 5 year olds who have a keen interest in dinosaurs and other creatures that inhabit the jungles. While you can’t take them to the jungle, you can have them put together this puzzle and search for dinosaurs. It gives them a fun activity that they can stay engrossed in for hours on end.

This puzzle features 64 vibrant and brightly color pieces that instantly attract kids and compel them to piece together the puzzle. The pieces are made from recycled paper and printed with non-toxic ink, which makes it safe for children.

  1. Crocodile Creek - Day at The Space Museum 48 Piece Floor Puzzle

If your kids are already dreaming of becoming an astronaut, then they would be delighted with the Day at The Space Museum 48-piece Floor Puzzle, which comes in its own museum-shaped box. It provides your children a great way to learn and explore things related to space, while also piecing together each puzzle to reveal an image.

This puzzle is not only fun, but also safe for kids to use, and they can spend hours putting it together. It facilitates their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, while also giving you the time to do your chores while they have fun.

  1. Mudpuppy Construction Site Jumbo Puzzle, 25 Jumbo Pieces

Children always love puzzles when they are related to something they love. If your little one is already fascinated with construction sites and equipment, this Mudpuppy puzzle with 25 jumbo pieces is the perfect way to start them off on a problem-solving journey. 

Your child will love the bright and vibrant colors and images that the puzzle has to offer and it will keep them away from screens for a good while. The pieces can are packed into an attractive storage box with a rope that they can use to carry it with them.

  1. Mudpuppy New York City Puzzle to Go, 36 Pieces

Planning a trip to New York any time soon? There is no better way to prepare your kid for what they will see in the state than by giving them the Mudpuppy New York City Puzzle, which contains 36 pieces with famous New York landmarks and famous things printed on them.

This puzzle is quite compact and is wrapped in a fabric drawstring pouch, so your child can carry it anywhere and also complete the puzzle in the car or on the airplane. The entire thing is made from kid-safe materials.

  1. Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle (48 pc)

5 year olds ask a lot of questions about everything, and you may not always have the answers to their queries, which is why you can provide them with the Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle, which helps them learn more about the solar system and other planets. It consists of 48 large and thick pieces that they can easily grasp and put together.

Moreover, the pieces not only contain the planets’ images, but some pieces also show the name of each planet, which makes it a fun and learning activity for children.

  1. Melissa & Doug Self-Correcting Number Puzzles

Self-correcting puzzles allow children to learn and retain new information by putting together various pieces of the puzzle. The Melissa & Doug Self-Correcting Number Puzzle is designed for 5 years old and enables them to put the numbered pieces together with the same number of objects.

Apart from developing motor skills in children, this puzzle also serves as a way for children to learn how to count, which helps them later in their math lessons. Plus, the visual flashcards and puzzle pieces also help them understand and grasp each concept with ease.

  1. Smart Games Color Code Brainteaser

Last but not least, another fun and interesting puzzle for 5 year olds is the Smart Games Color Code Brainteaser, which is a logical puzzle that tests children’s abilities to put shapes together to build a new pattern. Although it appears like a simple game, this puzzle features transparent tiles with colorful shapes on them.

A booklet with 100 different patterns is provided, and kids have to try to recreate each pattern using the transparent tiles. Not only is this a great cognitive exercise for children, but it can also make for a wonderful party or family game that even grown-ups can enjoy with the kids.

This brings us to the end of the 10 best puzzles for 5 year olds. All you need to know is what your children are taking interest in, and you can easily find a puzzle with the same theme, so that you can give them an activity that would not only keep them busy, but also help them learn and grow at the same time.

As they get older, you can equip your children with more challenging puzzles and activities that would further stimulate their cognitive abilities and motor skills.

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